Red Dwarf

Season 5 Episode 6

Back To Reality

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 1992 on BBC Two

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  • Lost in Reality

    This is my favorate episode of the show it's both hillarous at best but also trippy, way before "The Matrix", "Abres Los Ojos (Open Your Eyes)", and "A Scanner Darkly" but about close to the time of "Total Recall" this episode really played with our perceptions of reality. In a way the episode is kinda a Philp K. Dick like tale as it does deal with the concepts of our perception of reality and identity.

    I'll admit part of the first half was a supprise (at the time) and for a moment made my heart sink when we see the crew destroyed, it took me a long amount of seconds to regester that in my mind because I couldn't believe what I saw.

    But then another supprise was in store when we see all of them wake up and we discover Red Dwarf was a video game all along. This also took a while to regester in my mind, but the way it was played out I acutally believed it. One of the most hillarous moments was when all of the charcters they open up boxes to uncover their identities in the real world. Each as we see are contrary to their identities in the game. The one that is the most memorable and hillarous is Kat's whom is Dwane Dibbly. I just love seeing the amount of grief he is receiving as he looks at himself in the mirror with the bad haircut that looks like the same one Jim Carry had in "Dumb and Dummer" and those buck teeth, uncovering more of his idenity and what is says as self ranting. But one other that I felt was comic gold was of course the chase scene. Where we see all the characters in the real real world getting into a pretend car and feeling as though there really being chased when of course their really sitting on boxes and going nowhere. I couldn't help but laugh my head off as I was just seeing the acting, reactions, miming, and facial expressions of all the characters in that scene it all hit the right notes at the right times. The ending was a relief, it made me glad that every thing that happened on Red Dwarf was the reality and all of the characters are who they are.

    Think your seeing reality, look carefully.
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