Season 1 Episode 13

Parents' Night

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Jan 17, 1998 on ABC

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  • good episode...

    Embarrassing parents . . . where have I seen that before? The idea has been done many times on many different shows and movies, but Recess put an interesting spin on it. One of the kids was incredibly embarassed by her parents and did her best to make sure they would not go to the parent night, but they end up going and embarrassing her. However, she sees that almost everyone's parents' are embarrassing and makes up with her parents. Her dad turns out to be a secret agent...interesting. Overall, pretty good episode with a good story and plenty of funny moments.
  • Not a great episode but still good.

    Parents Night is the classic tale of kids not wanting their parents to come to events because they are afraid of embarrasment. I'm sure this has happened to almost everyone. In this episode that happens to Spinelli because its parents night and all of the kids are excited except for Spinelli. So after some persuasion and sneaking around the rest of the gang convinces her to bring her parents. But she doesn't bring her real parents she finds two random people and pays them to act like her parents. But they leave and Spinelli's real parents come and TJ & the gang don't care that her parents are lame. This was kind of a boring episode but wasn't terrible.

  • Pretty cool episode.

    Spinelli's parents have to come to Parent's Night, but she will do anything to stop them from coming. This is a pretty good episodes with some humor, and though the storyline's pretty, let's say, bad, it really shows that no matter how bad the episode is, you can find humour!
  • This episode is great. You should watch it.

    Parents night is a good episode. Parent confencess are going to happen at the school and
    Spinelli is afraid that her parents are going to embarass her. She meets this couple at a gas station and pays them to pretend to be her parents. Her real parents show up and Spinelli doesn't want them there.

    I think this episode was good but I have seen better. I would reccomend that you watch this episode. It is one of the first. This is another great installment in the recess series.