Red Dwarf

Season 6 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 1993 on BBC Two

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  • While racing after Red Dwarf, the crew must divert through a dense meteor cloud which appears to be full of creatures trying to suck their brains out...

    Wonderful! I never thought in a million years I'd see someone on TV who shares the same last name as me! Go the Tranters! I love this episode, firstly because it has TWO Listers in it! I mean, what more could someone want in a Red Dwarf episode? The guitar playing sequence astounds me - although I wish it had been Brian May. It always confuses me as to how they managed to make it look like Lister was playing it. At once point it shows just his hands, but at another point it shows his face and it looks like the hands are clearly coming out of his shoulders. So can Craig Charles ACTUALLY play guitar as well?