Season 1 Episode 9

Wizards, Warriors and a Word from Our Sponsor

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Feb 25, 1995 on YTV
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"Mike the TV" annoys everybody with his annoying television-style cliches and reruns, but when he is trapped in a game cube with Bob, Dot, and Enzo, they find that they need his help to save Mainframe.

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  • Can "Mike the TV" save the day, or will the Mainframers be destroyed by a game cube, or, worse, be subjected to Mike's never-ending commercials and reruns?

    We meet "Mike the TV", a television-shaped sprite, who annoys everyone with his mindless blathering of television-based inanities! But, when a game cube appears and Mike is rebooted into a warrior, Bob, Dot, and Enzo must face the prospect that Mike might be their only hope to win the game, and save Mainframe!

    The Dungeons-and-Dragons-like game, familiar to most computer users and video game players, puts our heroes in a cave with many levels and rooms, through which they have to defeat the user, as well as game-generated monsters and other mayhem, using the abilities given to them when they rebooted: Dot, a wizard; Bob, a reluctant thief; Enzo, an elf; and Mike, an unlikely warrior.

    Along the way, they discover that they must work as a team, and put aside their dislike of Mike's antics.

    The usually well-scripted episodes fall a little short in this one, as there were many minor issues:

    1) If they have to work together as a team to win the day, why was Bob the only one to battle and defeat the spider?

    2) It was unclear whether our heroes had to go through every level, room, and challenge, or if they managed to avoid most of them thanks to shortcuts (I presumed the latter, as the four never seemed to be exhausted from their otherwise presumed, extensive battles).

    3) At one point, Dot says that it would be easier if they could figure out the riddles, but we heard only two: the one at the cave entrance, and the one on the last level. So, we have to assume that other riddles were heard (perhaps they wound up on the cutting room floor).

    4) In the last chamber, when they faced their evil reflections, only Bob's used a Bob-like phrase. Wouldn't it have been 'cute' to hear the others say something akin to the heroes, such as Enzo's saying, "Alphanumeric THIS!", or Mike's prattle on about something intelligent (get it? an "evil TV" having smart programs?).

    Regardless, this episode was fast-paced and fun, and we got to meet Mike, and learn, with the others, to appreciate him, even without a remote control to mute him!moreless
Tony Jay

Tony Jay


Jesse Moss

Jesse Moss

Young Enzo Matrix 1

Kathleen Barr

Kathleen Barr

Dot Matrix/ Princess Bula

Matthew Sinclair

Matthew Sinclair

Young Enzo Matrix 2

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Mike: Dun da da DUUUUUUNNNNN!!! Mike, De Mighty Warrior... Tonight at 8.

    • Dot: Let see, according to this we're traveling down the hopeless river of eternal imprisonment, the final resting place of all those who fail to win the chalice.
      Bob: Nice and where are we headed.
      Dot: Well it looks like some place called the vicious pit of total oblivion.

    • Bob: MIKE! For the 128th time, stop!

    • Bob: Mike, you know we love you right?
      Enzo: And you'd like to live long enough to see another season, right?
      Dot: Then give us a commercial break, would ya?!
      (Mike goes to Stand By)
      Bob, Dot and Enzo: (Sigh with relief) Thanks.

    • Mike: Thank you. Stop, stop you're too kind..I-I'd like to thank the academy, m-my agent. But most of all, people like you - my adoring fans. He's silly, he's cooky, he's very valuable in a dungeon-like adventure game, he's everybody's favorite appliance - Mike the TV!
      Dot, Bob and Enzo: Mike!

    • Bob: Nice going, Merlin!

    • Mike: He Slices, he dices, he even cuts Julienne fries!

    • Bob: Prepare to taste the blade of my....butter knife?! Heh heh.... don't you just hate when that happens?

    • Enzo: Can't we turn him off?
      Bob: I can't. His remote control ran away!
      Dot: Can you blame it?

    • Mike: Don't touch that dial, you're tuned to the Commercial Channel! All commercials, all the time! An eternity of useless products to rot your skeevy little mind forever!

      Evil Mirror Bob: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (runs away into the mirror)

    • Mike: It's "Bucket-O-Nothing!" Suprise your friends! Amaze your family! Annoy perfect strangers!
      Zero Binome: It's absolutely nothing!
      Mike: Free, for only $99.99.99!

  • NOTES (6)

    • Levels shown and what they were about: Level 1: Location: The Hopeless River of Eternal Imprisonment. Obstacle: The vicious pit of total oblivion. Level 2: Location: Room with many doors. Obstacle: To defeat two giant statue guards and find the door that leads to the next level. Level 13: Flight of stairs heading downward. Obstacle: Defeat giant spider. Level 23: Hallway. Obstacle: Unknown. Level 31: Hallway. Obstacle: Defeat Giant Armor Carrots. Level 37: A small piece of ground standing over a dark pit. Obstacle: Unknown. Level 42: Hallway. Obstacle: Defeat living puddle. Level 53: Room with door. Obstacle: Defeat living armor. Level 58: Hallway. Obstacle: Avoid floating eyeball. Level 65: Hall of traps. Obstacle: Avoid traps. Level 66: Main room 1 and 2. Obstacle: Defeat shadow monster; solve riddle before floor falls; defeat mirror clones; grab chalice.

    • Running gag: Whenever Mike gets on everyone's nerves, they shout his name out loud.

    • Game: A Dungeon Deep.

    • The first time we ever see Mike in a game.

    • Bob reboots into a thief, Dot into a wizard, Enzo into an archer, and Mike into a warrior.

    • The game the heroes play is a combination of Dungeons & Dragons and the Atari game Gauntlet.


    • When Enzo, Dot and Bob are standing outside the game entrance arguing about Mike's accompanying them, the background noise is the "alien planet" sound effect from Star Trek-The Original Series.

    • Bob: One user, four characters.
      In the original Final Fantasy, you used four characters, such as Fighter (Mike), Thief (Bob), Black Mage/White Mage (Dot), Red Mage and Black Belt, Enzo's look in the game, is like that of the Red Mage.