Red Dwarf

Season 5 Episode 5

Demons & Angels

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 1992 on BBC Two

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  • The crew triplicate the ship and meet sides of themselves they never would have met.

    This episode started out great! With the Strawberries setting up the story. The ship blows up and the episode really begins.

    I think the time on the high ship was good. There are a few things I would have changed. Like they would not all be the same "heavenly" beings that they were. Their Low selves were different so their High selves should have been different to. Granted it was very funny. Lister's line which ties together all the passed seasons was wonderful! I loved that line the most.

    When they enter the low ship it all falls apart for me. I think because the way they saw Low Rimmer was different from the Rimmer I saw. And Rimmer being my favorite character, it was hard to see that difference. I think that there is more to Rimmer then the sexual being he is. There is also the need to be an officer. And to me that is more about him then the sexual part. I think they were going for what they felt was funnier rather than what the character was really about. Which was sad, because it threw me out of the episode. I would have loved this episode if they would have just looked at the characters a little more in depth. Rimmer's was not the only one I would have changed. I would have also changed Lister. HIS should have been the dominatrix, not Rimmer!

    All in all, it was an ok episode with too many faults for me to really like it!
  • 3 times the charm

    Some real funny moments in this one. If nothing else, the evil version of the crew is enough of a reason to watch it. It starts of simple enough, with a clear concepts of replicating tiny things,such as food and is masterfully exploded to create two additional Red Dwarfs with 2 more crews. When we learn that each copy retains all the best and worst of the existing crew we know there is fun to be had.

    The action never stops as neither does the comedy. There is a lull when the normal crew board the good ship Locations are the three Red Dwarfs that have been transformed to reflect their side of the unique trilogy of ships. Dialogue is slick and superior and really does contain alot of comedic content, which supplements the visual sketches.

    So while you will laugh at the stupidity of the normal crew in the first act, you will laugh at the Goodie crew and then laugh at the pure cliche/parodic badness of the evil crew at during the final act.

    Dont expect the meeting with the goodie crew to be the highlight of the show. Theyre really only there to provide a good setup for the fun at the end with the evil ones. While the Cats good version is hilarious, his evil alterego is just stupid. Lister's evil version has the most ridiculous laugh while Rimmers evil triplet really will scare you. Esp. in the scene we meet him. It still revolts me now!

    Great episode - dont miss it!
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