Red Dwarf

Season 1 Episode 5

Confidence and Paranoia

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 14, 1988 on BBC Two



  • Trivia

    • Rimmer will eventually get around to decontaminating the officer's block somewhere between seasons two and three, providing himself and Lister with officers quarters to live in.

    • When Confidence says " it someplace near Uruguay?" Watch Lister's lips... you clearly see him mime the line that Confidence says. Of course, in a sense, Confidence is him.

    • When the Cat finds Lister and says the line "S-E-X, I think I've found it", Craig Charles seems to be smiling.

  • Quotes

    • Confidence: Oxygen's for losers!

    • (after seeing fish falling through the ceiling and the mayor of Warsaw spontaneously combust)
      Rimmer: It really is gonna be one of those days.

    • Rimmer: (Looking at the medicomp) That's odd, Lister. According to this reading, you're clinically dead.

    • Cat: Hey, this has been a good day. I've eaten five times, I've slept six times, and I've made a lot of things mine. Tomorrow, I'm gonna see if I can't have sex with something.

    • Holly: The highest form of life in the universe is Man and the lowest is a man who works for the post office.

    • Confidence: (holding a lightbulb over Lister's head) Dingdong! Another GREAT idea from the people who brought you Beeeeeeer Milkshakes!

    • Lister: (sadly) Rimmerrrrr... Love is (pause, thinks) Love is what makes us different from animals.
      Rimmer: No, Lister, what makes us different from animals is we don't use our tongues to clean our own genitals!

    • Lister: Rimmerrrrr... You don' know what luv is!
      Rimmer: Oh, yes I do, Lister! Love is a device invented by bank managers to make us overdrawn.

    • Rimmer: There was nothing wrong with my casual clothes!
      Lister: Aw, c'mon, Rimmer, your trousers were so short when you crossed your legs you could see your knees!

    • Cat: (singing) S-E-X, you know I want it! Ow!!! S-E-X, I'm gonna get it! Owww!! (Seeing something lying in the corridor) S-E-X, I think I found it! (recognizes it's Lister lying unconscious) Oh, it's you! Hey, monkey, you're sick. Sick, helpless, and unconscious. If you weren't my friend, I'd steal your shoes.

    • Rimmer: STAB HIM! STAB HIM! STAB HIM!!!
      (Scutter fails to stab Paranoia)
      Rimmer: ....err... you've not met Stabbim?

    • (Cat is using a spray bottle to scent the walls and everything else in sight)
      Cat: And this is mine. That's mine, all this is mine. I'm claiming all this as mine. (Sprays around a circular piece of floor) Except for that bit. I don't want that bit. (Goes back to spraying all the walls) But all the rest of this is MINE.

    • Confidence: Hey, don't look at me like that. He didn't suffer. I just fed him into the waste-grinder and flushed his mince into space!

    • Rimmer 2: Well, he did warn you.
      Rimmer: I certainly did. (to Lister) Do you honestly think I'd put Kochanski's disk in Kochanski's box where any Munchkin could find it? You think you had it bad before, Lister? Well now you've got it in stereo, baby.

  • Notes

    • Craig Ferguson and Lee Cornes originally auditioned for the parts of Lister and Rimmer respectively.

    • In Lister's soppy romance movie, the voice of the male character is Chris Barrie.

    • According to the Series 1 DVD, this episode was intended to be the final episode of the series, with Kochanski's hologram appearing and thus becoming a regular character in Series 2. However, an earlier episode featuring Rimmer trying to build himself a new body was scrapped and the plot of Me2 was devised.

  • Allusions

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