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Record of Lodoss War

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This guide covers both the Record of Lodoss War OAV and its TV series, Chronicles of the Heroic Knight. Genres: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, RPG Rating: OAV contains some graphic fantasy violence (stabbings and slashes). Language uses d-word. Mild nudity. Chronicles series is less graphic. Welcome to Lodoss Island appears to be PG rated but uses the word "freakin'" a lot in some of the later episodes. Season and Series Explanation Record of Lodoss War OAV (season 1) Number of Episodes: 13 half-hour shows Original Release: 1990-1991 in Japan US Release: 1995 English subtitles, 1996 English language version (VHS, Central Park), July 2003 (DVD, Central Park Media, 2 discs) US Broadcast: 2004-2005 on International Channel (AZN TV). Main Party Characters: Parn (fighter), Deedlit (elf), Slayn (sorceror), Etoh (cleric), Ghim (dwarf), Woodchuck (thief). Opening Song: "Adesso e Fortuna" by Sherry (English version: Lisa De Simone) Ending Song: "Kaze no Fantasia" by Sherry (English version: Lisa De Simone) Description: (from Manga) Lodoss has always been in turmoil, wars the norm and not the exception for thousands of years. Now, the tide of this bitter conflict is about to turn drastically for the worse, which is where an unlikely party of six join together under a common cause. The story is set in a war between Emperor Beld of Marmo and King Fahn of Valis, once the closest of friends. Beld is ready to send armies of darkness to strike without mercy. Meanwhile, the wizard Wagnard, Beld's advisor, intends to revive the Goddess of Destruction, Kardis, by stealing an ancient scepter. And all the while, the Grey Witch, Karla, makes her moves behind the scenes, manipulating everyone so that no one man has all the power. This is what these six must face ad they see sights, meet allies, and face enemies beyond imagination. It's Light vs. Darkness. The future of Lodoss is at stake, and the war has just begun. Opening Narration (episode 1) : The era of the Gods was closing. Their once eternal rule had come to an end. The heavens trembled as the armies of Falis, God of Light, clashed with those of Falaris, God of Darkness. Their perpetual battle ensued. The earth wept. The seas boiled. In the end, each side had but one survivor: Marfa, Goddess of Creation, and Kardis, Goddess of Destruction. They met in a final battle that echoed to the ends of the earth. When it was over, a new land was born, broken away from the rest of the continent, and the last flames of the once-invincible forces of the Goddesses of Light and Dark flickered and died away. Thousands of years have passed, and now the land to the south of the continent of Alecrast has become known as Lodoss, the Accursed Island. Opening Narration (short version): Light and Darkness. The final battle of the gods climaxed in a clash between Marfa, goddess of all creation, and Kardis, goddess of destruction. At the end of their fierce battle, the stricken goddesses had split the continent, forming a new land. Since then, people have come to call this new continent Lodoss, the Accursed Island. Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight (season 2) Number of Episodes: 27 Original Release: April 1, 1998 - September 30, 1998 in Japan US Release: 1999 (VHS, Central Park Media), 2003 Collection (DVD, Central Park Media, 4 discs) US Broadcast: 2004-2005 by International Channel (AZN TV) Opening Song: "Kiseki no Umi" by Maaya Sakamoto Ending Song: "Hikari no Suashi" by Chie Ishibashi Description: This series has two main stories Story #1: Stop Ashram from acquiring the Scepter of Domination; defeat the Shooting Star dragon (ep 1-8 ) Time: Five years after OAV episode 8 Continuity: retells OAV eps 8-13, conforming to the light novels. Party Members: Parn (knight), Deedlit (elf), Cecil (sorceror), Slayn (sorcerer), Leylia (cleric), Shiris (fighter), Orson (fighter/berserker). Maar the wood sprite (thief/bard) and King Kashue of Flaim (fighter) also join in. Story #2: The next generation of adventurers (ep 9-) must recover the Soul Crystal Ball and stop Wagnard from resurrecting Kardis. Time: Ten years after Chronicles episode 8 Party Members: Spark (knight-in-training), Little Neese (Slayn and Leylia's daughter, priestess), Garrack (mercenary fighter), Leaf (half-elf shamaness), Greevus (priest), Aldonova (sorcerer), Ryna (thief). Later on Parn and the gang join in. After each Chronicles episode is a bonus short called Welcome to Lodoss Island where the characters are in chibi form, recapping some of the action, but mainly telling puns and doing other silly things. Related series Legend of Crystania is a film and 3-episode OAV series that focus on Ashram and Pirotess. Rune Soldier, also known as Magical Soldier Louie, is a comedy adventure series also done by Ryo Mizuno set in the same world as Lodoss but on another continent. It was released in 2001. Contributing to the guide Titles and Airdates The OAV titles and airdates are from the original Japanese videos as published to the US copyright database. Many of them differ from the DVD titles. If folks would rather see the DVD titles, please let the editor know. Production Codes These were arbitrarily chosen by the previous contributor to just be the acronym of the series name and its numerical episode number. As this is an anime series, the actual production codes are unknown. Recaps Do not plagiarize from any sources, especially Wikipedia. Notes Major or temporary changes in voice actor main stars. List of other cast roles not officially credited or attributed. US i-channel/AZN TV premiere airdates. Trivia Welcome to Lodoss Island episode recaps. Character debuts and/or reintroduction using banner (Chronicles) or first appearance. Please make the introduction interesting or descriptive. Quotes Follow the English dub or the published script on the DVD. For the Lodoss Island episodes, precede with (Welcome to Lodoss Island); Do not add Chibi to the character names. Where is the character guide? Also, the character guide was removed as it was copied straight from another Internet guide. If you wish to introduce characters you may write up a detailed character debut in the Trivia section in the episode in which they first appeared by banner or by voice. Please contact the editor for any further questions.moreless


  • Hero...The Birth of a New Knight

    S 2 : Ep 27

    Aired 9/30/98

  • Destruction...The Evil God Released

    S 2 : Ep 26

    Aired 9/23/98

  • Decision... The Black Knight's Option

    S 2 : Ep 25

    Aired 9/16/98

  • The Scepter of Domination...The Dream of a Uni...

    S 2 : Ep 8

    Aired 5/20/98