Red Dwarf

Season 7 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 1997 on BBC Two



  • Trivia

    • In Lister's flashbacks Rimmer is wearing his blue suit, which he got with the hard-light drive in 'Legion'. If the flashbacks were from the early days after the accident, Rimmer should be wearing either his normal grey uniform from seasons 1-2 or the green suit he wore from season 3.
      Of course this is Lister's memory we are talking about here....

  • Quotes

    • Kochanski: (about Rimmer) Did he have any redeeming features?
      Lister: No. Oh yeah, sometimes he went out of the room.

    • Cat: We're getting nowhere, bud. He won't throw anything away because it reminds him of the good times he had with Rimmer! I must have blinked and missed them.

    • (In Lister's memory he and Rimmer are golfing, Rimmer has gone off in search of his ball)
      Lister: (to Kryten) Look at him. With the right boots, he could be marching into Poland.

    • Rimmer Munchkin Song

      If you're in trouble, he will save the day,
      He's brave and he's fearless, come what may,
      Without him, the mission would go astray,

      He's Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimmer,
      Without him, life would be much grimmer,
      He's handsome, trim, and no one's slimmer,
      He will never need a Zimmer.

      He's Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimmer,
      More reliable than a garden Strimmer,
      He's never been mistaken for Yul Brynner,
      He's not bald and his head doesn't glimmer.

      Master of the wit and the repartee,
      His command of space directives is uncanny,
      How come he's such a genius?
      Don't ask me!

      Ask Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimmer,
      He's also a fantastic swimmer,
      And if you play your cards right,
      then he just might come round for dinner.

      [Extended version only:]
      He's Arnold, Arnold, Arnold Rimmer,
      No rhymes left now apart from quimmer,
      We hope they fade us out before we get to schwimmer,
      Fade out you stupid plimmer...

    • Cat: I hate to interrupt, but this thing, whatever the hell it is, is gonna hit us in about forty-five seconds!
      Lister: I was only tryin' to save time, so we could get to the dimensional tear quicker! So you could get home to your much better Lister.
      Kochanski: And I'm just trying to prevent us being scattered all over the galaxy like some kind of cosmic seasoning!
      Cat: Here it comes!
      Kochanski: That wasn't forty-five seconds!
      Cat: Oh - sorry! I was reading the baked potato timer by mistake! Will people not leave that in here?? It just makes us look like we don't know what the hell we're doing!

    • Kochanski: Er, sorry to interrupt, but we've got a couple of problems: all the hazard-approach lights are flashing -
      Kryten: All of them?
      Kochanski: Yes, although on this ship that can mean anything from "we're under attack", to "the baked potatoes are burning".
      Kryten: Either way, it's serious.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • During the Rimmer Song, a reference is made to Yul Brynner. Brynner is a famous actor(Who, as the song says, is bald), who appeared in The Ten Commandments, The King and I, The Magnificent Seven, and Westworld.