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  • Season 6
    • Recess: 5th grade
      Recess: 5th grade
      Episode 10
    • Taking the 5th Grade
      The Summer is over and the gang is returning to school but this year they're fifth graders and a new year of surprises and adventures are in store for them. As the gang returns to 3rd street for another year of school, they are surprisingly excited and looking forward to the perks of being in 5th grade. Unfortunately their teacher is Miss Finster, the playground is paved over, and their lunch food is made into healthy mush (instead of just mush). TJ is fed up with these new changes and goes to the big man himself, Principal Prickly, and accuses him of these rotten reforms. Prickly explains it was the schoolboard who issued these changes and he could do nothing. TJ takes matters into his own hands locking himself in his room and refusing to go to school. The word gets to the playground and every child (except Randall) goes to TJ house to support him. Mr. White (The story of Whomps) is called in to retrieve the child and force him to go to school. After a long chase through his house TJ escapes to the roof as the Board of Education drive up. TJ explains that if school was going to be like it was he wasn't going anymore. The B.O.E. agrees to change things back to normal and Mr. White is defeated again. The Fifth and Sixth Grader Club- As the gang is playing on the playground a guard comes up to them and tells them that King Freddie would like a word with them. The King tells them of a secret club he is allowing them to join. The gang are very excited as King Freddie takes them to a room below the jungle gym. The room contains snacks, smoothies, comics, Lawson, and The Ashleyes! The gang doesn't know if they want to be in this club if Lawson is but Lawson tells them not to worry, since they're all "big kids" their all equal. The only rule to this club is no "little kids" are allowed. Which suits the gang until Gus and Mikey start hanging out with Lawson and the Ashley's almost constantley and continuously making fun of the younger kids. TJ feels this is wrong and the next day when Gus and Mikey are about to go to the club they find the secret door open and report it to King Freddie. The King doesn't know how anyone could get down their since he is the only one who knows the code. When Freddie, Gus and Mikey go down they find TJ, Spinelli, Vince, and Gretchen hanging out. Freddie is relieved until TJ says that they brought some guests showing them Tubby, and Hector. Freddie is outraged and is about to punish them for breaking the most important rule until King Bob steps out and tells Freddie their will be no such thing. Bob explains that TJ, disturbed by the meanness towards the younger children had him open the club for them early. Gus and Mikey see how horrible they had been and Freddie bans the entire gang from the club. The Halloween That Almost Wasn't- Usually Spinelli is the most enthusiastic Halloweener in the gang but on the big day she shows up late for school and has absolutely no spirit. She explais to the gang that when she was at a pumpkin patch Lawson and his gang made fun of her for being into Halloween even though she was a 5th grader.Spinelli stays home from trick or treating telling the gang all their usual scary houses weren't scary just fake. The rest of the gang finds out Spinelli was right and loose their Halloween spirit. Spinelli feeling sad that she ruined their Halloween asks Miss Finster and the rest of the teachers to scare the gang at the old abandoned house to prove Halloween can be for people in 5th grade and older.moreless
    • All Growed Down
      All Growed Down
      Episode 7
      During a recess, TJ, Mikey, Vince, Gretchen and Spinelli are captured by the kindergartners, who have a new "chief" named Chief Sticky - who is a lot bigger than the rest of them. The others are too scared of Sticky to help the big kids, so the kids remind them of previous adventures (from the episodes, "The Legend Of Big Kid", "Wild Child", and "Kindergartern Derby"). Later Gus also gets kidnapped and sees his friend Hector in the crowd. Gus encourages Hector to stand up to Sticky by telling him a story back from when he was in kindergartern - back in 3rd Street! It turns out that Gus had attended 3rd Street before, for a couple of weeks, whilst in kindergartern. The other kids in his class are quiet, timid kids, scared of Big Mikey. Gus stands up for the rest of them and finds out that Mikey is only being mean because Randall has convinced him that the others make fun of him. Mikey can now be himself and the six kids make friends, before Gus has to move away again. The others can't remember any of this, but Hector is encouraged and stands up to Sticky. The big kids are released and TJ thanks Gus for the story he "made up". But was it just a Griswold story.....?moreless
    • Recess Christmas
      Recess Christmas
      Episode 6
      Video release of The Great Can Drive, Principal for a Day, Weekend at Muriel's and Yes Mikey, Santa Does Shave with a framing story of Principal Prickly getting his car stuck in a snowbank.
    • Lost Leader
      Lost Leader
      Episode 5
      When one of T.J.s plans goes wrong and Gus breaks his leg he won't make another plan. It's up to the others to get T.J. back to his old self
    • Mundy, Mundy
      Mundy, Mundy
      Episode 4
      Bad-guy Mundy becomes very popular after he prevents a ball from hitting a little kid.
    • League of Randalls
      Randal recruits the Tylers, the Ashleys' little brothers, to help him snitch.
    • Kurst the Not So Bad
      Mikey's new friendship with Kurst the Worst doesn't sit well with their friends.
    • Terrifying Tales of Recess
      In this Hallowe'en episode, Butch tells us three terrifying tales of Recess. Children of the Cornchip: Cornchip Girl eats some untested cornchips and turns into a werekid! The gang have to save her. When Bikes Attack!: The bikes that the kids ride to school everyday become alive and turn against their riders. Night of the Living Finsters: Lawson challenges Vince to spend the night in the graveyard, only for the gang to discover that the school is built on the Finster family graveyard.moreless
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