Red Dwarf

Season 3 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 05, 1989 on BBC Two



  • Trivia

    • Why do the crew bother with a mindswap? Why not just bring back executive officer Carol Brown as a hologram? [Response]: It's possible a physical presence is needed for the required voice print and brain scan.

    • When Kryten takes the syringe out of Lister's head, the needle doesn't come out the syringe properly, so Robert has to put his hand in front of the needle to try and hide this.

    • When Cat drops the tape of Lister's mind into his coffee, Lister can briefly be seen starting to grin (even though he is supposed to have no mind) before Kryten moves across to block him from the camera.

  • Quotes

    • Holly: ...there are 3 realistic alternatives: (1) Sit here and get blown up, (2) Stand here and get blown up, (3) Jump up and down, shout at me for not being able to think of anything, then get blown up.

    • Lister: And take that girdle off. It doesn't suit me.

    • Rimmer: And here's a tip : Urine should be green only if you're Mr. Spock.

    • Cat: What happened?
      Kryten: It must have set off the warning system but, not the bomb!
      Rimmer: So where's the bomb?
      Holly: We haven't got a bomb. I got rid of it ages ago.
      Cat: Why didn't you say?!
      Holly: You never asked!

    • Lister: (To Kryten) Oh look it's Captain Chloroform.

    • Cat: I was asleep, OK? Next thing I know, Plastic Percy puts a sponge over my face and out go the lights!

    • Cat: (To Kryten) You're getting my underwear bill buddy!

    • Rimmer: I said, "Touch nothing." Didn't I say, "Touch nothing?"
      Lister: Look, I just ordered a shake and a crispy bar.
      Cat: Lucky you didn't order a double cheeseburger!

    • Lister: Oh Smeg! What the smeggin' smeg's he smeggin' done? He's smeggin' killed me!

    • Lister: Look at my stomach. Look at it! Paint "Goodyear" down me side and you could float me over the Super Bowl!

  • Notes

    • This is the only episode to involve characters changing roles into other Red Dwarf characters

    • Due to the heavy amount of redubbing involved, this episode was the first not filmed before a studio audience

    • Lister tells Cat they are going to chase after Rimmer in White Midget, but we then see them flying in Blue Midget. In the Remastered version, Lister's voice is dubbed over so he says "The Midget" instead of "White Midget". The actual mistake came from the writing and preparation of the series. Originally the new smaller ship that would be used was a White Midget, a similar version of the Blue Midget, but the producers then invented the Starbug which would be bigger and allow for more room to film inside. Unfortunately the line wasn't changed in this episode.

    • A scene deleted from this episode involved Kryten lighting Rimmer-as-Lister's cigar with his finger while they are in a sauna. During filming, Robert Llewellyn became so hot and sweaty in the Kryten costume that his sweat short-circuited the wires used for the lighter and was mildly electrocuted. This scene didn't appear on the deleted scenes of the Series III DVD, but was recovered for the Red Dwarf: The Bodysnatcher Collection set.

  • Allusions

    • Arnold Rimmer: And here's a tip : Urine should only be green if you're Mr. Spock.

      Mr. Spock was a character on Star Trek who was established to have green blood.

    • Lister: Paint "Goodyear" down me side and you can float me over the Super Bowl!

      A reference to the Goodyear Blimp, a well-known airship sponsored by tire company Goodyear which can usually be seen hovering over the stadium at American sporting events such as the NFL Super Bowl and the MLB World Series.