Record of Lodoss War

Season 2 Episode 1

The Free Knight…A New Legend Begins

Aired Unknown Apr 01, 1998 on A&E
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The Free Knight…A New Legend Begins
Five years after the War of Heroes and Ghim’s death, Parn is a free knight, which means he serves no specific country. Shiris and Orson attempt to collect taxes from the village of Zaxon for Duke Raster, but Cecil, the town leader, refuses to pay up. Shiris and Orson lead Cecil out to ambush him, but are surprised when Deedlit and Parn arrive at the scene. Meanwhile Ashram, the dark knight, begins his quest for the Scepter of Domination by hunting down the five ancient dragons.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Characters introduced:
      Ashram, Neese, Orson, Shiris, Deedlit, Parn, Slayn, Leylia

      New characters introduced:
      Cecil - captain of the guard for the village of Zaxon. Sorceror training under Slayn.
      Hobb - priest near the Flaim area, sides with Ashram
      Little Neese - purple haired little girl, daughter of Slayn and Leylia

    • Slayn and Leylia are married and have a daughter, Little Neese, named of course after Leylia's mother, who the daughter calls Big Neese.

    • Orson's back story is developed in this episode. Hyuri, the spirit of anger, visibly appears out of Orson to transform him into a berserker.

    • Welcome to Lodoss Island: Parn and Deedlit introduce themselves. Parn is busy swinging his sword while Deedlit does a silly dance to try to get his attention. Slayn talks briefly about the dragons.

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  • NOTES (4)

    • Cast changes
      Sho Hayami is the only Japanese cast member from the OAV that carries over as a regular in the Chronicles series. In the OAV he played Orson, but this time around he gets to play Ashram.

      The following actors appear to be pseudonyms but will be given new actor entries.
      Orson is played by Oliver Gregory.
      Hobb is played by Cliff Hangar.

      Other cast roles: Neese, Arteen (kid in Zaxon), Arch A/B/C, Men, Crowd, Dragon, Spirit

      English Additional Voices: Alexander Alben, Jason Alben, David Alben, Michael Alben, John Franck, Joyce Griffin, Eric Ginsberg, Ed Greenberg, Gary Soloman, Joe Digiorgi

    • Each character gets a bannered name introduction.

    • Chronicles commences five years after the events of OAV episode 8 when Leylia is freed from Karla, and retells the Scepter of Domination story, starting with the first encounter with Shiris and Orson.

      Chronicles actually follows the manga story, so anything from OAV episodes 9-13 as to who might have lived and died should be relegated to an alternative timeline.

    • New party:
      Parn - free knight
      Deedlit - elf
      Slayn - sorceror
      Leylia - cleric
      Cecil - sorceror
      Shiris - mercenary
      Orson - berserker