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Jul 02, 2014
Here Are 10 Great British Comedies to Celebrate American Independence Day
What better way to honor beating England than to laugh at a bunch of British people?
Jun 16, 2014
Why You Should Watch: Red Dwarf.
Because it's the best sci-fi sitcom ever created, that's why. It may seem like a daunting task to catch up with a show that's been running since the late '80s, but this is a UK sitcom so 10 Seasons worth of entertainment amounts to 61 half hour episodes of unrivalled brilliance. I'm planning to, if I can whip up enough interest, run through a complete Red Dwarf re-watch with episode reviews, which could amount to two episodes per week for 12 weeks to cover Seasons 1-4, followed by Seasons 5-6 during the Christmas hiatus and finishing up with Seasons 7-10 during summer 2015, ending just in time for Season 11 to air (in the UK) in autumn.

So what is the show all about?
Well, the show is about the trials and tribulations of the last known human in the universe, Dave Lister. Lister is a ...Read more
Nov 07, 2010
Top 10: Classic Sitcoms

Compiling a list of Britain's top 10 classic sitcoms isn’t as easy as it sounds. We all broadly agree on recent shows that are great examples of British comedy, but when it comes to casting our minds further back it can be hard to tell if some shows are still loved because they remind us of our childhoods, or whether they actually stand up as credible comedy.

The 70s sitcom, The Good Life, is celebrated by Giles Coren and Sue Perkins in a new documentary this Monday--35 years after it first aired--and it's got us thinking: what other golden oldies deserve similar reminiscence? Below are our favourite classic sitcoms feel free to add yours to the comments box below.

10. Red Dwarf (1988-1999)
Recognising that sci-fi is an often absurd genre, yet offers huge creative potential, this show had an unconventional sitcom setting. Yet it relied on ...

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Nov 04, 2009
Doctor Who leads ABC summer programming

Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars is one of the tempting shows to be screened by the ABC over the summer break.

The premiere of Britain's Got Talent's third series attracted two million more viewers than the Time Lord's Easter special.
Apr 14, 2009
Britain's Got Talent beats Doctor Who

Simon Cowell's reality show Britain's Got Talent reportedly drew an average audience of 10.3 million while BBC One's Doctor Who special attracted 8.4 million.

Britain's Got Talent's third series debuted with 45% of TV's total audience tuning in at that time. The opening episode outdid the previous series' premiere by 1.8 million, which aired last year with 37% of the viewing public.

The ITV show attracted nearly double the audience of BBC One's adventure drama Robin Hood, which had 5.3 million viewers (23%) at the same time.

Doctor Who's hour-long Easter special, entitled Planet of the Dead, drew more people to BBC One, peaking with 8.7 million viewers. The sci-fi show, starring David Tennant and Michelle Ryan, drew 2.6 million more people than the channel's slot average for the year and was up by 1 ...

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The Many Musings of Dave! tackles the return of Red Dwarf...on Dave
Apr 13, 2009
Blog Spotlight: Red Dwarf but not as I know it...

A brief rant today about TV.

Of course, it being the Easter weekend and all, there were a lot of big things on TV aside from the usual biblical epics and family classics rolled out as a matter of course. However one of those things represented something close to my heart. That thing is Red Dwarf.

I have been a fan of Red Dwarf from around the age of 8, and got into it at the time when series VI was showing. This was a bad point to become a fan, as it was at the time of the split between the writing partnership of Grant Naylor, and as a result the series had already peaked in quality. Still I remained a fan and also having slowly viewed the back catalogue of episodes I remained so, in spite of the two later and rather fan testing series. However this weekend ...

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British comedy Red Dwarf is brought back to life this Easter, a decade after its cancellation.
Apr 08, 2009
Red Dwarf is resurrected

The brand-new three-part special, entitled Red Dwarf: Back to Earth, reunites the original crew over twenty years since their first show this Good Friday.

Digital channel Dave announced Red Dwarf's return in January, and since then the show's stars have been busy filming their latest space adventure. The crew help fulfil Dave Lister’s (Craig Charles) lifelong dream and finally make their way back to Earth.

The new series also welcomes a new face to the team. Peep Show's Sophie Winkleman will be giving Chris Barrie's character Rimmer a run for his money by joining the cast as his holographic replacement, Katerina. Don't panic though--Rimmer has no intention of stepping down without a fight.

Speaking about the show’s comeback in his UKTV blog, Barrie admits: "Like millions of fans and everyone involved with the making of Red Dwarf, I eagerly await the transmission of ...

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The Easter return of popular sci-fi show Red Dwarf could spark a full comeback, it was suggested today.
Mar 31, 2009
Red Dwarf could be back for good

Stars of the cult British comedy have claimed that their recent reunion, for a three-part Easter special, could "be the start of something big."

Much of the original cast of Red Dwarf, which first aired in 1988, will return to our screens with three brand-new episodes next Friday as part of a special sci-fi weekend on digital channel Dave.

Speaking about the reunion, Chris Barrie, who plays Arnold Rimmer on the show, told The Sun: "We all think this could be the start of something big -- perhaps a new mini-series, a film or just a series."

Barrie's co-star Robert Lllewellyn has also suggested a comeback could be on the cards. The actor, who plays sanitation mechanoid Kryten on Red Dwarf, responded directly but somewhat cryptically to ...

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Craig Charles has joked he dreaded going back to work with his fellow Red Dwarf cast members.
Mar 26, 2009
Red Dwarf Craig: Are we past it?

The stars of the hit sci-fi comedy, Craig, Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn - who play Lister, Rimmer, The Cat and Kryton - are reuniting for a special episode Red Dwarf: Back To Earth to be aired on Dave.

Craig wrote on his blog on dave.uktv.co.uk: "I wonder if we're too fat and old and grey and past it."

He continued: "Can we recapture the magic? Was there ever really any magic in the first place?

"Can I feign interest as Chris talks me through the orgasmic delight of stripping down the engine of 1963 Bentley and putting it back together.

"Then there's Robert with his production company and his fingers in pies and his endless enthusiasm for new technology and his overbearing decency and puppydog niceness which makes you want to stroke him with a ...

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The popular British comedy will return with a brand-new three-part special this Easter.
Jan 27, 2009
Red Dwarf returns to Earth

The new series, which has been commissioned by British digital channel Dave, will reunite the original Red Dwarf crew 21 years after the sci-fi show first took off on the BBC.

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