Red Dwarf

Season 8 Episode 8

Only The Good...

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 1999 on BBC Two



  • Trivia

    • In the Mirror Dwarf, Rimmer is Captain, which is the highest ranked officer we see on the ship, yet in the normal Dwarf, Lister is a lower rank than Rimmer, so logically, he therefore should have been captain while Rimmer was X-O.

    • Before the credits appeared on this episode, there was a subtitle saying "...the Smeg it is?" which notes that Red Dwarf may go on and it ties in with the new film (coming soon).

    • Surly the Mirror Talia shouldn't have come to the Mirror Dwarf, if the Virus is an antidote then her ship shouldn't have been destroyed so she would have no reason to escape from it!

    • In the previous episode, Baxter was changed into an ape using the time wand and wasn't changed back before it was destroyed; yet here he is back to normal.

  • Quotes

    • Baxter: Your two mates gulped my hooch! When they get out of hospital, and there's no guards around, this is what's going to happen to them.(crushes two bread rolls and laughs maniacally)
      Cat: You're gonna squeeze their rolls? Man, that's irritating! But hey, in many ways, they'll be relieved!

    • Rimmer: (To dispensing machine) Why don't you smegging-well smeg off, you annoying little smeggy smegging smegger!

    • Talia: You French kissed me!
      Rimmer: No, it was nearer Antwerp. I Belgium kissed you.

    • Vending Machine: Every dog has his day, and today's the day... (The dispenser fires a can straight at Rimmer and smacks him right in the head) ...that I'm the dog!

    • Death: Arnold Judas Rimmer. Your life is over. Come with me...We will travel to the River Styx, where you will place a coin in the mou...
      Rimmer: Not today matey
      Knees Death in the balls
      Rimmer: Remember, only the good die young.
      Death: Thats never happened before...

  • Notes

    • In "Future Echos", Lister is under the impression that he's about to die. As he prepares by picking up a blunt object, Rimmer tells him that "You can't whack Death on the head!" A bit ironic, since Rimmer physically assaults Death at the end of this episode.

    • An episode with the title 'Only The Good...' presumably means that the first episode of the next season will be '...Die Young', At one point the episode was to be titled 'Every Dog...' where the next episode would have been '...Has His Day'.

    • Originally 'Only the Good...' was going to be a two-part story called 'Earth' where Red Dwarf crashes into Earth and destroys the world with a massive tidal wave. This idea was scrapped due to budget limitations. There were also difficulties choosing the ending of this episode; First Rimmer would have brought the antidote back and saved the ship, which was deserted except for our Dwarfers, taking them back to where it all started; then it was just going to be Rimmer falling unconscious amidst the flames. When this proved unpopular, 'Ace' was going to appear and save Rimmer. Finally they settled on the cliffhanger we see in the aired episode.

    • Director Ed Bye played the Grim Reaper.

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