Season 3 Episode 14

Showdown (2)

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM May 04, 1999 on YTV
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The battle for Mainframe begins and Matrix has a final confrontation with Megabyte. Meanwhile, Hexadecimal seems to have gone even more insane but Bob thinks he might be able to help her.

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  • Matrix v.s Megabyte! It’s about time someone gave that virus a beating.

    I couldn’t help but feel sorry for all those homeless refugee binomes.

    I commend Captain Capacitor for sacrificing his beloved ship for this worthy cause, in the words of AndrAIa "You’ve helped turn a hopeless situation into a fighting chance." Though the Captain proclaimed that his ship would not go down in vain you can still see the mourning on his face.

    I loved Dot’s dialog it really showed her vulnerability as a woman who is a leader and a strong one at that but wasn’t meant to be. And of course shows her longing to be with Bob. It’s shame it was her only part in the episode seeing as she had been absent for eight episodes (Not counting "Number 7").

    Wow the dynamic of Matrix and Mouse was awesome. To me they seem like the male and female versions of each other. I believe this episode holds their only scene alone togther in the series and that's really too bad.

    Now I will address the Bob and Matrix parts of this episode in one paragraph each.

    Why does Hex like to dance so much? Her asking Bob to take a biscuit just seemed creepy to me. I was surprised to hear Hexadecimal say the word "kill" on the series it’s just so violent and I know ReBoot has grown and become dark in the third season but still some things manage to stun me. Bob is far to forgiving I think, he really should be considered a saint here he is offering to help Hexadecimal heal her mask when she had a hand in sending him to the web. Upon viewing this episode tonight I was stunned to see something I had never seen before, when Bob pulled Hex in to heal her Hex extended her claws and was actually going to attempt killing Bob! But of course Bob healed her in time. Hex looks so cute with eyelashes and her moving lips. And as a thank you she let him go. I know Hex has always sort of had a thing for Bob but this the episode where she fell in love with him I think.

    AndrAIa was so understanding to just let Matrix face his mortal enemy on his own knowing there was a chance he could not come back. The Phong and Matrix reunion was another wonderful scene. Phong was still very respectful and honorable to Matrix even though he is in pain and only has a head. One of my favorite Phong quotes is said in this episode "Forgive me for not standing to greet you, my son." Which brings me to the Matrix and Megabyte "reunion", boy that Megabyte sure can taunt can’t he? I wish Matrix had of just shot him right on the spot but in some ways I like that he took him on hand to hand better. And my what a battle it was! It has to be the best in history of ReBoot. It goes from Megabyte main chamber all the way up to the roof of the Principal Office. By this time Megabyte had gotten the "Mortal Combat" codes and was trying to get the tear so he could turn it into a portal and escape to the super computer. I think Matrix let Megabyte kick him almost off the building so he could gain the upper hand. After an intense few moments Matrix finally gets the better of Megabyte and prepares himself to do what he has been planing to do since he was a child... Delete Megabyte, AndrAIa watches from the sidelines. Surprisingly and not so surprisingly Matrix shows mercy and allows Megabyte to live claiming he is not worth it and that Megabyte should always remember his defeat. Megabyte slips away from Matrix grasp and proclaims he has turned defeat into victory and inches towards the portal he has made, meanwhile Mouse changes the codes on the portal from the super computer to the web! Megabyte is pulled in by a web creature. It sure did seem risky for Mouse to open that portal knowing anything could come out but I guess she had it time locked. It is the ultimate irony that Megabyte suffers the same fate as he gave Bob in "Web World Wars". Finally Surfer returns (although he was only absent one episode). Also Bob is transported back to the group after he healed Hexadecimal. The episode ends with Mainframe beginning to shake and Matrix saying the system is crashing...

    I rate this episode a 8.9 for finally giving Megabyte a taste of his own medicine. It's also my number 7 choice for the best ReBoot episode.moreless
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