Red Dwarf

Season 1 Episode 6

Me ²

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 1988 on BBC Two

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  • We have enough food to last for 30 thousand years, but we only have one after 8 mint left, and every one is to polite to take it! If you had a duplicate of yourself, what would you do? Me² is about the hell of living, with yourself!

    Me² is started by the end of 'Confidence and paranoia'. Rimmer is clearing out his stuff out of the quarters when Lister finds a video of Rimmers death. Me2 is called it’s self because in the previous episode, Confidence and Paranoia, Arnold was duplicated. (FLAWED - Holly can only sustain one hologram yet there is two Rimmers) The story is about Rimmer 1 (Original) who gets tiered of Rimmer 2 (Duplicate) and want him to be turned off. Within three days, Rimmer 1 is back with Lister who has, by now, watched Rimmer’s death. Lister now wants to know what ‘Gazpacho soup’ day is. And he will stop at nothing to get the answer out of him. Later in the episode, the two Rimmers get so sick of one another, they decide one must die (Again). Lister tricks Rimmer 1 into telling him, and it works, very well!!!
  • I'm not really a fan of this episode, but it isn't all has it's moments.

    The idea of sharing ones room with an exact duplicate of themselves is truly a unique and interesting one, especially if the person who does it is Arnold J. Rimmer.

    The concept is great, but I think it was it's execution that didn't work for me. I suppose after reading the book, and seeing how much further they took the concept there, this episode doesn't look as good. Also, 2 Rimmers can be quite annoying, especially when they yell, which is quite often in this episode.

    Still, there are some great moments. The final scene with Rimmer satisfying Lister's curiosity is well written and acted, and allows for some last-minute characterisation of Rimmer. The Cat's reaction to Rimmer's tragedy is priceless.

    Despite some great moments and concepts, this episode isn't really one that I like to watch again.