Season 1 Episode 6

The Tiff

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Dec 31, 1994 on YTV
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After Bob makes Dot late for an appointment, she and Bob get into a big argument. Seems Dot suddenly thinks Bob is too "random", and Bob thinks Dot is too straight-laced. Enzo and the other citizens of Mainframe try to trick the two into making up, but nothing seems to work. When Bob and Dot get trapped in a game cube, will that be enough of a crisis to get them to stop squabbling?moreless

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  • Great! Shows that even in the best of friendships, disagreeemnets can arise.

    A great episode in which Bob and Dot get into fight over how Enzo should spend his time, but when the argument shifts from Enzo to their personal lives, Enzo thinks they've gone to far, but a little too late, when Bob vows never to step into the Diner again.

    Enzo tries continously to put them back together but with unsuccessful efforts. It's only when a Game Cube descneds upon them both do they realize that they need teamwork in order to survive. With their inguinity and their skills, they realize that they make a great team!

    (Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus reference:

    Bob: Dot, I...

    Dot: Yes, Bob?

    Bob: We make a great team!

    Dot: We always did.)

    Up until Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus, they prove time and time again that they always need to work together in order to cope with what trials come their way. It all strated with this great episode that enabled them to come to this realization. This is a great episode, with an enjoyable Game Cube (you'll wish you were there yourself), and a valuable lesson about friendships!moreless
Tony Jay

Tony Jay


Jesse Moss

Jesse Moss

Young Enzo Matrix 1

Kathleen Barr

Kathleen Barr

Dot Matrix/ Princess Bula

Matthew Sinclair

Matthew Sinclair

Young Enzo Matrix 2

Michael Benyaer

Michael Benyaer


Recurring Role

Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan

Phong/ Cecil/ Mike the TV/ Dino DeHorrendous

Recurring Role

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    • In the first U.S. airing, in the same scene, the sound drops out when Dot supposedly slugs Bob (this drop-out was dictated by the B.S.&P. censors who apparently considered Dot's action too violent). In the second U.S. airing, the drop-out is replaced by Bob yelling "Ow!"

    • In the scene in Old Man Pearson's Data Dump where Enzo has just been rescued by Frisket, while Bob is yelling at Dot he says "I mean, when I look up BASEup [should be BASIC] in the dictionary, it's you that I see, Dot!"

    • In the opening scene a moving van labeled "Two Small Sprites with Big CPUs" drives by Dot's Diner. This is a parody of a Vancouver moving company called "Two Small Guys with Big Hearts."

    • Game: Starship Alcatraz.

    • When Enzo is faking his capture, on the director's clapboard, the number 9404 is engraved there and this is the episode's production number.

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Mike the TV who shows up to announce the Bob/Dot situation.

    • Actually, Bot and Dot reboot in an uniform that is actually reminiscent of the movie "Universal Soldier" which came out in 1992.

      Side Note: Half-Life came out in 1998 and really couldn't possibly have had any bearing on Reboot especially since this episode did air in 1994.

    • Bob and Dot reboot into Half-Life soldiers in this game.


    • Mike: "It's Holograms by Holomark! When you care to project the very best, choose Holomark."

      Obviously, a reference to the Hallmark card company.