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  • Season 8
    • G's Archery
      G's Archery
      Episode 195
      Kikyo and his comrades planned to surround the Vongola and attack from three corners. He thinks the Vongola will have no chance of winning once Zakuro starts fighting for real.
    • The Final Battle Begins
      Byakuran orders that Ghost, the last of the real six Funeral Wreaths, be released from Vindice’s prison. Meanwhile, Tsuna and his friends hide in the forest, where Yuni predicts that their final battle is about to start.
    • Daemon Spade's Devil Lens
      Gamma rescues Yuni, who was captured by Torikabuto. Torikabuto draws near to Gamma and Yuni, and just then, Tsuna appears before them!
    • Alaude's Handcuffs
      Alaude's Handcuffs
      Episode 192
      Hibari’s Vongola Box Weapon is shaped like handcuffs. Daisy is surprised to see a Vongola Box Weapon for the first time, since the Vongola Boxes only exist in this world.
    • Open Carnage Box
      Open Carnage Box
      Episode 191
      Tsuna and his friends run into Mr. Kawahira, who knows about the real six Funeral Wreaths, and offers the gang refuge. Meanwhile, at Namimori Middle, the battle between Daisy, Dino, and Hibari gets off to a start!
    • Bewitching Mist
      Bewitching Mist
      Episode 186
      Kyoko and Haru are taken hostage as part of the first-generation Guardian of the Mist Ring, Daemon Spade’s scheme.
    • The Trap Is Set
      The Trap Is Set
      Episode 185
      Chrome and Tsuna are the only ones left to take their inheritance succession tests. But Tsuna hears from Kyoko and Haru that Chrome is nowhere to be found. The gang runs into Ken and Chikusa along the way, who say that Chrome is back but acting strange.
    • Sunny Then Cloudy
      Episode 184
      Hibari attacks Skull with his Box Weapon, and makes a hole in Skull’s aircraft. Air starts leaking out of the aircraft, and it looks like it’s going to fall right onto Namimori Middle School!
    • Aloof Cloud
      Aloof Cloud
      Episode 183
      There are three remaining succession tests. Ryohei is raring to take his test, but Hibari’s turn comes before his. But when the Cloud Guardian Alaude tells Hibari that the succession test is not a battle, Hibari loses all interest.
    • Silent Storm
      Silent Storm
      Episode 182
      Yamamoto’s and Lambo’s tests are finished, and Gokudera starts getting impatient for his turn. Gokudera opens his Box Weapon to train with Uri, but Uri runs away. While Gokudera is running around looking for Uri, another Gokudera appears before Fong!
    • Furious Bolt of Lightning
      It’s Lambo’s turn to take his succession test, which takes place at an amusement park. The first generation Lightning Guardian says he will deem Lambo worthy of inheriting his power if he can complete the stamp rally in the park and make it back to Lampo
    • 4/17/10
      Although Yamamoto won against the first generation Rain Guardian, Asari Ugetsu, he ended up being disqualified. Yamamoto must figure out why or his efforts will have been for nothing.
    • Inheritance Begins
      Episode 179
      Tsuna and his friends still have no clue what will be on the first generation’s succession test, but the Arcobaleno all start tutoring the crew in their own ways.
    • 4/3/10
      Tsuna and his friends are flung ten years into the past to Namimori. Vongola Primo appears out of the Vongola Ring! The first generation Vongola Family begins to evaluate whether Tsuna and the gang are worthy of succeeding the Vongola Family’s true powers
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