Red Dwarf

Season 5 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 12, 1992 on BBC Two

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  • Boyz from the Dwarf

    Never stopped laughing from the first encounter with the crazed hologram to the end when they turn the tables on Rimmer.

    Locations are different enough to provide a change of scene. Dialgoue its its usual high quality full of gags most of which are above medium on the laugh-factor.
    Plot is sufficiently engaging to make you stay tuned. There are some real moments in this episode. Kryton doing a schmeee. Lister's "Boys from the Dwarf". Rimmer though takes the plaudits with his virtual insanity episode and his sock puppet.

    The introduction of the luck virus just takes the action to a different level.
  • Best Episode Ever

    This is for sure my favorite episode of this show. I just rewatched every episode of Red Dwarf, and it has been since I was eight or so when I barely understood it, and I found it brilliant. Great sitcom. Quarantine is so far my favorite episode. Penguins, dresses, illnesses, craziness, and army boots. Everything that could be good about this episode was good about it. Chris Barrie is an amazing actor and portrays his character's ailment in this episode marvelously. I give it a ten out of ten. I plan to buy series five, mainly just to have this episode of DVD.
  • After the crew visits an abandoned research lab, Rimmer places them in quarantine. Unknowingly, Rimmer has contracted a holovirus.

    This is one of my favorite Red Dwarf episodes. There is not a lot of action, but there is plenty of comedy, the dialogue is witty, and the situation is incredibly quirky.

    Rimmer's face as he explains the guidelines of quarantine to the rest of the crew is hilarious. I laugh at it every time. He is so smug. I love it.

    I also love the scene with Kryten, the Cat, and Lister in quarantine. They bicker at each other, and Lister tries to make crocheted hats.

    The scene with Lister testing out the luck virus is funny as well as interesting. The idea of things such as luck, charisma, and sexual magnetism being positive viruses is neat. I laugh everytime Kryten gets that dart stuck in the back of his head.

    Dr. Langstrom is kind of a scary character. An insane hologram is a little freaky. I thought her dialogue was silly: "Twinkle, twinkle little eye. Now it's time for you to die." shivers.

    This is a must see episode. This is Red Dwarf at its funniest.
  • Fantastic episode - still makes me laugh.

    This was one of the first episodes of Red Dwarf i ever watched, due to my parents being big fans of the show. I decided to give this episode a go and i was hooked straight away.

    It follows the Cat, Lister and Kryten's attempts to survive in Quarantine, under the watchful eye of Rimmer. However, when they're are in Quarantine, Rimmer is exposed to the rays of a crazy doctor, making him crazy. The craziness of Rimmer leads to some classic Red Dwarf scenes, including Rimmer in a gingham dress and his consulations with Mr Flibble.

    I would recommend this episode to everyone, it might get them hooked the way i did.
  • Red Dwarf's best episode.

    Quarantine is one of Red Dwarf's best offerings. It's filled with some great set-pieces (Rimmer's selfish childishness while the rest of the crew are in serious danger, the tensions in the quarantine bay, Mr. Flibble), while maintaining the quieter character moments and clever writing that define Dwarf.

    As so often happens on Red Dwarf, Chris Barrie completely steals the show, doing well to be so frightening while wearing the iconic red and white gingham dress (and army boots). Chris Barrie has said in interviews that he felt he was "almost menacing", but I think he's brilliantly creepy without going over the top.

    Truly, a classic episode.
  • Rimmer goes insane...need I say more?

    Ok. This episode is my favorite out of all the ones I have seen! It won my heart especially after Rimmer showed up in the Red and White Gingham dress! It is a classic! It is a great episode if you want to sit and laugh all day! Plus, Mr. Flibble was a great addition to the episode! I love it!