Red Dwarf

Season 7 Episode 8


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 1997 on BBC Two
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Lister is quite annoyed that his right arm has been cut off, but seems to enjoy Kryten nursing him 24 hours a day; and Kryten is absolutely loving it. Kochanski becomes fed up with seeing Kryten doing things for him that he could easily do with one arm and comes up with a solution - use nanobots from Kryten's self-repair system to rebuild Lister's arm. Unfortunately, Kryten hasn't last seen the nanobots since they had met the Despair Squid (see Back To Reality) They all go into the deep sleep booths and make their way back to the ocean planet. The computer brings them out of deep sleep and they discover a planet which the Navicomp says is Red Dwarf. They are able to retrieve the original Holly and he explains that the nanobots had deconstructed Red Dwarf, created their own miniscule version of the ship and turned the rest into a planet for safekeeping. They realise that it was the nano version of RD that they were chasing and the nanobots evaded them by coming aboard Starbug and travelling around their own galaxy inside Lister clothes hamper. After much persuasion, Kryten convinces the nanobots to fix Lister and Red Dwarf. The nanobots follow Kryten's orders and reconstruct Lister's body, going one step further and turning him into Mr Universe! Cat takes control and guides Starbug into Red Dwarf's landing bay. It seems awfully big and Starbug's engines make the sound of a buzzing fly as it passes under another, massive Starbug! "Uh, Guys; I think we've got a problem here!"moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Kryten says he hasn't seen his nanobots since 'Back to Reality'. If this is true, how did they repair him when he got crushed in 'Psirens'?

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Kryten: Last week on Red Dwarf... (squeals) Something terrible happened to Mr. Lister's arm! Watch this!

    • Holly: The little scamps! It's the oldest trick in the book: capture your ship, turn it into a planet, then explore a macro universe in a laundry basket. How could you fall for an old scam like that?

    • Kochanski: So, they took Red Dwarf, made a sub-atomic version, and turned the rest of the atoms into a planetoid for safekeeping?
      Cat: Well what was it we spent months chasing? What was producing that vapour trail?
      Kryten: Red Dwarf.
      Cat: Did someone just turn over two pages at once?

    • Lister: Can I ask you a question? Now that I've got no arm... does it - does it make any difference to anything? I mean, if you were a female pit bull terrier, how would you feel about a three-legged -- Does it make any difference to... well, plucking any old relationship out of the air, us?
      Kochanski: Dave, before you lost your arm, I thought you were a no-good, disgusting bum. And I still do. So, no, none at all.

    • Kryten: (about the nanobots) To them, a hole in one of your athletic supports must be at least the size of a galaxy.
      Lister: Hey, I like the sound of that: Dave Lister, the man with the galaxy-sized jockstrap!

    • Lister: So Red Dwarf spent the last two years exploring strange new worlds in my laundry basket?

    • Cat: If it were me, I couldn't survive. First chance I get I'd climb to the top of my highest pair of platform boots and leap to my death or something. I couldn't stand the thought of not being perfect.

    • Kochanski: Have you ever heard of something called 'tough love'?
      Kryten: Does it involve dressing up?

    • Kryten: (About Lister's robotic arm) Well, it is a tad slow, I'm forced to admit.
      Lister: A tad slow? The only thing I've seen pick up slower is Rimmer in a disco!

    • Holly: (about Kryten's face) What's happened to him? That's quite horrific! What was it, a cheap razor? It's just not worth buying them from garages, is it?

    • Kochanski: Losing an arm won't matter to any woman who cares about you.
      Lister: What about sex?
      Kochanski: Not here, its too sandy.

    • Kryten: There's no need for despondency sir, you can still play the guitar.
      Lister: Yeah, look on the bright side: At least now I'm only half crap.

  • NOTES (3)