Season 1 Episode 11

Talent Night

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Aug 12, 1995 on YTV



  • Trivia

    • What does the 'Binome Joke' mean:

      Assuming A=1, B=10, C=11...Z=11010, Johnny O'Binome says:


    • Bob: "Glitch. BFG." B.F.G. stands for Big Fancy Guitar

    • B.S.&P stand for for Broadcast Standards and Practices, the censors at ABC! (Go figure!)

  • Quotes

    • Bob:(to Glitch) Glitch, BFG.
      Glitch: Turns into a guitar.

    • Bob: Aaaa! Headed your way!
      Dot: Whaddayou mean, our way? When?
      Bob: Now!

    • Dot: That was great! You're in!
      Emma: (To Dot) Oh, I agree!

    • Megabyte: No problem, Bob (Examining his nails) Just curious as to why I wasn't invited to Mainframe's little soiree.

    • Dot: Enzo will love these guys.
      (Emma see frowns at Dot)
      Emma: (Clears her throat loudly) No!

    • Bob: Don't mention it. Enzo, it's your first birthday. You deserve to be spoiled! Now go on.

    • Enzo: You coming, Bob?
      Bob: In a bit. I gotta check my messages. You go ahead, I'll be right up.

    • Enzo: Oh man! Ha ha! That was a killer! Uh... who won?

    • Megabyte: I say Bob, nice block.

    • Megabyte: I've always wanted to do that.

    • Viral Spies: No!! Not Plan 214!!

    • Johnny O'Binome: 1010011011101110111001101111001110101100001100101110011101! *All laugh*
      Dot: This guy's the one, yeah?
      Emma: REALLY, Ms. Matrix. There's gonna be children in the audience. I'm afraid I can't approve of this one.
      Dot: Next...
      Johnny O'Binome: Oh.

      Dot: You've rejected every act. Give me one good reason why we can't use this guy in the show.
      Emma: Cause I can't stand him!

      Mike: And now, an act with an unusual twist- LIVE NULL JUGGLING!
      Dot: I thought this was banned!
      Emma: *Gasp*

      Phong: *Singing* Unforgetable... I have no idea what the next line is.

    • Agent: The jam is moldy in the kitchen, and the rolling rabbit gathers no moss!
      Megabyte: What are you talking about?

    • Al's Waiter: Al, get out here, we're on!
      Al: (offscreen) WHAT?!

  • Notes

    • Emma the Program Censor is supposed to be a joke on the ABC's Network Censors.

    • No game is featured in this episode.

    • Blooper:

      In the audience at the night performance, there are about four binomes repeated, and in a few scenes they made a mistake and put about twenty "yellow eyelass" binomes in a small group and twenty "Touques" together too.

    • There were 10 featured auditions in all

    • The acts being auditioned are:

      -"The acrobat guys".
      -The One with its hair in an Afro style is launched into the stratosphere. (He says "oo-er")
      -A Zero that bugs its eyes and falls to pieces.
      -The Dires, Sal and Harv, rather primative looking characters that Mike gleefully smashes.
      -Johnny O'Binome, who does a joke of nothing but "1" and "0". The joke translates to "Take my wife, please"
      -Live Null Juggling
      -Phong singing "Unforgettable" and forgets the lyrics
      -Small-Town Binomes singing "B.S.'n'P." (to the tune of the Village People's "Y.M.C.A"). "It's fun to play in a non-violent way".
      -The Primatives: a blue sphere, a green cube, and a red cone. (At the end, the cube rotates to a diamond shape, the cone flattens to a triangle covering the top half of the diamond, and the sphere becomes a circle behind them. They form a ReBoot icon.)
      -Captain Quirk, doing William Shatner's rendition of "Rocket Man".
      -One of Megabyte's viral binome's doing break dancing and moonwalking.

      Comment: 1st off, the 'oo-er' binome is part of the 'acrobat guys' and 2nd, you forgot Al and his waiter's performance (or lack there of) in between the joke binome and the null-juggling act.

    • In the CBC version, the YTV logo was shown

    • One of the auditioning groups is called "The Primitives" and consists of a cube, a sphere and a cone. In 3D animation, cubes, spheres and cones are referred to as "primitive" objects.

    • The Windows Media Center TC Guide lists this episode as "Talent Night from Hell"

    • When the show was aired in the US on ABC and on syndicated reruns as part of Power Block, the giant red robot did not have YTV logo on it. Despite reports claiming the logo is present on reruns, only the YTV broadcast consistently shows the logo.

    • This is the only time Megabyte has been "nice" to the gang for the whole entire series.

    • This episode was not aired till season 2 in America, because one line (actually a joke) a binome's makes in binary. The joke translated in to English says "So I said please take my wife."

    • If you look closely at one of the binome's auditioning, he is wearing the same outfit Ray Tracer wears.

    • The entrance Megabyte makes at Enzo's birthday party is the same Ozzy Osburne entered his concerts on one tour.

    • This has a reference to Star Trek with the presentation of Capt. Quark.

    • -One of the people auditioning has a voice like William Shatner and starts "singing" the song Rocket Man by Elton John. This is a parody of when William Shatner really did sing this song at the 1978 Science Fiction Film Awards.

    • When Megabyte tunes his guitar, he turns the volume up to "11". This is a reference to the rock documentary parody "This Is Spinal Tap", where one of the band members had a guitar with a similar volume knob that "goes to 11".

  • Allusions

    • Bob: Glitch, BFG. The most powerful weapon in the first-person shooter Doom is the BFG 9000.

    • The "Dires" are in fact the starring characters of the 1985 music video for the song "Money For Nothing" by Dire Straits. The computer animation for the video was produced by ReBoot co-creators and Mainframe Entertainment co-founders Gavin Blair and Ian Pearson, and was lauded as a breakthrough in computer animation for the time period, receiving the 1986 MTV Video Music Award for "Video of the Year". Other, less blatant references to "Money for Nothing" occasionally appear in ReBoot episodes, such as the song's famous tagline, "I want my MTV", appearing as graffitti in the episode "The Crimson Binome".

    • The entrance Megabyte makes at Enzo's birthday party is the same Ozzy Osburne entered his concerts on one tour.

    • Megabyte's guitar amp goes up to 11. This is a reference to the spoof rock documentary This is Spinal Tap where Nigel Tufnell, the guitarist, also has an amp that goes up to 11.

      Megabyte's agressive stance during his guitar duel with Bob seems to be modelled on Gary Moore's stance in similar situations. Moore is also reputed to have an amp that goes up to 11.

    • Binome: I think it's going to be a long long time.

      The binome is beamed away in the Star Trek transporter effect.

    • As Captain Quirk's toupee falls, the sound of old Star Trek sliding doors is heard.

    • "Live Null Juggling" appears to be a reference to "Live Cat Juggling" in Steve Martin's movie The Jerk.

    • Mike the TV: And now, the Dires, Sal & Harv!

      "The Dires" are modeled after the CGI movers from the music video for "Money For Nothing" by The Dire Straits. Gavin Blair and Ian Pearson worked on the then-revolutionary animation for the video, and later went on to found Mainframe Entertainment.