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  • This show sucks!

    This show is nothing personally but pure crap just about these kids who are weirdos especially Mikey who has a voice exactly like Cartman's from South Park(same with Gus not from this show but Gus from Robotboy which also sucks along with Recess)
    Gretchen however is a big buck toothed nerd and she sucks so much and she is also immature she hates boys along with Spinelli who ACTUALLY is a tomboy but hates boys like when Gretchen said to Spinelli boys are weird and they were talking about grinding them into something they are seriously sexist they hate boys this show is a kiddy version of South Park obviously and needs to be cancelled even Barney is better than this heap of rubbish and i find it annoying how they argue all the time about silly situations watch better shows like Ren and Stimpy Paul and Joe's other show(Lloyd in Space) was way better than this i'm so glad it's cancelled but they still play repeats and on Disney Cinemagic they don't show Lloyd in Space at all but they show this heap of rubbish(UK Channel)well how could anyone like it? it's one of the worst shows on television.