Red Dwarf

Season 2 Episode 6

Parallel Universe

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 1988 on BBC Two

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  • Lister, Rimmer, Holly, and the Cat stumble on their cat has a dream.

    It starts off the best way an episode can. An attention grabbing dream sequence that has you rolling in laughter. The Cat, Danny John-Jules, sings a love song and who are his back up singers? None other than Rimmer and Lister! Danny actually sings the song and does a fine job! His dancing is first rate!

    After the dream sequence they talk about lame pick up lines. This is so true for so many men. They just can\'t seem to say the right things! It is no surprise that Rimmer picks up girls using lame tricks as he says he does.

    Holly was wonderful in this episode. His Holly Hop Drive is very Holly.

    After they enter the Parrellel Universe you meet the other versions of our characters. Lister\'s opposite was good. She copied his mannerisms wonderfully. However, Rimmer\'s opposite was not so great. They made her very perverted. Sure it fits Rimmer but also his pompousness, his obsession with being an officer, his selfishness are not shown through this female version of Rimmer. It kind of takes me out of the episode.

    It was a fun way to end the episode with Lister being pregnant. Plus the fact that they were able to bring the story line of future echos back into the show.

    All in all it was a fine episode...some kinks, but what show doesn\'t have kinks?
  • Holly creates the Holly Hop Drive which sends the ship into an parallel universe, where the crew meet opposites of themselves on another Red Dwarf. All of the opposites are female, save for the Cat's opposite, who is a dog.

    Lister and Rimmer's opposites are interesting characters, very much like their male counterparts. The female Lister is gross and loud. The female Rimmer treats her male counterpart like a sex object and constantly attempts to seduce him, using such devices as hypnosis and corny jokes.

    The dog isn't interesting. Why did the writers choose to give him an American South accent? The Cat is naturally repulsed by him. Thankfully, not too much time was focused on this character.

    As Holly and his counterpart Hilly attempt to repair the Holly Hop Drive, the pairs chill at the disco. The two Lister end up in bed together after drinking all night. Lister soon discovers that, since he is in a parallel dimension where women have been the superior sex, he may very well be pregnant. Rimmer's delight with discovering that Lister actually is pregnant is funny.
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