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My problems with season 8.

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    There are several things about season 8 I did not like. I can understand the need for new storylines but they could have brought Rimmer back and placed the 5 on a planet and done most of season 8 storyline with just a little rewriting. My problems with season 8 start from when the nanobots resurrected the crew. From what? There was not much left of them after the accident and you would think that the radiation would have destroyed any remaining DNA. And by this time you would have thought that Kryten or one of the service robots would have swept up the dust remains. The fact the crew came back with no lost skills, memory, side effects again is hard to deal with. It was as if they had just been asleep for the night. And what is a mining ship doing with such a large prison area and so many prisoners? A lot of room and resources being used up. Has to really cut into the profits.

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    Well, it can be argued the prison was a source of income. Also, Alien Resurrection got away with worse when it comes to DNA and cloning...
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