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AIRED ON 8/13/2015

Season 3 : Episode 6

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Rectify is a drama about a man who is wrongfully sent to jail and is released after DNA evidence proves he is not guilty. After 19 years on Death Row for rape and murder, Daniel Holden is going home to a world he no longer knows. He learns how his conviction has had a big effect and divided his old community. How will the community react to his release and how will he adapt to his new life?


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    Fox's Lethal Weapon Pilot Finds Its Martin Riggs

    Mel Gibson's character will be played by a Rectify actor.


    Rectify's Fourth Season Will Be Its Last

    SundanceTV also put premiere dates on Hap and Leonard and two more miniseries.

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    • Great news.

      Such a great show. Keeps intensifying from the start. Great actors
    • Ive been blown away by this amazing drama!!!

      What an amazing show. Daniel is a tortured soul who is trying to find his way into the light. I find myself connecting with his character. I recently returned to my home country after living abroad for many years and find it difficult to relate to my old world. I see the direction the story is going and look forward to Daniel defeating the evil characters who are trying to frame him. His sister Amantha is strong and loves her brother dearly willing to do whatever it takes to see him free of this madness. Sundance is producing some amazing shows and cant wait to see what else they have for us.moreless
    • Emotionally Powerful

      I love this show so much. It's an emotional masterpiece. Protagonist Daniel has been released from Death Row after 19 years. He was barely out of High School when convicted and now is a man in his middle years physically. Emotionally, he is a broken teenager who cannot fit in to his new circumstances because of his own brokenness, other people's unwillingness to let him or because his family don't know how to let him fit in. We don't know if he's guilty of the crime he was put away for and there are people on both sides of the issue in his new everyday life. He's loved and hated. I want to cry for him every episode. The story reaches into me and grabs my heart every week. This is possibly the most powerful show I've ever seen in my life. Watch it!moreless
    • Probably the Best Show on TV

      I hesitated to use the word 'show' in my title there-this IS more like 'art', as one of the actors has commented. Just cuts to the core of everything, people are not generally all good or all bad (except for the occasional psychopath/insane prisoner we run into.

      The acting is excellent. I haven't see a show actually take TIME to let characters breathe and interact like this in a long time.

      Sometimes I grow impatient-as one person wrote here, I want to know MORE about the murder/rape, MORE about how the investigation is going.

      But I find myself growing used to and liking the slower pace. It really needs that much time because it is filled with thought and emotion.moreless
    • Hooked

      This show rips me apart. Makes you aware that there are always two sides to everyone. The actors are able to capture the essance of real turmol in the souls of its characters.