Season 6 Episode 7

All Growed Down

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Dec 09, 2003 on ABC
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All Growed Down
During a recess, TJ, Mikey, Vince, Gretchen and Spinelli are captured by the kindergartners, who have a new "chief" named Chief Sticky - who is a lot bigger than the rest of them. The others are too scared of Sticky to help the big kids, so the kids remind them of previous adventures (from the episodes, "The Legend Of Big Kid", "Wild Child", and "Kindergartern Derby"). Later Gus also gets kidnapped and sees his friend Hector in the crowd. Gus encourages Hector to stand up to Sticky by telling him a story back from when he was in kindergartern - back in 3rd Street! It turns out that Gus had attended 3rd Street before, for a couple of weeks, whilst in kindergartern. The other kids in his class are quiet, timid kids, scared of Big Mikey. Gus stands up for the rest of them and finds out that Mikey is only being mean because Randall has convinced him that the others make fun of him. Mikey can now be himself and the six kids make friends, before Gus has to move away again. The others can't remember any of this, but Hector is encouraged and stands up to Sticky. The big kids are released and TJ thanks Gus for the story he "made up". But was it just a Griswold story.....?moreless

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    Justin Jon Ross

    Justin Jon Ross

    Voice of Phil

    Dabney Coleman

    Dabney Coleman

    Voice of Principal Peter Prickly

    Allyce Beasley

    Allyce Beasley

    Voice of Miss Alordayne Grotkey

    Pamela Adlon

    Pamela Adlon

    Voice of Ashley Spinelli

    Francesca Smith

    Francesca Smith

    Voices of Ashley Boulet/Swinger Girl/Upside-Down Girl

    Tress MacNeille

    Tress MacNeille

    Voices of Bertha/Ms Lemon/Lunchlady Irma

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • In this episode, when Mikey is seen as a kindergardener, he looks nothing like Mikey, or like he appeared when he remembered his experience in the Kindergarden Derby.

      • TJ and the gang can't rememeber anything about their year in kindergartern, ie TJ doesn't remember how he used to be a wimp, but Mikey could remember the Kindergartern Derby in the episode of the same name, and the 5 could remember how they first met back in kindergartern in The Great Jungle Gym Stand Off.

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    • NOTES (5)

      • This appears to take place while T.J and the gang are in the 4th grade.

      • We find out that the 'J' in T.J. Detweiler stands for Jasper.

      • The title refers to Paul and Joe's other show All Growed Up.

      • If you wonder why Gus is on the cover when he supposedly entered Third Street at 4th grade. Well in the DVD, Gus went to Third Street during Kindergarten but only for a couple of weeks and only he remembers kindergarten while the rest of the gang doesn't remember a thing about that year which explains why Gus is on the cover.

      • This film has flashbacks to 3 episodes, The Legend of the Big Kid, Wild Child and Kindergarten Derby, and a new episode, when T.J. was in kindergarten with his freinds.

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