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  • Great news.

    Such a great show. Keeps intensifying from the start. Great actors
  • Ive been blown away by this amazing drama!!!

    What an amazing show. Daniel is a tortured soul who is trying to find his way into the light. I find myself connecting with his character. I recently returned to my home country after living abroad for many years and find it difficult to relate to my old world. I see the direction the story is going and look forward to Daniel defeating the evil characters who are trying to frame him. His sister Amantha is strong and loves her brother dearly willing to do whatever it takes to see him free of this madness. Sundance is producing some amazing shows and cant wait to see what else they have for us.
  • Emotionally Powerful

    I love this show so much. It's an emotional masterpiece. Protagonist Daniel has been released from Death Row after 19 years. He was barely out of High School when convicted and now is a man in his middle years physically. Emotionally, he is a broken teenager who cannot fit in to his new circumstances because of his own brokenness, other people's unwillingness to let him or because his family don't know how to let him fit in. We don't know if he's guilty of the crime he was put away for and there are people on both sides of the issue in his new everyday life. He's loved and hated. I want to cry for him every episode. The story reaches into me and grabs my heart every week. This is possibly the most powerful show I've ever seen in my life. Watch it!
  • Probably the Best Show on TV

    I hesitated to use the word 'show' in my title there-this IS more like 'art', as one of the actors has commented. Just cuts to the core of everything, people are not generally all good or all bad (except for the occasional psychopath/insane prisoner we run into.

    The acting is excellent. I haven't see a show actually take TIME to let characters breathe and interact like this in a long time.

    Sometimes I grow impatient-as one person wrote here, I want to know MORE about the murder/rape, MORE about how the investigation is going.

    But I find myself growing used to and liking the slower pace. It really needs that much time because it is filled with thought and emotion.
  • Hooked

    This show rips me apart. Makes you aware that there are always two sides to everyone. The actors are able to capture the essance of real turmol in the souls of its characters.
  • Season 2 Episode 3?

    How come is seems to be jumping to season 2 episode 4 on the next episode line up? What's happened to episode 3? Anyone know?
  • Gripping

    Moves very slowly but in a good way. It explores themes very intelligently and emotively. I couldn't stop watching and binge watched the whole of season 1 in less than a day. Have just watch episode 1 of season 2 and can't wait for the next episode. Definitely the most underrated show of 2013 for me.

    An emotional rollercoaster.
  • New Favourite Show

    Since I watched True Detective this year I've needed another show to fill the gap it left since the season ended. Thankfully I discovered Rectify. The cast, writing, filming is just brilliant. Shows like this and TD are a privilege to watch.
  • Excellent

    Excellent display of inner conflicts, great actors, storywriting, etc.

    And normally I'm not even a drama fan.

    Edit: Dang, the only bad thing about this show is that I can only watch one episode at a time now that I'm caught up. =( Sooooooo goooooood.
  • What a breathtaking experience!

    I have to agree with the majority of reviews here. This show is intelligent and original (to me). The acting is great, the pace seems slow but steady which I appreciate far more than the average tv rush fare. My only complaint is that I'm afraid that the show won't make it because I can see how it could lack appeal with the larger populace. I am absolutely stunned by the quality of this show and that almost never happens. Finally something I can really get into. The last time this happened, they yanked the show after one season (Red Widow). I am pleased to see this one getting at least another. I haven't even finished all the episodes yet. Episode 4 just wow. I really hope to see more of this.
  • "Plato was on to

    Arriving at the fourth episode now, I can't help it, but "Rectify" reminds me of the great "Six feet under". Of course, it's totally different subject-wise (or maybe not all that much: a family member coming back after years?), but the characters and their relations, the mood between them the sadness, the tenderness, the unspoken words and the potential for love among contrast between the rudeness of the outside world and the characters carefulness with each other, about what to say and how to say it, I remember that from the Fisher family.

    So, having said all that do I have to add that I think it's a very good one? ;-) I'm curious about how it will go on, and how it'll develop in the next season.
  • Hope. There is still hope in the wonderful but often frustrating world of television!

    Hope. That's what this show is.

    I marathon watched this after Breaking Bad finished and left me with serious quality TV withdraws. Rectify is not Breaking Bad. However, it does share some similarities. Like Breaking Bad, Rectify is wonderfully written, filmed and the acting is superb. It's also a show that follows one mans compelling journey. That's where the similarities end though. There are no explosions here, no drug king pins or quick witted lawyers providing the laugh out loud one-liners.

    Rectify is a serious show that is quite enjoyable and deeply touching. It's an intelligent show for the viewer that likes to ponder life's more interesting questions and it stays with you long after the credits have rolled. Far from your typical American mindless network nonsense. Rectify is a story that I am now invested in and the show has restored my hope that good TV still exists, even if you sometimes have to look hard to find it. I recommend this show to anyone who is looking for something different, something that'll touch you on a deeply human level. This is not a show for everyone but if you like a strong serialised structure and if you like a deep story, this show is definitely worth your time. There are only 6 episodes in the first season and the show does have a bit of a slow start. Those who appreciate a compelling drama will want to stick with it will no doubt be pleasantly surprised.

    Those who like a fast-paced more show less tell structure, this show is probably not for you.
  • Smart TV?

    An oxymoron perhaps. What a breath of fresh air! Not a show for the typical ADHD American viewer. One of the best new shows of 2013. Rectify gives me hope that intelligent TV shows aren't quite dead.
  • Rectify is a great show!!

    I have to say that I was caught up in the characters from the first episode. Yes, it is I think it makes it better, not worse. The actor who plays Daniel is spot on. Perfect casting. Give it a try and don't give up. It just gets better.
  • Slower than Maple Syrup

    I really wanted to like this show, but the pace is slow and nearly puts you to sleep. There's not enough back story and a definite lack of character development. I'll pass on Season 1.
  • Great show,

    great writers, great concept and great production values. While not fast paced at all ( several episodes happen in a a 2-3 day span. But if you enjoy a family dynamic that is realistic and up there with that of 6 feet Under, then this is the show for you. Like Green Mile or Shawshank Redemption, this show is for you. A fan of NBC's cancelled 'Life' should watch this as well. Really dont listen to haters or people who dont dare view shows that dont feature dragons or explosions and check out Rectify. You woull be mesmerized
  • Good Show ! 8/10

    Its a very good show. If you enjoyed Enlightened and Killing, you should watch the show. The writing is very good too.
  • Music

    Anyone know the band/song at the end, during the credit roll of episode 2? Or at the end of the 2 hour premier.
  • Maybe something has changed

    Well, Walton Goggins is NOT in it... Aden Young is the inmate, and, not a cop.

    He was accused and convicted of raping and killing a young girl when he was 18. He's been released because of newly found DNA evidences, after 19 years on death row.
  • They are setup next door to my work.

    They are setup next door to my work. Casting calls etc.