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ABC (ended 2001)



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Recess is Disney's popular animated series that takes place at Third Street School and tells of the exciting lives of six friends: T.J. Detweiler, the fearless leader; Vince LaSalle, the sports jock; Mikey Blumburg, the poet; Gretchen P. Grundler, Third Street's resident genius; Ashley Spinelli, the toughest girl in school; and Gus P. Griswold, the new kid. Their enemies include Mrs. Finster, a mean teacher who sucks the fun out of everything, the Ashleys, Lawson, Randall C. Weems, and Kirst the Worst.

Jarrett Lennon

Jarrett Lennon

Voice of Randall

Francesca Smith

Francesca Smith

Voices of Ashley Boulet/Swinger Girl/Upside-Down Girl

Toran Caudell

Toran Caudell

Voice of King Bob

Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille

Voices of Bertha/Ms Lemon/Lunchlady Irma

Jason Davis

Jason Davis

Voice of Mikey Blumberg

Rickey D'Shon Collins

Rickey D'Shon Collins

Voice of Vince LaSalle

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Fan Reviews (103)

  • Liked this show growing up as a kid.

    Recess is set in a fictional school called "Third Street" in Arkansas. The school was built in the 1920's. The show is set in the school and playground mainly but at times they do venture elsewhere. It is based around a gang of 6 children who have adventures around the playground and around the school. If they can't get the things they want they plot their way to achieving them. They are also the coolest kids in school. The leader of the gang is TJ Detweiler who is a kid who always gives the other children what they want. He wears a baseball cap and bomber jacket. He is the leader of the gang. This boy is the most popular kid in school. Miss Finster hates this boy and she wants to always put him in trouble for rule breaking. TJ is a massive comic book collector and a prankster prince. He doesn't do much school work and homework. He has his 5 best friends and also during the show he has a good relationship with principal Prickly. Spinelli is a ton boy and she is also a bully but she is the best friends of the group. She is also good at arm wrestling and collegiate wrestling as well as other sports. Her parents do not like her acting like a boy and they want her to be more feminine. Vince is the jock of the group because he excels at all sports. He is cocky and arrogant. He is best mates with the group and also enemies of Lawson and crew. Gus is a military brat and a punching bag for bullies but he plucks up courage and he beats them. Gus is a dork because he wears a shirt and glasses. Gus is best friends with the crew. Gretchen is the geek of the group and she is very brainy. She is also the cleverest pupil in school. She is also a group member. Mikey is a monster but lovable character he loves poetry and singing. He hates violence and fists. He is best friends with the group. Miss Finster is the supervisor of the school and she watches the playground. She hates kids having fun. She has a snitch named Randall to help her spy on the children to see if they get up to mischief. Principal Prickly is the head of Third Street. He is also an OK person. He is neutral which means he doesn't side with anyone because he is the owner of the school. The other characters include Lawson who is another jock and his gang, the Ashley's who are gossip girls, two diggers named Sam and Dave, King Bob who runs the playground, Miss Grotke the gang's teacher. Cornchip Girl, Munday, Gellman and Mr Kelso the shop owner.moreless
  • Nice cast!

    Various ep (99-02)
  • An awesome Disney cartoon!

    Recess is about a group of kids who are let out for recess for social interaction and playtime. This show is awesome and one of my favorites. Each character is stero-typical: jock, geek, nerd, bully, cool kid, fat dumb kid, shy kid etc. The jokes are really hilarious, the characters are relatable and this is overall a fun show. For kids it's just a crapload of fun, but for adults there's actually messages about society that you wouldn't of noticed when you were little. Great show! Rating: 10/10moreless
  • Pretty good

    There's a reason why this show has survived, in spite of some of the bad things about it. It's very much like a kid version of "The Simpsons" in some ways, but it's not a rip-off. It's a kids' version of society, with stereotypes like the cool kids, the mean girls, the loner, the jocks, the nerds, and a bunch of others. The main six kids are stereotypes in themselves: the cool kid, the tough kid, the sensitive kid, the jock, the nerd, and the shy kid. But the appeal comes from the sociology and how the playground society works. They have laws (the Kids' Unwritten Code of Honour), a ruler, and other parts of society seen in today's world. In many ways, "Recess" is a well-thought out kid-friendly variation of "Lord Of The Flies", doing a clever take on society in a child's world.moreless
  • Wow, this was epic when I was 12!

    I used to love this show when I was little! Watching the episodes now It's like... well, ok... but It was entertaining back then! I loved the squirm-worthy episode where Spinelli and TJ actually.... ugh, KISS!

    Good times, lol.

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