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Record of Lodoss War

Season 1 Episode 1

The legend begins

Aired Unknown Jun 30, 1990 on A&E
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Episode Summary

The legend begins
This episode introduces the six main characters: Parn the Knight, Deedlit the elf, Ghim the dwarf, Woodchuck the thief, Slayn the wizard, and Eoh the cleric. They are already involved in a quest as they travel through the ancient ruins of the dwarven tunnels, dealing with gargoyles, and underground secret room, and a big ol’ green dragon.moreless

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  • Even though it's the first episode, chronologically it should be watched as the fifth.

    This is not the FIRST episode in the literally meaning. It should be viewed as fifth. Basically the team was send to meet Wort, a powerful magician and ask him for advice. The episode shows their route through a cave that is inhabitant by a dragon. It was placed as the first ep to avoid the so-called "slow start".

    It's not a bad thing that it's the first episode anyway, as the viewer can see all the main characters apeparing in it: Parn, Deedlit (one of my favorite characters in all anime), Ghim, Woodchuck, Slayn and Etoh. You learn what their skills are and get suck into the adventure before you know it!

    One of the best episodes in the entire serie in my opinion.moreless
Ichiro Nagai

Ichiro Nagai


Recurring Role

Alexander J. Rose

Alexander J. Rose


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Tamio Ohki

Tamio Ohki


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (3)

    • (Slayn uses his magic to fight off the stone gargoyles.)
      Slayn: (Chanting Omnipotent power, creator of all things, forged by the gods from eternal chaos, throw off these false garments and reveal thy true forms. Creators of all things, become a shield to protect me. Great protectors, do not allow those who will destroy your good works to do their bidding in this sacred place. Use me as your weapon against this evil.

    • (Parn is battling the dragon and cannot inflict damage with his sword.)
      Parn: Quick, Deed! What's its weak spot?
      Deedlit: (Obviously Annoyed) I'm not a dragon expert! How should I know?!

    • Wood: Man that thing is going to end up eating us.
      Ghim: Well then we'll just have to eat him.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Chronologically, this episode takes place between episodes 5 and 6 when Parn and company are on their way to Wort's.

    • Note on Titles for OAV series
      The titles shown are what were filed to the US copyright office for the 1990-1991 publication. The alternative title is what was officially put on the DVD collections. If anyone really insists on the other way around please PM the editor.

      Alternative title: Prologue to the legend


    • Lord of the Rings and any RPG
      1. The party traverses an ancient dwarven cavern and tunnel system much like the Mines of Moria.
      2. Ghim, being a dwarf of course, wields a battle axe.
      3. They meet a large adversary near the end of the tunnel.
      4. Karla and others watch them using crystal balls, much like the palantirs.