Red Dwarf

Season 7 Episode 3


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 1997 on BBC Two



  • Trivia

    • If Frankenstein really wasn't pregnant when Kochanski rescued her, how did the Cat race evolve from Frankenstein's litter if Lister didn't raise her?

    • Another diversion from what was said in "The End": Lister claims very specifically that he bought Frankenstein on Titan, but here he bought the cat while on Mimas. However, this may be a slight difference between Kochanski's reality and Lister's.

    • In this episode, we see Lister from an alternate dimension as a hologram- because he didn't go into stasis, he was killed in the radiation leak. However, in the first episode, it was established the radiation leak happened because of the fact Lister was in stasis and therefore Rimmer didn't have help in fixing the drive plate.Response: This claim is made by Rimmer, who was likely making excuses for his own incompetence.

    • The cat Lister smuggled on ship wasn't pregnant. It was only a kitten!
      Response: Yes, but it IS an alternate reality. In the real reality Kochanski never found the cat so Lister was able to raise her.

    • In the flashbacks Lister says the penalty for keeping his cat would be six months in stasis (which is what Kochanski gets in her reality), however in 'The End' Lister gets 18 months in stasis as punishment for the crime.

    • In the first season episodes it is established that Lister wanted to ask Kochanski out but never worked up the courage, but here we are told that he dated her for three weeks but they broke up. See notes for episode 'Camille', Series IV

  • Quotes

    • Lister: Ouroboros... It wasn't 'Our Rob or Ross', it was Ouroboros..!
      Cat: What was?
      Lister: The message that was written on the side of my box!
      Cat: You came in a box? That explains everything.

    • Kryten: Well, you're not good enough for him! That's all. Okay, he may walk around smelling like a Balti house laundry basket, but he doesn't need the likes of you swapping dimensions like there's no tomorrow, and bewitching him with all your... in-and-out bits. All pointy and unnecessary!
      Kochanski: [beat] You've got big problems, you know that, don't you?

    • Kochanski: I've got a positive trans-dimensional trace but I still can't re-establish the linkway. I'm sure it's something to do with electromagnetic phasing frequencies.
      Cat: You took the words right out of my mouth!
      Kryten: Have you tried inverting the signal?
      Kochanski: We'll need a power re-route in the auxiliary power drives.
      Cat: I'll take care of that! ... Whatever it is.
      Kryten: It's the, er, big red button, there, sir.

    • Kryten: I'm gong to end up on my own again, just like I did on the Nova 5!
      Lister: You killed the crew, Kryten!

    • Rimmer: Didn't I tell you you'd never bridge that class division? Take her: navigation officer, cadet school, Space Corps., well-spoken, can stay awake during operas, knows her cheeses. She's class. And you? What are you? I don't mean to sound cruel but in comparison you're scum. And second-rate scum, at that.
      Lister: I used to be fourth-rate scum - I've dragged meself up by my bootsraps, bub.

    • Kochanski: Wait, you mean I'm stuck here with you? Priscilla, Queen of Deep Space??

    • Cat: Something's showing up on the long range scan which is *weird* with a capital 'we'.
      Lister: Can you be a tad more scientific?
      Cat: Come again?
      Kryten: Er, is it a 'wibbly thing', or a 'swirly thing', sir?
      Cat: At this early stage I'd hate to commit myself and wind up looking a fool! Come see for yourself.
      Lister: 'Wibbly thing' or 'swirly thing', and he refuses to commit himself... He's losing it, he really is.

    • Rimmer: Your type isn't Kochanski, Listy. It's someone called 'Tiffany'. It's someone who drinks Campari and soda and wears orange crotchless panties. Someone who thinks Deely-boppers are funny. Someone who says 'sumfink' instead of *something*, and laughs like a freshly wounded moose strapped to a cement mixer.
      Lister: This from a man who's had less sex than a lettuce...
      Rimmer: Oh, har har.
      Lister: Rimmer, people who say 'har har' have no sense of humour, they just can't think of a witty retort.
      Rimmer: ..... Oh, har har.

  • Notes

    • When Kryten is moaning about the crew of the Nova 5 leaving him, Lister says: "You killed the crew!". This has never actually been mentioned before in the TV series but the first novel Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers details how the Nova 5 crashed: Kryten decided to give the drive computer a bath!

    • The video release "Red Dwarf X-tended" features scenes that were cut from the TV broadcast. In one scene the alternate Lister, Cat and Kryten are on board Starbug exchanging supplies. The alternate Cat speaks with a deep macho voice and the alternate Lister appears to prefer pasta to curry.

    • Lister's son/baby self is played by Danny John-Jules' nephew, Alexander.

    • Because of a slightly longer running time, this episode does not contain opening titles, the first since 'Parallel Universe' in series II.

    • Due to Chris Barrie's departure from the show, this episode re-introduces the Red Dwarf crew member Kristine Kochanski. As the role would be fuller than previously, the producers decided to recast the part rather than bring back C.P. Grogan who played the character in seasons 1-2. Actress Chloe Annett was eventually cast as the new Kochanski.

  • Allusions

    • Kochanski: I'm stuck here with you? Priscilla, Queen of Deep Space?

      A play on the 1994 Australian movie Priscilla, Queen of the Desert starring Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce about a group of drag queens travelling across the desert to get to a cabaret.