Red Dwarf

Season 7 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 1997 on BBC Two

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  • Nexus episode

    With Rimmer sadly leaving the show, cue the return of Christine Konchanski - Chloe Annett, lovely jubbly! :D Two main threads propagate this episode, Christines arrival and the revelation of where Lister comes from. One of the overriding traits that defines our Lister has been his not knowing where he came from, or who his parent are - in this episode he and we find out.

    Furthermore, Christines intro is written in an ok story which also provides an logical explanation for where he comes from. Having an alternative Red Dwarf crew has been done before, but Listy is a Hardlight hologram and we discover the nexus event that saved Listy in this dimension and does the same for Christine in hers.

    Some natty special effects that you would expect from this show permeate the episode to go effect and the shows structure has a good beginning, middle and end. The pace is also quite frantic with the constant threat of a Gelb battlecruiser threatening to elimiate them, the time shard and almost takes out Christine.

    An excellent intro for Konchanski's character. Sad to see Rimmer go - Id have preferred the Cat as most of the humour came from Rimmer, Lister and Kryton.

    From what I remember the show started to go downhill from here comedywise - so I hope to see if my expectation levels have dropped since then.

    Do watch, otherwise you wont know how Konchanski came on board.