Red Dwarf

Season 8 Episode 8

Only The Good...

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 1999 on BBC Two



  • Notes

    • Originally 'Only the Good...' was going to be a two-part story called 'Earth' where Red Dwarf crashes into Earth and destroys the world with a massive tidal wave. This idea was scrapped due to budget limitations. There were also difficulties choosing the ending of this episode; First Rimmer would have brought the antidote back and saved the ship, which was deserted except for our Dwarfers, taking them back to where it all started; then it was just going to be Rimmer falling unconscious amidst the flames. When this proved unpopular, 'Ace' was going to appear and save Rimmer. Finally they settled on the cliffhanger we see in the aired episode.