Season 2 Episode 10

Web World Wars (4)

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Mar 02, 1996 on YTV
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Web World Wars (4)
Above Mainframe hangs the web-creature's parting gift: A gigantic portal to the Web - a chaotic abyss filled with unspeakable horrors. It will take the combined might of all inhabitants of the system to close it, including the viruses, but can they be trusted?

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  • Most Shocking Cliffhanger of the Series...

    For those that thought ReBoot was just a childrens program, this episode showed just how serious the series could be. The prior three episodes lead up to the season two finale cliffhanger. This episode while still not having the level of graphics from season 3 or 4 is an awesome episode. The camera angles and dogfight scenes are incredible. Also the music for this episode is amazing and keeps the suspense high. In the end Bob is shot into the Web and Mainframe is left with a young Enzo as their only hope for survival. With Megabyte and Hexadecimal training the weapon on the Principal Office, things look grim for our heroes...moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Bob: Megabyte! You won't get away with this!
      Megabyte: No time to talk now, Bob. Launch!
      Mouse: One more step and I'll subdivide you! (Hexadecimal knocks Mouse out of the way) Mouse: What?! (Megabyte presses the button with an evil grin)
      Bob: No! (The capsule is launched toward the portal)
      Dot: Bob!!

    • Bob: What's the problem, Phong?
      Phong: I cannot bring myself to work with that... that... VIRUS!
      Megabyte: Charming.

    • Bob: All right, Megabyte--what's the problem?
      Megabyte: Him.

    • Megabyte: I trust you were listening.
      Hexadecimal: Yes, of course. I love the way you and Bob work together. It'll be a shame to break up such a winning pair.

    • Phong: We will fight you to the last, Megabyte!
      Megabyte: You have no defenses, you fools! Your Guardian is lost! Nothing can stand in our way! Mainframe is ours!

    • Hexadecimal: Thank you all, for your valiant efforts in fighting the Web. Unfortunately....
      Megabyte: It was all for nothing! As we speak, your CPUs are being shot out of the sky! Phong, drop all defenses on the Principle Office. And welcome to Megaframe.
      Hexadecimal: I love it when he talks like that!

    • Hexadecimal: Ooooh, my turn! I'm going to recharge this thing! Let's turn it around and point it at the PRINCIPLE OFFICE!

    • Megabyte: Commander! Destroy the remaining spores, then blow the CPUs out of the sky! I want total air supremacy!

    • Hexadecimal: They're escaping!
      Megabyte: Let them run. They'll soon discover there's no where left to hide.

    • Bob: Megabyte! You won't get away with this!
      Megabyte: No time to talk now, Bob. Launch!

    • Megabyte: Mouse?
      Mouse: I'm workin' as fast as I can! Just tell the witch to be ready!
      Hexadecimal: I heard that! What a sweet thing to say!

    • Bob: Megabyte! What are you waiting for?!
      Megabyte: I thought your forces were coping admirably, but if you wish... Commander! I want everything in air, supporting the CPUs!
      Commander: Supporting the CPU's? Uh, yessir!

    • Bob: How's the power source?
      Megabyte: Oh, she's the same as always.

  • NOTES (8)

    • Season 2 finale.

    • Season 2 begins the annual tradition of not knowing whether or not the series will return for another season. Season 2 ended with Bob being shot into the web after the war has ended and Mainfram's only hope being a young Enzo. Season 3 later picked up in 1999 3 or 4 years after season 2 ended. Season 3's ending wrapped up the majority of ReBoot's storylines except for Daemon which had been talking about a few episodes prior to "End Pong". Season 4 (which aired as two movies) picked up in 2001 and like Season 2 ended with a cliff hanger.

    • Episode Title Pun: "World Wars"

    • Feathers McGraw makes another appearance in this episode.

    • Enzo is officially made a guardian by Bob in this episode.

    • During the airing of this episode on ABC, four scenes and one line were cut. When it reaired on Cartoon Network, the missing line and scenes were replaced.

    • This is the final time Michael Benyaer voices Bob until Season 4

    • At the end of this episode the words "End Prog?" appears on the screen asking the question is this the end? End Prog is also the name of the season three final in which no one knew if it was the end or not.