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And I feel fine...
Dec 17, 2016
Rectify: Late to the show

Having been seated watching Ray McKinnon's Rectify on Sundance, I find myself soothed. The narrative is slow paced, the dialogue is un-rushed and the characters all likable. The black and white is smudged to a mixture of black & white for the characters. You learn to like the good in people and excuse the faults and fadedness of bad character traits.

Basically, in a positive way, the show is like watching grass grow. And it feels just fine.

A soothing from the hectic lives of real people. You can visit Rectify to get your pulse down and not expecting a shootout or quick paced events. Well spoken Aden Young plays convicted Daniel Holden and portraits his way back to himself and life as a free man. In a way a teenager in a grown man's body. A total techno-cold-shower is awaiting him when he steps outside the confinement of ...
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Which show came out on top?
Dec 01, 2016
Best TV Shows of 2016
Best TV Shows of 2016
nice cast
Mar 10, 2016
Fox's Lethal Weapon Pilot Finds Its Martin Riggs
Mel Gibson's character will be played by a Rectify actor.
good news/bad news
Jan 09, 2016
Rectify's Fourth Season Will Be Its Last
SundanceTV also put premiere dates on Hap and Leonard and two more miniseries.
BEST OF 2015
Dec 18, 2015
Best of the Year: The 10 Best Dramas of 2015
Our list is a refreshing combo of new, old, and shows in their prime.
Aug 05, 2015
What Will Sheriff Daggett Do?
When Daniel kicks that can of paint at the end of last week’s episode ‘Girl Jesus’, I wasn’t surprised at all. All the signs were there that he still can’t cope with the world he came back to. Personally I hoped we would not get a scene like that where Daniel showed us how troubled he is. There are tears running down his face when he is sabotaging the work he had been so proud off. The paint flowing down the pool are representing his tears. Two steps forward and one step back. But he’ll get there someday. We just do not know where ‘there’ is.

Rectify not only is superb because of Aden Young and the way he just is Daniel, but also in the way Daniel, without realising, influences everyone around him. No one is the same after he was released and that includes ...Read more
slow cookin'
Jul 10, 2015
Rectify Season 3 Premiere Review: Unfinished Business
SundanceTV's slow-but-steady drama returns with plenty left to explore at its own leisurely pace.
Jul 10, 2015
Totally Tubular July 9, 2015: Rectify, The Strain, Masters of Sex, and More (PODCAST)
Tim and Cory tackle a big slate of premieres, talk Syfy, and answer your Qs in the latest edition of the podcast.
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Rectify is a drama about a man who is wrongfully sent to jail and is released after DNA evidence proves he is not guilty. After 19 years on Death Row for rape and murder, Daniel Holden is going home to a world he no longer knows. He learns how his conviction has had a big effect and divided his old community. How will the community react to his release and how will he adapt to his new life?