Red Dwarf

Season 3 Episode 2


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 1989 on BBC Two



  • Trivia

    • As a soft light hologram, Rimmer should not have been able to operate the communications console when broadcasting the Mayday.

    • In this episode, Rimmer says he lost his virginity at the age of 17 in the back of his brother's car. But in the episode "Thanks For The Memory", he tells Lister that he's only ever slept with one woman, Yvonne McGreggor, the ship's female boxing champion.
      Response In the Marooned sequence of the Red Dwarf novel 'Better Than Life' we are told that Rimmer only wanted Lister to think that he had a great experience when he lost his virginity, when in truth the incident in his brother's Bentley was a failed attempt at second base.

    • If you look closely when the camera follows Craig Charles (on the scene just before the meteor crashes onto Starbug) you can actually see the edge of the set and some studio lights.

    • When looking at Lolita, Rimmer says to save page 61, but Lister rips out the left side page, which would be page 60. Although Craig Charles claims, in an interview, that the book was upside down, it is clearly rightside up.

  • Quotes

    • (after finding out that Rimmer has saved up 24 thousand pounds in bank notes)
      Lister: Twenty-four thousand!? And you had the front to borrow money off me to buy me a birthday present?
      Rimmer: It was only fifteen quid.
      Lister: Right. Fifteen quid. And what did I get? A five-quid book token.
      Rimmer: Those card's aren't free, you know. I had to fork out for that as well.
      Lister: And you never paid me back. You're tighter than an Italian waiter's keks.

    • Rimmer: ...But a black hole is a huge impacted star. It's millions of miles wide, it's massive! Why didn't you see anything on the radar screen?

      : Well, the thing about a black hole, its main distinguishing feature... is it's black. And the thing about space, the color of space... your basic space color... is it's black. So how're ya supposed to see 'em?

    • Lister: (After eating dogfood) Now I can see why dogs lick their testicles. It's to take away the taste of their food!

    • (Red alert lights flash, and a siren is wailing.)
      Holly: Abandon ship! Abandon ship! Black Hole approaching. This is not a drill, this is a drill
      Sound of pneumatic drill sounds
      Holly: Abandon ship...
      The siren stops
      Holly: Oh, god, now the siren's broken. Awooga, awooga. Abandon ship...

    • Rimmer: How old were you?
      Lister: She took all her clothes off and stood in front of me, completely naked. I was so excited, I nearly dropped my skateboard!
      Rimmer: Skateboard? How old were you?
      Lister: 12.
      Rimmer: 12? You lost your virginity when you were 12? You can't have been a full member of the golf club then!

    • Rimmer: So how did you lose yours? (virginity)
      Lister: Michelle Fisher. The ninth hole of Bootle Municipal golf course. Par four, dogleg to the right, in the bunker behind the green.
      Rimmer: You lost your virginity on a golf course? How did you have the nerve?
      Lister: It wasn't in the middle of the Ryder Cup or anything! It was midnight.

    • Rimer: It's about leadership, thats what I admire.
      Lister: It's so ironic really, when deep down you're just a basic, natural coward.
      Rimmer: Coward?
      Lister: Planet leave, Miranda? That space bar, the "Hacienda?" When that fight started up, you were out that door quicker than a whippet with a bumful of dynamite!
      Rimmer: That was a bar-room brawl! A common pub fight. A drunken, shambolic set-to.
      Lister: Which you started.
      Rimmer: I just made an innocuous comment, I merely voiced a rumour that MacWilliams was sexually tilted in favour of sleeping with the dead. I didn't start the rumour, I simply voiced it.
      Lister: To his face. Right to his face. When he was there with his four biggest mates. Then you did your Roadrunner act, and left me to face the music.
      Rimmer: I could have got hurt.

  • Notes

    • The dog food Craig Charles eats during the episode was actually corned beef with dog food-like additives, which was as horrible as real dog food would be and Craig spat it out off-camera. The myth surrounding whether it was dog food or not was fostered by the cast for awhile.

    • This episode was originally titled 'Men of Honour' but was changed to 'Marooned' when the writers went for single-word titles that clearly defined the premise of the episode (Polymorph, Bodyswap etc).

  • Allusions

    • Lister: Planet leave, Miranda...
      Miranda is the eleventh moon of Uranus and is 472 km in diameter. It was discovered by Kuiper in 1948 and named after the daughter of the magician Prospero in Shakespeare's The Tempest.

    • Lister: It's like everyone can remember the day Cliff Richard was shot.
      Sir Cliff Richard is a British pop singer and sometime actor, who is not currently deceased. The reference is a play on the assasination of US President John F. Kennedy in Dallas in 1963, an event that shocked the world so much that usually everyone can remember what they were doing the moment he was shot.