Reborn! - Season 4

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Episode Guide

  • 3/15/08
    Reborn ends up getting hit by the Ten-year Bazooka. But for some reason, his self from ten years later doesn't appear, and he goes missing.
  • Secret Base
    Episode 75
    Lal Mirch says that Reborn has died. Tsuna cannot hide his shock. He ends up following Lal, who is headed to the Vongola Base but he can't get the thought out of his head.
  • 3/29/08
    Tsuna and Gokudera have come to the future Namimori. The Vongola Family has been pushed to the point of destruction. The enemy is the Millefiore Family, led by Byakuran. Tsuna and Gokudera go out with the future Yamamoto to go looking for the Guardians.
  • Flame of Resolve
    Episode 77
    Tsuna finally finds Kyoko, but she suddenly switches places with her self from ten years ago! Tsuna panics. Tazaru, one of the Millefiore's assassins, attacks him.
  • Clues to the Past
    Episode 78
    Tsuna is injured from his battle with Tazaru. Furthermore, Tsuna's confusion reaches its peak when he learns that not only Kyoko but Yamamoto, Haru, and the others have all switched places with their selves from ten years ago.
  • The First Trial
    Episode 79
    Lal Mirch's test has begun. She explains to Tsuna and the others about the boxes and the rings, the flames and other things that are important to learn for fighting in the future.
  • Discord
    Episode 80
    Kyoko has gone outside of the base. She apparently did it out of concern for Ryohei's safety, but there are many from Millefiore family wandering about. The group must find Kyoko as quickly as possible.
  • Combination
    Episode 81
    Gokudera turns down Yamamoto and tries to fight Gamma by himself. Yamamoto is annoyed and decides to watch, but Gamma's power is much greater than the two had anticipated and Gokudera immediately gets cornered.
  • 5/10/08
    Yamamoto has fallen from Gamma's attack. Gamma has defended himself from Gokudera and Yamamoto's attacks by using the power of a special box. He presses Gokudera to tell him about Vongola Tenth Generation.
  • 5/17/08
    When Tsuna and Lal reach Namimori Island they are greeted by Hibari from the future. Reunited with someone reliable, Tsuna smiles, but he is at a loss for words at Gokudera and Yamamoto's injuries.
  • The Long Road Home
    Episode 84
    Kyoko is safely back, and Tsuna begins training towards the goal based on the information that Bianchi and Futa bring back.
  • Where's the Base?
    Episode 85
    Lambo makes a fuss about wanting a lollipop. There is no such thing in the base's storehouse. Lambo tries to escape to get a lollipop.
  • 6/7/08
    Approximately two weeks since the battle with Gamma, Tsuna is given a new training program. Tsuna's new tutor, who was assigned to him so that he would develop more rapidly, is, surprisingly Hibari!
  • Succession
    Episode 87
    Hibari has trapped Tsuna in a closed space. Tsuna is unsuccessful at escaping, and he is beginning to run out of air within the sphere. When he is just about to lose consciousness, his Vongola ring suddenly begins to shine.
  • 7' Policy
    Episode 88
    Tsuna overcomes the Trials of the Vongola, and gains the X Gloves ver. Vongola Ring. Tsuna breaks through Hibari's needle Sphere.
  • Piano of Sorrow
    Episode 89
    After an explanation of the mystery of the boxes and theories concerning them, Tsuna, Yamamoto, and Gokudera's training becomes standardized. Tsuna is worried that there's something wrong with Gokudera, so Reborn tells him about Gokudera's past.
  • Gufo Di Pioggia
    Episode 90
    Chrome has been sent ten years into the future like Tsuna and the others. She spends her days in Kokuyo Land by herself, not knowing the situation. Glo Xinia marches in and declares that he defeated the future Mukuro.
  • What You Believe In
    Episode 91
    Mukuro possesses Glo's Rain Owl box weapon, and gives Chrome advice. Chrome fights by lighting a flame on her Mist Ring.
  • Your Choice
    Episode 92
    Irie is panicking. He cannot find the Vongola's hideout. He gets information that Glo is seriously injured. A message from Byakuran conveniently tells him where Glo was defeated.
  • 7/26/08
    Lambo's hand grenade explodes somewhere unexpected and the hideout's alarms ring. This is the first time that this has happened and everyone panics.
  • Identity Revealed
    Episode 94
    Tsuna and the others begin their training again. Lal suddenly orders Tsuna to watch everyone else's training.
  • Determination
    Episode 95
    Chrome's condition suddenly changes. Her innards, which were supplemented by Mukuro's illusions, broke down. Tsuna and the others are unable to tell what happened to Mukuro or how to make Chrome better.
  • X Burner
    Episode 96
    Tsuna continues his training with Hibari in preparation for their plan five days later. Hibari is sick of dealing with Tsuna and asks him how long he's going to keep fighting like a herbivore, and leaves to his room.
  • The Great Chase
    Episode 97
    Gokudera boasts that he's close to completing his SISTEMA C.A.I., but the problem is that a mysterious kitten suddenly appears. The kitten doesn't take to Gokudera at all and runs away from him. A chase around the hideout begins.
  • Declaration of War
    Episode 98
    The lines are connected once again and Byakuran is finally able to get through. Information about the Millefiore's Japanese hideout has leaked to the Vongola. Upon hearing this, Irie takes out his Mare Ring and says that he'll take care of it personally.
  • The Final Trial
    Episode 99
    Yamamoto has finally reached the next stage in his training. Reborn tells him that he cannot teach him any more advanced sword techniques. Instead, he takes out a DVD box.
  • 9/20/08
    It is the night before Tsuna and his friends are to break into Merone Base, the Millefiore's hideout. Tsuna runs around the hideout by himself panicking. He is looking for something. He lost the charm that Kyoko had given him!
  • Night Attack
    Episode 101
    Irie has finally given the order to infiltrate the Vongola Base! In the darkness, the Millefiore's troops are slowly increasing their numbers, and closing in on the Vongola Base.