Season 3 Episode 6

Where No Sprite Has Gone Before

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Apr 22, 1999 on YTV
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Episode Summary

Matrix and AndrAIa find themselves on different sides of a conflict between the mysterious Spectrols and a team of super hero sprites.

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  • Matrix's confusion of Robert for Bob, although with good intentions, cost a friend's life...

    A great friend has been made in this episode immediately in the first few minutes of it. Simltaneously, although a friendship has been made, another longtime one falls apart. When AndrAIa and Matrix get into their first fight, they both take different sides with the heroes of the city rtaher than remaining neutral. Unbeknownst to them, there are 2 viruses secretively plotting to destroy the system. With time running out, Matrix and AndrAIa join sides and rekindle their friendship to try to find the viruses responsible for strange actiity within the system. When they finally find the perpatrators, they solve the mystery, destroy the viruses AND save the city, but, Matrix loses a friend in the process.

    Not as sad as "Sacrifice" but definitely a somewhat emotional episode.moreless
Ian James Corlett

Ian James Corlett

Captain Robert Cursor / E-mail

Guest Star

David Kaye

David Kaye

Head Spectrol (voice)

Guest Star

Venus Terzo

Venus Terzo

Gigagirl / Copy Girl

Guest Star

Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan

Phong, Mike the TV, Cecil, Al

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (9)

    • AndrAIa: AndrAIa log, game date unknown. We've entered a new system, with the hope of finding mainframe. Once again, that was a failure. With each passing system Matrix grows more despondent. And I fear if we don't find mainframe soon, he'll give up all hope of ever finding home. AndrAIa out.

    • Phone: (Opening) The future is not determined by a throw of the dice, it is determined by the conscious decisions of you and me.

    • Matrix: Are you still mad at me?
      AndrAIa: What do you think?! [kisses him]

    • Curser: Matrix. Why do you keep calling me guardian?
      Matrix: You remind me of someone I knew and trusted. Someone I lost.

    • Matrix: (to AndrAla) Ok. You can come out now.
      AndrAIa: (jumps down from the ceiling) I thought they'd never leave.
      Matrix: And you call me impulsive. Why'd you do it?
      AndrAIa: I wasn't ready to take sides.
      Matrix: But Bob said-
      AndrAIa: Curser. You meant to say Curser said.
      (Matrix looks down a little said)
      AndrAIa: Enzo look. I admit there is a resemblance. But Curser's not Bob.
      (Still looks sad)
      Matrix: Bob was lost in the net. Who knows how it could have changed him.
      AndrAIa: Bob wouldn't stop the Spectrols from protecting the system.
      Matrix: I thought you weren't taking sides.
      AndrAIa: I wasn't! Until now.
      Matrix: Then why don't you go to them.
      AndrAIa: Maybe I will. I find this place stifling.
      Matrix: Fine!
      AndrAIa: Fine!
      (AndrAIa pushes into him on her way out, Matrix puts his hands up in the air in slight surrender position before crossing them again).

    • Guy: (Re:AndrAIa) I'm glad you think this is funny. But if this goes down you go with it. And that includes your little witch!
      Matrix: (Chocks him hard) YOUR problems, end now!

    • Matrix: (Re: AndrAIa) To get to her, you gotta go through me!

    • Gigagirl: He's been deleted, Slim.
      AndrAIa: He wasn't Bob...
      Matrix: No. But he was a friend...

    • Rob: Trying to escape? I don't think so!

  • NOTES (8)


    • E-mail's face is the same one belonging to Edward Scissorhands, a 1990 film written by Tim Burton. His head popping out of his expanded body is similar to a scene from Beetlejuice.

    • The Heroes Collective member's appearance are taken from various Comic Book Characters.
      Rob - Iron Man. (personality is based on Cpt. Kirk)
      Pixel - Martian Manhunter. (personality based on Spock)
      E-Mail - Mr. Fantastic (possibly based on Edward Scissorhands)
      Power Lock - The Punisher
      Copy Girl - Catwoman
      Cold Boot - Ice Man (personality and voice based on Scotty From Star Trek)
      Giga-Girl - Ant-Man and Giant-Man from The Avengers.

    • The title is taken from the opening sequence of Star Trek: the line 'where no man has gone before.'