Red Dwarf

Season 1 Episode 6

Me ²

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 1988 on BBC Two

Episode Recap

Now that Rimmer is moving out, Lister is separating everything belonging to his former roommate. Among the items is Rimmer's death video. As Rimmer comes in, he explains that dying was one of the most important things in his life, and that he's glad that he's moving out because Lister always held him back. Lister points out that Rimmer can't blame him for his crappy life but Rimmer says that now he'll be with someone who understands him: Rimmer-2. Rimmer-2 arrives and the two Rimmers exchange a salute and then leave.

Later, Lister takes the box to their quarters and laughs at all the strange things they've done, like putting up headlines of other people with the same names doing something important. The two Rimmers order him out and Lister quickly leaves.

Back in his quarters, Lister enjoys being alone and dumps his clothes on the floor, only to realize how badly they smell. He decides to play Rimmer's death video and fast-forwards through the self-tribute, the poetry, and Rimmer blaming Lister for everything wrong in his life. Lister finally gets to the part of the tape showing Rimmer's death as he reports to Captain Hollister about failing to secure the drive plate. As radiation floods the ship, Rimmer mutters two dying words: "gazpacho soup." As Lister wonders what it means, Cat skates in, looking for lady cats, and Lister tells him again there are no other cats on the ship.

In their quarters, the two Rimmers are exercising. Rimmer-2 insists on pushing his counterpart harder and harder, and Rimmer refuses to back down. They keep arguing about getting up earlier and earlier until they're down to ten minutes of sleep a night.

The next day, Lister finds Rimmer having the scutters painting the walls a mildly different shade of gray. Lister wonders what they talk about since they have the same minds and Rimmer insists that it's a wonder just sharing an intelligent conversation with someone so similarly minded. However, when Lister asks what "gazpacho soup" means, Rimmer takes offense at Lister watching his death video and tells him that he'll never know.

Eager to find out, Lister sneaks into the Rimmers' quarters and finds Rimmer's diary. He goes through it and finds a reference to "Gazpacho Soup Day" was six weeks before the crew was wiped out. Cat sneaks out of Rimmer's closet and makes a hasty exit, and Lister goes back to his quarters to blow bubblegum. Holly interrupts to tell him that the ship is under attack by two fighters from Earth that want revenge on Dave for leaving a moldy sausage out three million years ago... and reveals it's an April Fool joke. Bored, Lister wonders what to do with nobody around but then hears the two Rimmers in the adjoining quarters, arguing back and forth. They get increasingly insulting, with Rimmer-2 telling Rimmer that his family hated him. Rimmer-2 finally calls Rimmer "Mr. Gazpacho" and Rimmer storms out.

As Lister listens, Rimmer enters his quarters and asks to sleep in his old bunk. He claims that he and his counterpart are having a minor tiff, but is interrupted when Rimmer-2 screams at them to shut up. Rimmer screams back at him and then tells Lister that it might be a little more serious than a tiff.

Later, Lister and Cat are watching a movie in the theater when Rimmer-2 comes in. He tells them that he's avoiding Rimmer, but Rimmer comes in and "accidentally" sits in front of him. Rimmer-2 sits in front of Rimmer, and Rimmer gets up and moves in front of him. When Rimmer-2 starts making shadow puppets to insult Rimmer, Lister tells them that one of them has to go. Each one chooses the other and Lister finally picks Rimmer at random for elimination. He tells Rimmer to meet him in the drive room in ten minutes and leaves.

Ten minutes later, Rimmer-2 comes in, eager to watch his counterpart get destroyed. Lister orders him out and Rimmer-2 passes Rimmer, who is wearing his dress uniform. After accepting a drink, Rimmer prepares to be eliminated and Lister asks him about Gazpacho Soup Day. Realizing he has nothing left to lose, Rimmer talks about how he was invited to the captain's table once in fourteen year. However, when the waiter served gazpacho soup, Rimmer didn't know that it was supposed to be cold. He called over the cook and demanded that he heat it up. Everybody laughed and Rimmer didn't realize that they were laughing at him as he ate piping-hot gazpacho soup. After that, Rimmer's career was ruined and he never ate with the captain again.

Cat gets bored and asks when Lister is going to destroy Rimmer's disk. Rimmer tells Lister to do it and Lister says that he did... a minute earlier to Rimmer-2. He didn't tell Rimmer so that he could convince him to tell the gazpacho soup story. Rimmer figures that Lister will never let him down, but Lister promises that he'll never talk about it again. However, as they leave, Lister can't help saying "Souper."

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