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Season 1 Episode 157

Namimori Holiday

Aired Daily 11:55 PM Nov 06, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Tsuna and his friends set off ten years in the future at the wish of Kyoko. Kyoko and her girlfriends seem to be concerned about their homes. Tsuna takes to heart Reborn's warning never to forget that this is the world of ten years later, and he follows the girls. After walking around town, Ryohei and Kyoko head to their respective homes, and Tsuna and Bianchi decide to go with Haru to her house. However, when they get there, they see that all of the shutters are closed and no one appears to be home. When they ring the doorbell, there is no answer. Does a harsh reality await them in the world of ten years later?moreless
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