Red Dwarf

Season 9 Episode 1

Back to Earth (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 10, 2009 on BBC Two
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Episode Summary

Lister's busy day of annoying Rimmer is interrupted by a monstrous attack. It's pretty much business as usual - until a shock development throws Rimmer, Lister, Cat and Kryten back to planet Earth. Rimmer's presence among the crew is threatened by the arrival of a new hologram in the form of Katerina.moreless

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  • Should have left it in the past... like the plague.

    I imagine I was not the only one who was very excited about the return of RD. After 3 minutes of waiting for the first laugh - it was clear to me that although 9 years had passed for the rest of us - it had not for the writer.

    Everyone looks old and knackered - I wonder if they knew what they were making was terrible.

    Shiny new sets, no canned laughter- no atmosphere in any sense.

    There was not one thing I could honestly say I enjoyed.

    I am gutted - I will forget this ever happened to me and go back to watching the previous seasons...moreless
  • A steaming pile of.......

    I am not a hardcore fan or anything but I have always liked it for many years and was pleased to hear the news about these specials but as for how they turned out. I hated them, predictable, an unoriginal stupid idea that was totally not Red Dwarf and it was total rip off of the league of gentlemen's apocalypse movie. Like the 2001-2003 Only Fools episodes a massive mistake that shouldn't have ever been made. I won't buy the DVD and I refuse to recognise this story in a Red Dwarf story cannon. It goes into my Room 101. It gets 1 point because the first part by itself wasn't that bad at all in fairness but from part 2 onwards once they went though the worm hole, it die totally on it's arse. 1/10moreless
  • Enough plot, jokes and material for a very good half an hour episode... dragged out to an hour and 10.

    The 3 eposide story was good enough, with some good emmotional content, some good jokes and a plot that was a near carbon copy of a very, very good season 5 episode.

    Unfortunately, it was spun out over 3 episodes, and there simply wasn't enough to keep my interest. Scenes went on too long, unnceccessary cameos and self-referencial scenes broke up the pace and the result was very uneaven.

    In the old days, when episodes over-ran, the editing was ruthless and only the exceptionally funny scenes remained at breakneck pace.

    While not great as it stands, this whole 3 part "special" could be edited down in to one episiode at the same standard as earlier episodes, which gives me hope for a possible future season.moreless
  • The Red Dwarf crew are back after 10 years. Kochanski is dead (Or is she?), Kryten is coming back from a holiday (In a Broom cupboard!). The water is running out so the crew go and investigate where they are attacked by a giant squid.moreless

    Part 1 was slow, but good. The old red dwarf was leaking through. The jokes were more visual then voice. Such as Krytens armbands and The Kats divering suit. I enjoyed this episode but I wish they brought back some of the old sets. Everthing is just so CGI-ed and 'clean', not at all like Red Dwarf. The best scene is when Lister goes to Kochanski's 'grave', it very emotional and heartbreaking. Lister cannot pronouce 'Austen', one of the best jokes of the episode. I wished they made Bob the scutter a robotic one. I found the new one too computer animated.moreless
  • A pale shadow of a once-brilliant concept

    This was a huge disappointment, after waiting 10 years for Red Dwarf to return. It's not just the lackluster performances or the unoriginal story. . .the biggest crime is that it's NOT FUNNY. The script (SPOILERS AHEAD) totally rips off an earlier episode, "Back to Reality." And the crew's constant references to past events only serves to remind one of how great the show used to be.

    If I must find anything positive to say, I was amazed at how little the actors seemed to have aged. And it was nice to see Chloe Annett again, if only for about two minutes.

    If you hold fond memories of Red Dwarf, I strongly urge you to just re-watch your DVD's of Series 1 thru 8. This was like going to your high school reunion and finding the smartest, most popular person in your class is now working at a convenience store.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Lister visits Kochanski's grave, there is a picture of Mel Bibby next to Kochanski's. Mel was the series' production designer from season three to eight, and had passed away in 2002.

    • Red Dwarf is found to be still in one piece, and the crew back on it. We do not know how they saved the ship from the corroding virus or how they returned from the mirror universe. We also have no idea how Kochanski died. It is also assumed that they never found the rest of the Red Dwarf crew aboard the Starbug and Blue Midget fleet. Holly is offline due to water damage, as described by Rimmer while talking with Katerina. We also don't know what happened to the other version of Holly created by the nanobots, though he could be with the full crew on the Starbug and Blue Midget fleet.

    • Rimmer is now once again a hard-light hologram, the end of Series VIII shows him facing the grim reaper as a human, but ends with him kneeing him in the groin and fleeing. It is assumed that he was either caught by the grim reaper, or that it was just a hallucination. Either way, it seems he died and was resurrected as a hard-light hologram. However, we don't know how he got hard-light capability since that is not a feature installed in on Red Dwarf by default (maybe added by the nanobots). Red Dwarf has also changed shape, and now looks more like it did originally, this is never explained.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • The Cat: I'm walking through the cargo deck, right? Minding my own damn business. When all of a sudden, you know that big tank on G deck?
      Lister: He means the water tank.
      The Cat: Suddenly, there's a disturbance on the surface of the tank, and this massive testicle shoots out of the water and grabs me by the throat.
      Lister: He means "tentacle."
      Rimmer: I hope that's what he means.

    • Katarina: In my country, we have word for people like you.
      Rimmer: In my country, we have several.

    • Lister: I just saw something.
      Kryten: What?!
      Lister: There's something moving!
      The Cat: It's gonna be my bowels, if you keep that up!

  • NOTES (2)

    • The Cat refers to Lister as "monkey boy". This harkens back to the early years of the series, where The Cat would refer to Lister almost exclusively as "monkey" throughout the entire first series. The last time he used the term was in the series two opener Kryten.

    • Lister tries to read "Sense and Sensibility" to Kochnaski's grave mark. This is based on "Beyond a Joke" (Series VII) where the crew enter a virtual reality version of Kochanski's favourite book, by Jane Austen.


    • For Dummies

      The book Rimmer is reading is entitled "Astro Navigation For Idiots". This is a reference to the For Dummies series of instructional books, which are simple guides for complicated subjects.

    • Many References to Past Episodes are made. Katerina's intent to replace Rimmer due to negligence is very similar to the events of "Queeg" (Series II) and Hudzen 10's intent to replace Kryten in "The Last Day" (Series III). The scene where Rimmer sees the leviathan approaching on the scanner screen is similar to "Back to Reality" (Series V) and when he realizes that he is just seeing a speck on the screen is similar to instances in "Backwards" (Series III) and "Legion" (Series VI). The scene where Rimmer is failing to get the skutters to even a picture is similar to scenes in Series I (such as in "Me²"), though since Rimmer is hard-light, it is unknown why he needs the skutters. Kryten's holiday to the broom cupboard on V deck is similar to Rimmer's holiday to the diesel decks in "Justice" (Series IV). The Cat refers to Lister as a "monkey", like what he did in Series I and II. The point when Rimmer talks about how unfortunate he is to see the crew about to be attacked is similar to the way Rimmer reacted to seeing Lister die in "Future Echoes" (Series I) and when the Cat gets paralyzed with fear after seeing what is happening to Lister in "Terrorform" (Series V). Katernia's insistence for Lister to get a mate to repopulate the human race is similar to the seduction line Lister tries to use in "Camille" (Series IV) and how Rimmer as Ace cared for Lister's "love spuds" in "Emohawk: Polymorph II". The scene where Rimmer is trying to get Kryten to find dirt on Katerina, not knowing she is right behind him, is similar to when he is trash talking Captain Holister in "Pete, Part One" (Series VIII). Lister's pessimism about the dimension cutter is similar to the crew's skepticism about the star drive in "Legion".