Red Dwarf

Season 8 Episode 1

Back in the Red (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 1999 on BBC Two
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Episode Summary

Season 8 begins with Lister and Rimmer (who is now alive) in their new sleeping quarters on Red Dwarf. Lister tries in vain to get Rimmer to talk to him and we then flash back to three days earlier:

From where we finished the previous season, Cat pilots Starbug into the Dwarf's landing bay which is now huge. As they fly through an air vent the ship begins to shrink back to it's proper size. When they finally land (or crash) Starbug we learn that the nanobots have resurrected the crew along with the ship. Lister thinks this is a godsend but Captain Hollister promptly arrests him and the others for stealing and then destroying a Starbug. While confined to his old quarters Lister is met by Rimmer and, after being disgusted that Rimmer has returned to his original smeghead self, pleads with him to help him and the others escape before they are sentenced. The Captain and the other officers are trying to figure out why they are now in deep space and how the ship has changed shape to its original design. Lister offers to help Rimmer get promoted by giving him the crews confidential files which are aboard Starbug. Rimmer gets the files and also finds the Luck Virus and Sexual Magnetism Virus (from Quarantine s5/ep3). Rimmer tries the sexual magnetism and women suddenly begin noticing him. As he saunters down the corridors amidst several women giving him the eye, he declares: "The World Loves a Bastard!"

To Be Continued.....moreless

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  • This is, imo the best Red Dwarf episode that was ever made.

    This is, imo the best Red Dwarf episode that was ever made. Why? Simply because its so incredibly funny. Best bits include Lister trying to get Rimmer to talk to him at the begining, Starbug getting "rat-arsed" and Kryten's interview with Red Dwarf's Psychiatric Counseller. Give it a watch, if you've never seen it I guarentee your stomach will hurt with laughter by the end. The only negative for me was that the episode is so good that time really does fly when watching it, and its over before you can blink. However if you buy the Series 8 box set dvd you can watch all 3 parts of this episode uninterupted.moreless
  • The Dwarf's back...

    Kryten: Now we've lost the mid-section and the kitchen. I'm sorry everyone but we may have to have sandwiches for lunch.

    The live studio audience returns, as does the humour. And one of the finest seasons of Red Dwarf begins. Chris Barrie's back (yes!). The whole team's together, with Red Dwarf and the original crew. Funniest bits include the whole crash sequence in Starbug, the Cat's heartbeat/pulse, and Kryten and the doctor.moreless
Paul Bradley

Paul Bradley


Guest Star

David Gillespie

David Gillespie


Guest Star

Karl Glenn Stimpson

Karl Glenn Stimpson

MP Thornton

Guest Star

Chris Barrie

Chris Barrie

Arnold Judas Rimmer

Recurring Role

Robert Llewellyn

Robert Llewellyn

Kryten (season 3-)

Recurring Role

Mac McDonald

Mac McDonald

Captain Hollister

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Why wasn't Frankenstein or the original Kochanski resurrected and why haven't we seen Todhunter? He was meant to be second in command and always hanging around with the captain (as made clear in 'The End' when Lister asked Holly about the ashes next to the captain's).Response: Frankenstein may be lurking around; Kochanski had returned so didn't need to be resurrected.

    • When Lister bets Rimmer he can make him talk before a minute has passed it actually takes 2-3 minutes, the bigger goof is after a minute Lister says "Oh well, still plenty of time to go"

    • The sexual magnetism virus is red but was blue/green in Quarantine.

    • Why would the crew's files be on board Starbug? The only time that they are ever referred to is way back in series 1's 'Waiting for God'. Surely Lister wouldn't have brought the files onboard Starbug for a bit of light reading.

    • If the sexual magnetism virus was onboard Starbug all this time, surely Lister would have used it once or twice to woo Kochanski.
      Response Despite all his shortcomings, Lister is a pretty moral and decent person and probably wanted Kochanski to like him for him rather than because of a virus.

    • None of the crew have noticed that Kochanski's hair has grown considerably given the fact this episode is set straight after 'Nanarchy'

    • While the entire Red Dwarf crew are resurrected here, the Kochanski from this dimension is not and the Kochanski present is treated as her counterpart.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Lister: The Brig. Two years... Two years without curry and lagar. Two years without sex!
      Rimmer: You hope.
      Lister: Rimmer!
      Rimmer: Word's out they're gonna throw th book at you, Listy. Followed by the bookcase, and then the library, brick by brick.
      Lister: Oh god, it's you like you used to be. (sighs disgustedly)

    • Lister: Who's going to believe our defense? Only meth drinkers and the crop circle society.

    • Rimmer: The world loves a bastard.

    • Kryten: He taught me everything. Without him, I'd be normal.

    • Rimmer: You really think you can buy me with promises of power and glory. You really think... Okay, I'll do it.

    • Lister: I have a mind to fill your boots with runny porridge again. That'll teach you a lesson about maturity.

    • Lister: Hey guys, look at my body!
      Cat: Now there's an invitation that would not cause a stampede.

    • Lister: If I take one step outside that door, I'll get enough voltage up me jacksie to light up the whole of Bootle!
      Rimmer: Well, considering what's in store for your jacksie, a few thousand volts is easy street miladdo!

    • Cat: Forget red - let's go all the way up to brown alert!
      Kryten: There's no such thing as a brown alert sir.
      Cat: You won't be saying that in a minute!

    • Holly: I hope we don't get stopped by the cops. They don't like it when you're rat-arsed!

  • NOTES (8)

    • The CGI Red Dwarf, Starbug and the drastically different Blue Midget used in this season were first seen in the re-mastered versions of Seasons 1-3. It is explained away by a line from Hollister saying that Red Dwarf has returned to its original design specs, before the JMC made cut-backs.

    • When they return to the events of "Nanarchy", new special effects shots are used of Starbug flying into Red Dwarf's hanger bay. In "Nanarchy", these shots were recycled model shots featuring the old Red Dwarf model, which is significantly different from the CGI Red Dwarf used in Season 8.

    • All of the Red Dwarf's crew seen in the premiere episode 'The End' were to return for this season, however Mac McDonald was the only one who could film the entire series. Paul Bradley and David Gillespie (Selby and Chen) have only a cameo in this episode, and Mark Williams (Peterson) and Robert Bathurst (Todhunter) had to decline due to hectic schedules.

    • The filmic picture look which had been introduced for series 7 was gone- it wasn't popular with the fans.

    • Some expunged ideas for the new series premiere were that the nanobotic rebuild was imperfect, with Rimmer believing he had three sisters, not brothers; and after the crash of Starbug, Lister is forced to give Kochanski the kiss of life.

    • This episode was tentatively titled 'Resurrection' before becoming 'Back in the Red'.

    • Back in the Red was originally planned as an hour-long special premiere episode to introduce the new set-up and the return of crew members. When the episode overran it was decided to add more scenes and make it into a three-parter.

    • Chris Barrie returns to the series in this episode as the Arnold J. Rimmer we remember from the first few seasons.