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  • It really wasn't that good, if at all.

    Throughout the late 90s and early 2000s, Disney has established itself as the third wheel within the classic cartoon community. Back then and (for the most part) now, they've had a steady track record... at least until you look back at the shows that are no longer airing. Most of them still hold up very well (Pepper Ann, The Weekenders, but I can't say the same for Recess.

    The animation is very weak, and given that animation is hardly ever a problem when it comes to Disney programs, this is saying a lot. The backgrounds, the character designs and just about all else looks very ugly, and each clash constantly. This becomes especially apparent in those Recess movies (save for the first one)

    The characters are very generic and over the top. It works for a few episodes, but after that you'd just want them to fuck off. The non-main characters are restricted by one trait, and they never go beyond that trait. As for the mains, . is the overconfident leader who proves to be annoying, generic and not much else, Mikey is the token fat guy who could sing apparently, Vince is the token black kid, Spinelli is the token tough chick, Gretchen is the token nerd who spews techno lingo and Gus is the other token nerd, with a militant background. How exciting.

    The plot is made up of the most over the top BS you could ever imagine, but at the same time, it's generic as fuck. It's essentially a group of stereotypes following some pre-established (apparently) hierarchy and the kids attempting to defy the orders of their superiors. Yeah, that's a good message to deliver to kids! Go against your superiors and act older than your intended ages!

    People tend to claim that the one good factor about this show is that it shows what it was like to be a kid. Yeah, if you were raised in some warped political system. Plenty of other shows captured what it was like to be a kid. (The Weekenders, Pepper Ann, Detention, Gravity Falls, The Loud House, Ed, Edd n' Eddy and plenty more). Were kindergartners behaving like they were part of some tribe? Were 4th graders behaving like they were older than what they really were? Did any of them get restricted to a single stereotype and were left as such? I don't think so.

    Overall, don't let your nostalgia overcome you. This show ranges anywhere from meh to somewhat bad. You might as well watch Pepper Ann, The Weekenders or any other Disney show, then and now.
  • I preferred The Weekenders, Teacher's Pet and Pepper Ann.

    I remember how back in the day, this show was the highest rated Saturday morning cartoon. In fact, it was so popular that after it was canceled, reruns were shown multiple times on Disney Channel and Toon Disney, especially Disney Channel.

    I found most of the characters annoying, except for some people like Gretchen, Vince, etc. and the only thing that I could like from the show was the art style. Why this cartoon's popularity spread like wildfire back then, I'll never know.
  • Liked this show growing up as a kid.

    Recess is set in a fictional school called "Third Street" in Arkansas. The school was built in the 1920's. The show is set in the school and playground mainly but at times they do venture elsewhere. It is based around a gang of 6 children who have adventures around the playground and around the school. If they can't get the things they want they plot their way to achieving them. They are also the coolest kids in school. The leader of the gang is TJ Detweiler who is a kid who always gives the other children what they want. He wears a baseball cap and bomber jacket. He is the leader of the gang. This boy is the most popular kid in school. Miss Finster hates this boy and she wants to always put him in trouble for rule breaking. TJ is a massive comic book collector and a prankster prince. He doesn't do much school work and homework. He has his 5 best friends and also during the show he has a good relationship with principal Prickly. Spinelli is a ton boy and she is also a bully but she is the best friends of the group. She is also good at arm wrestling and collegiate wrestling as well as other sports. Her parents do not like her acting like a boy and they want her to be more feminine. Vince is the jock of the group because he excels at all sports. He is cocky and arrogant. He is best mates with the group and also enemies of Lawson and crew. Gus is a military brat and a punching bag for bullies but he plucks up courage and he beats them. Gus is a dork because he wears a shirt and glasses. Gus is best friends with the crew. Gretchen is the geek of the group and she is very brainy. She is also the cleverest pupil in school. She is also a group member. Mikey is a monster but lovable character he loves poetry and singing. He hates violence and fists. He is best friends with the group. Miss Finster is the supervisor of the school and she watches the playground. She hates kids having fun. She has a snitch named Randall to help her spy on the children to see if they get up to mischief. Principal Prickly is the head of Third Street. He is also an OK person. He is neutral which means he doesn't side with anyone because he is the owner of the school. The other characters include Lawson who is another jock and his gang, the Ashley's who are gossip girls, two diggers named Sam and Dave, King Bob who runs the playground, Miss Grotke the gang's teacher. Cornchip Girl, Munday, Gellman and Mr Kelso the shop owner.
  • Nice cast!

    Various ep (99-02)
  • An awesome Disney cartoon!

    Recess is about a group of kids who are let out for recess for social interaction and playtime. This show is awesome and one of my favorites. Each character is stero-typical: jock, geek, nerd, bully, cool kid, fat dumb kid, shy kid etc. The jokes are really hilarious, the characters are relatable and this is overall a fun show. For kids it's just a crapload of fun, but for adults there's actually messages about society that you wouldn't of noticed when you were little. Great show! Rating: 10/10
  • Pretty good

    There's a reason why this show has survived, in spite of some of the bad things about it. It's very much like a kid version of "The Simpsons" in some ways, but it's not a rip-off. It's a kids' version of society, with stereotypes like the cool kids, the mean girls, the loner, the jocks, the nerds, and a bunch of others. The main six kids are stereotypes in themselves: the cool kid, the tough kid, the sensitive kid, the jock, the nerd, and the shy kid. But the appeal comes from the sociology and how the playground society works. They have laws (the Kids' Unwritten Code of Honour), a ruler, and other parts of society seen in today's world. In many ways, "Recess" is a well-thought out kid-friendly variation of "Lord Of The Flies", doing a clever take on society in a child's world.
  • Wow, this was epic when I was 12!

    I used to love this show when I was little! Watching the episodes now It's like... well, ok... but It was entertaining back then! I loved the squirm-worthy episode where Spinelli and TJ actually.... ugh, KISS!

    Good times, lol.
  • Calm your Balls

    You guys really just looked at the Trailer, didn't you? If you are trying to troll, not working. Lloyd in Space? really? for a guy who has ZIM as an image, You really don't have good taste. You guys Whomp.
  • This show sucks!

    This show is nothing personally but pure crap just about these kids who are weirdos especially Mikey who has a voice exactly like Cartman's from South Park(same with Gus not from this show but Gus from Robotboy which also sucks along with Recess)
    Gretchen however is a big buck toothed nerd and she sucks so much and she is also immature she hates boys along with Spinelli who ACTUALLY is a tomboy but hates boys like when Gretchen said to Spinelli boys are weird and they were talking about grinding them into something they are seriously sexist they hate boys this show is a kiddy version of South Park obviously and needs to be cancelled even Barney is better than this heap of rubbish and i find it annoying how they argue all the time about silly situations watch better shows like Ren and Stimpy Paul and Joe's other show(Lloyd in Space) was way better than this i'm so glad it's cancelled but they still play repeats and on Disney Cinemagic they don't show Lloyd in Space at all but they show this heap of rubbish(UK Channel)well how could anyone like it? it's one of the worst shows on television.
  • Worst show ever made of all time without a doubt

    Wow, really. This is the worst show to ever come to TV for a lot of reasons. The characters are like a nasty juicy piece of turd (No joke really just look at them) the humor is so stupid it doesn't even make sense and finally is this show supposed to make you feel nostalgic because this is one of the most unrealistic schools ever. Little Kindergarten kids don't even know what natives are and in this there dressed like them! Shame on Disney I'm glad people feel the same way. Really don't ever watch this show in your life.
  • Recess is a rip-off of South Park and King of the Hill Combined Wannabes, but Ruined with Terrible and Lacky Animations and Plots. Recess is one Terrible Disney Animation show.

    My 75th review after a God awful Nicktoon: "Yakkity Yak".

    Recess is a Terrible Terrible Disney Animation show. It happens to rip-off of to be a South Park and King of the Hill Combined wannabes but ruined by Terrible and Lacky Animations and Plots. They basically tried to make Recess like South park and King of the Hill for younger kids so that way when they get older, They will be ready and Able to watch South Park and King of the Hill. This is just an Ugly Moronic Show. It's about some Dorky kids that are Obsessed with Recess at School. I know whoever came up with this, Also decided to ruin Doug by letting the Disney Company Buy it. This cartoon gets an F. Here the Results:

    Voice-acting: D+ 4.7/10.0 Poor. It sounds like a Nail scratched on a Chalkboard.

    Animation: F- 2.5/10.0 Terrible and Beyond Lacked-up. The Characters looked very Hideous and worse then Dog Turds! Graphics: D-- 4.0/10.0 Cookie-cutter graphics. Sound: E 3.0/10.0 Horrible Millatary Music Sprinkled with Bad Sound-effects. The music is so bad that you want to put on Earmuffs.

    Dialouge: F-- 0.1/10.0 Worthless. It sucks Rhino Butt!

    Lasting Appeal: F-- 1.5/10.0 Abysmal. This cartoon is Terrible!!!

    Overall: F 2.8/10.0 I'm glad this cartoon got the can. It's Terrible, Hideous and Lacky!!! Save South Park and maybe King of the Hill!!! Cancel Disney's Recess Literally!!
  • A very dumb-ass cartoon dude.

    A cartoon about kids who only think about recess. That is so sad. It good to see kids that like to play outside, but that does not make this show fun to watch. This just proves that tv sucks anymore, and can't hold a candle to years ago shows. Like spider-man.
  • Shame in a cartoon package!

    I can't understand why this show is so damn overrated!!! There's the bad girl, the fat kid,the nerd with the gum bursting in his face, the ridiculously skinny girl with the glasses the size of basketballs, the jock, and.... ugh, must I go on? The plots are stupid and so are the characters. The theme song is also crappy. And it ends like ♪duh duh duh DUHHHHHHHH... duh duh!♪ which is really stupid. And I don't like the animation either. It's worse than, if not just as bad as Hey Arnold! And what's up with the Ashleys?? They're just... pffffffft!
  • I used to love this show!

    Recess is a cartoon show that takes place at Third Street school. The stories center around a groupd of friends with a new addition, Gus. One is a sports guy, another is smart, another is a poet, and another is the leader. I just remember watching this when I was younger and I really loved it. It was one of my favorite shows of back then. They had great stories and it was pretty relatable, but a bit unrealistic. Many parts of it were funny, and many parts were educational. Overall, a good show from the past and I'm sad that it got cancelled.
  • A pretty good show.

    This show is a about 7 friends who all do adventures together at recess time and any other time. Dj is the leader of the group of friends. Greeine is the smartest of the group she's supposed to be a genius. The tom boy girl likes to beat up people and has a crush on Dj. The black boy is really atlectic and is really popular. The fat boy can sing and dance and can get his feelings hurt easily. They have enimes like the principle, teachers, and their parents. This cartoon lasted a pretty long time. The people who do the voices are very talented.

    Recess was a really goood show. I loved it soo much. I grew up watching Recess. I used to watch it every Saturday morning!! Recess was a great show!! It is like my favorite cartoon! Recess is about a group of six fourth graders trying to face challenges and get through the course of a school year. There was TJ, a born leader, who never backed down from a challenge. There was Gretchen, a super genius who knew a lot about science and was the brains in TJ's plans. THere was Spinelli, a tough girl, who always would fight with a lot of people. There was Vince, who was the athletic, sporty kind of guy. Then there was Mikey, the sweet, poetic, kid who always tried to do the right thing. Lastly, there was Guss, the new kid, and who is sort of timid, and shy at times. There would always be people in the way of TJ and the gang trying to get away with the pranks that they pulled. People like Ms. Finster and Randall. Randall would always snitch on the gang and get them into trouble. Ms. Finster always gave them detention and make them pay for what they did. THe playgroung was filled with all sorts of kids. There were people like the Ashleys. A group of rich girls all named Ashley. They would always hang out in their club house and talk about fashion and other things. There were the diggers. They were always out deep in a hole digging their way to some place. There was the Guru kid. Who gave fortunes to kids with problems. THere was swinger girl. She would always hang out on the swings (Hence the name). There was Lawson, the kid who tried to beat Vince at games. There was King Bob, the king of the play ground. Whenever kids needed to settle a dispute, it would usually boil down to the descision of King Bob. There was up side down girl, who would always hag up side down on the monkey bars. There were the kindergardeners. They would always be doing rituals and other things. There was Butch. He was a story maker. He told scary stories about the history of the school and students. He would often exaggerate on them. There was also the hustler kid, who sold fake products and hustled kids for thei money. Recess was a really good show. They only show it on toon disney once a day. THey really need to bring back the show and play it often. Recess was a FABULOUS show and should be played more. I miss the show and I really want to watch it more often. Recess is a truly classic show.
  • I'll never forget the great adventures of TJ and his friends at 3rd Street.

    This was one of my favorite animated shows, and it still is. Though when TJ kind of over exxagerates when he gives his speeches in the end of the episode, the show is still great. TJ does in fact make a good leader of the playground.

    For your other characters, you have Vince, for one thing. Vince is the cool, one. He tall, skinny, and he's plenty athletic. He's cool in my opinion.

    Then you have Mikey. He's okay... but to me he eats a too much, and I'm not a big fan of his poetry. The creators of Recess should made him a little skinnier in my opinion.

    Ashley, who goes by Spinelli, is okay herself. But to me, she believes in violence a little too much, if you get what I mean. She used to be part of a group, or was related somehow or something to this group, called "The Ashleys", but the other Ashleys care about their looks more than defending themselves. Spinelli doesn't care. In fact, I think she enjoys being a tomboy.

    Gretchent is a girl, and she is the smart one. Maybe a little too smart? I bet this is true. She could go to college one day, (if she were a real person) and maybe a few days later graduate from college. That is how smart she is. One unrealistic thing about her is her skinnyness. Mikey is that fat, but Gretchent is like as skinny as a pencil? Wow, lol.

    Then, Gus comes along later in the show as the new kid. Apparently, he has been the "new kid" a whole lot. To me, he is my least favorite main character out of the six main kids. Why? Well, he gets scared a lot, and when he takes up for himself, its kind of weird seeing that from a person his size. Eh, I can't really explain it in words, he just isn't my favorite character. The only thing we have in common is that we're boys and we're short. But I'd be taller than him if he were a real person, though. No doubt.

    Those are pretty much all of the main characters except the teachers and some other kids from the school, including Randall, the Ashleys, King Bob, Principal Prickley, and more. But do I have to go on? Haven't I already proved that this show rocks?? I better of, because it is true!! Recess rocks, and is probably the best animated shows around. God Bless Recess!!
  • great great show, i will continue watching this forever!!! shame they stopped making it

    yes recess is bascicly summed up by its title!!! six best friends four boys, two girls, on their adventures during their every day recess!!! TJ Detweiler is the main star and leader of the group which consists of the new guy GUS, hard hitting tomboy SPINELLI, gentle giant MIKEY, sports loving VINCE and school genius GRETCHIN!! yes quite a combination!!! their arch enemys are obviously the teachers, the finster(hugly mean playground supervisor) and Prickley(principle) and of course the older kids who undoubtetly are bullys to the younger kids!!! yes recess is full of fun and a brilliant all round show!! each episode there is a new adventure for TJ and the gang, weather its getting the 'new ball' back from the scary knome garden next door or getting the playground balls back off the finster, or getting out of detension, recess is a great watch
  • I like Recess thats why i rated it 8.9

    I like recess because Of how they all have a job in the playground Like rendal as the snitch and king bob as the playground king and all the ashleys have ahide out under the tyers at the back of the playground And the six friends all ways getting in to trouble in the playground and in class And Dj has got a plan for every thing and the diggers are always digging every Recess just for fun really and i like all the characters in the show it is just a really good show to watch my favorite characters are Dj and vinc.
  • One of my favorite childhood shows

    When I was a kid, well I guess I still am, but much younger, Recess was one of my favorite shows. I recently rediscovered my intrest for it, and my mom likes it too. :P My favorite was always Spinelli, because I am a lot like her, much to my mother's dismay, who tends to be a bit like Ashley A. Actually, I have come to find that I dislike people named Ashley with a strong passion. There's this girl at my school named that, who I find extremely annoying, not to mention Miss "I'm So Vain" Ashley Tisdale! *GAG* My former 6th grade reading teacher looks and acts like Miss Finster. She tried to make me her Randall and I refused, so she picked on me and two of my best friends for the rest of the year. I remember when I was a little kid and I always said how I wished I was older like the kids on Recess. Well, I'm almost 5 years older than them now. :P Gee, most of them don't look or act like 4th graders. They should've made them older.
  • I don't know why I watched it.

    I remember watching this every Saturday morning and at the same time I remember not really liking it. I honestly don't know why I watched it.

    The characters were ok but they were just too weird. The episodes got so old so fast. It was also way too intense. Strange things that would never happen happened and the sheer unfairness to the kids and the aggravating situations they got in got on my nerves.

    There was one episode that I liked. It was the one where the one girl was quiet and removed from all the other characters the whole episode. The whole time she was drawing with chalk on the playground pavement and at the end they show the picture. The way the episode led up to the drawing and showed it was very dramatic and well executed and it was the one gem in this series.

    Overall I felt the series was below average though it had some entertainment value. It gets a solid 4.
  • Recess was another terrific classic.

    I have heard of this show and when i was really young i remember seeing a few epsiodes, but i also watched Recess again recently since my dad knew i liked the show and taped them for me! Recess in my opinion is a very successful show, it helps kids learn about school! It shows how teachers and the principal hanles his job too! one of the main settings for this show is TJ Detweiler is a fun kid that likes to do a lot of entertainment in his school, he also has 5 other friends! The most recent one he makes is Gus Griswald, a student who has moved many times and has seen a lot of different schools since his dad is in the military. As for TJ's other cool pal there is Gretchen, a smart gal who is interested in the sciences, Spinelli, a tough girl who can alos be nice but she makes sure she outpowers other kids so she can come out on top! Mikey, a bigkid but one who is very gentle and kind and is a peace lover! And finally, one of TJ's closest friends, a fellow african-american who i forget the name. But still, this is a wonderful show as i always enjoy seeing TJ and his pals come across something they can manage, i loved to see some of the episodes! one thing that shocked me though was that this show was canceled all the way back in 2001! Well that sums everything up so this will be my last snetence: This show is one of the best classics, and i love the movie that came out for it when a crazed evil genius tries to destroy summer, but i also enjoyed to watch the great episodes where the teachers try to look out for trouble!
  • I like recess.

    When I was little, I remember watching Recess quite a bit. It was a really good animated show and it was never boring. I thought that each episode was entertaining and I liked the stories in each show. I thought that the characters were really good together and seemed to have really good chemistry. In fact, they were so different from one another, yet seemed to be made to be friends. I never had a favorite character because I didn't get attached to them so much. I just liked the gimmick of the show and how it related to my life when I was young. Thank you.
  • I don't get this show.

    I don't pretty much love or like this show.In fact,I don't get the plot.Some of the kids look ugly,including that dude with the big head and a flat top.The dude with the white shirt and the yellow hair kind of reminds me of Owen from Total Drama Island now.It's a pretty old show and one of the episodes of this show pretty much reminds of an episode of My Gym Partner's A Monkey.This show kind of reminds me of that show now.The movie?Well,I've seen some of the parts of that movie and ending summer vacation is a terrible thing to do.
  • Two words, OVER RATED.

    Weird, Recess was a cartoon that was created by one of the Rugrats creators Paul Germain. But wait, why is this show so highly rated? It wasn't even that funny imo. It was like a disney version of My gym Partner's A Monkey and Hey Arnold. It's setting is also bad like "It takes place at a school! woopee!!!" I see enough of that at school already. This show's good for like humorless kids, but when your a teenager, it's flat out stupid and boring. The only thing I even found to be funny in this show was when the fat kid singed with a low voice. But everything else can put me to sleep. Well, their movies were decent. If it wasn't for the movies this show would've been given a 1.
  • Perfect

    I loved this show and I still do like it quite a lot.

    T.J.- the famous leader of the "gang", he is a good character and really funny.

    Spinelli- the tough kid. can be good sometimes.

    Vince- the athletic kid

    Gretchen- the science nerd {my least favorite of the main characters}

    Gus- the new kid who just moved in.

    Mikey- the tall, fat one, who has a good heart {my favorite character}.

    Overall I think this is a great show that I am happy i found in syndication, long after it ended. I can only hope that someday, future generations start liking this show. Grade- A+
  • Cute, smart, and very funny.

    I've grown up with this show, so it's been one of my favorites. As a little kid, I'd be excited watching this on Saturday mornings, eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles in front of the TV in the kitchen, along with Doug and Pepper Ann. After that, I watched it all the time on Disney Channel, Toon Disney, and Disney XD (at least when it was on, and the only times I really watched the channel). It was very well made and hilarious.

    I love all the characters, and there's not one that I hate. T.J. is probably my favorite out of everyone (and choosing one of the main six was VERY hard). He's sweet, cute, and funny. My second favorite would have to be Spinelli. So cute, but so violent!

    The writing is excelent. The kids all act like me and my friends when we were in middle school, and took our recesses very seriously. There are a lot of pop culture refrences that many young kids won't get, and there are also a lot of lines that the censors missed.

    I remember seeing the movie with my mom when I was four. It was one of my favorite movies, and still is. My mom REALLY liked it, in fact I caught her watching my old recordings of this show.

    There's something sad about this was so well made, funny, and heartwarming...and then Disney screws up and ends up making crappy pre-teen sitcoms!

    If you have to watch one Disney cartoon in your life, this is the one.

  • Good but not great

    Recess was a good show I would watch as a kid growing up. The show was so popular for a Disney show. Usually, Disney has mediocre to bad animated shows in my opinion, but this show is one of the best cartoons from the company next to Lloyd in Space. Some of the episodes are good while others boring and dull. I like the group of friends in the show. The fact that they are all different from one another yet hang out is great. The show was famous for its creativeness dedicated to a fun past time where children can have fun and enjoy life.
  • Recess is a great show about kids just being kids. There are school bullies, boring classes, weird teachers, a creepy principal, and, of course, recess. What a great show. I watched the show as a young adult but I experienced a lot of this stuff as a kid.

    I wish that there were still new episodes of Recess. I really loved the show, even though I was far from a kid when I watched it. Most of the stories were easy for kids to relate to and there was more than one episode that was similar to something that had occured during my own childhood. This show was about regular kids enjoying friendships and having fun. And, of course, this show was about the adventures of school. An all around great show. What I love the most about Recess is the bond that TJ and his friends share. It's all very sweet and innocent. Cartoons these days could learn from this show. Sometimes, kids need cartoons that are about just being a kid.
  • This is a great show, definitely one of Disney's finest. A throwback to a kinder, gentler time in our lives when things in the world actually had meaning.

    Recess was a show that was everybody's staple morning, "before school", cartoon back in Junior High. The elementary school exploits of TJ's gang was something everybody could relate to. Everything was categorized very neatly in the show: plot details, characters, and relationships but was never cliche. In fact, the show's bland-seeming exterior hid a shocking amount of clever political innuendo (just pay a little more attention to Finster and Principal Prickly to see what I mean!). If you ever get tired of world domination schemes, banal themes, huge explosions and teen melodrama, and wan't something whimscial and memorable, give Recess a try.
    By the way, to the user who gave the low score up there, I advise that you sit down and watch more than one episode of this great show before you judge it so harshly.
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