Red Dwarf

Season 5 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 12, 1992 on BBC Two



  • Trivia

    • When Dr. Lanstrom quote Schopenhauer, Kryten clearly mouths a line, but nothing is heard.

    • When Rimmer is telling the crew about 'Sprout Soup', there is clearly two Bazookoids on a rack in the quarantine cell. Why don't they just blast their way out? Response: Those aren't bazukoids, but some sort of medical equipment.

    • During a scene in Starbug the cat and Kryten bump heads and some of the cats makeup goes onto Krytens head. However in the next cut the mark disappears.

    • When demonstrating the luck virus with the deck of cards, Lister only shuffles the top few cards, then clearly draws the four aces from the bottom of the deck.

    • Rimmer says Red Dwarf can only sustain one hologram but in 'Me2' he had a duplicate hologram of himself by cutting off unneccesary power systems.

  • Quotes

    • Rimmer: Mr. Flibble says..
      Mr. Flibble: Game over, boys.

    • Rimmer uses his power to burn a hole in a door
      Rimmer: Mr Flibble's very cross. You shouldn't have run away from him. What should we do to them, Mr Flibble?he holds the puppet up to his ear and then gasps We can't possibly do that! Mr Flibble nods Who'd clear up the mess?

    • Kryten: I have a medium-sized fire axe buried in my spinal column. That sort of thing can really put a crimp on your day.

    • Lister: Rimmer was right about you. You have changed. You're getting tetchy!
      Kryten: Don't call me tetchy. You know what happens when you call me tetchy.
      Lister: Well I'm calling you it now, that's exactly what I'm calling you. Tetchy! Tetchy! Tetchy!
      Kryten: (Fingers in ears) Just as well I can't hear you. It's just as well I can't hear you calling me tetchy. Lister has written 'TETCHY' on the whiteboard, and has shown it to Kryten Right. Kryten goes and gets the video of Wallpapering and Stipling, a DIY guide
      Lister: No!
      Kryten: I'm putting it on!

    • Lister: No one's got any virus and no one's smeggin' nuts!
      Rimmer: Well, that's good.
      The observation window depolarises, revealing Rimmer. He is NOT in uniform.
      Rimmer: Is something amiss?
      Lister: Amiss? God no, what could possibly be amiss?
      Rimmer: You don't think there's anything amiss? I'm sitting here wearing a red and white checked gingham dress and army boots and you think that's un-amiss?
      Cat: No, of course not. It's just that we thought you had gone nuts! We were tryin' to humour you.
      Rimmer: I was just doing a little test -- a little test to see if you had gone crazy.
      He tenses and lets out a horrible yell.
      Rimmer: CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! If there is one thing I can't stand it's crazy people.
      Lister: Well we've passed the test, Rimmer. You can let us out.
      Rimmer: I can't let you out.
      Lister: Why not?
      Rimmer: Because the King of the Potato People won't let me. I begged him. I got down on my knees and wept. He wants to keep you here. Keep you here for ten years.
      Cat: Could we see him?
      Rimmer: See who?
      Cat: The King.
      Rimmer: Do you have a magic carpet?
      Lister: Yeah, a little three-seater.
      Rimmer: So, let me get this straight. You want to fly on a magic carpet to see the King of the Potato People and plead with him for your freedom, and you're telling me you are completely sane?!

    • Lister: Why can't we ever meet anyone nice?
      Cat: Why can't we ever meet anyone who can shoot straight?

    • Cat: So what's the news?
      Kryten: Well, if I could just beg your indulgence for a few seconds more, sir, the old 345 takes a little time to warm up. Still, it out-performs the 346 in 8 out of 9 bench tests. A small wonder, then, that it secured "Psi-scan of the Year, Best Budget Model" three years running. Now here are the results. And we're going to... live.
      Lister: (Sighs) We're a real Mickey Mouse operation aren't we?
      Cat: Mickey Mouse? We ain't even Betty Boop!

    • Rimmer: And as usual it is left to me to point out the fatal flaw in your logic.
      Kryten: Flaw?
      Rimmer: This vessel, gentlemen and khazi droids, the crimson short one up there, can only sustain one hologram, or had you forgotten?
      Lister, Cat and Kryten simply look at him.
      Rimmer: You hadn't forgotten?
      Lister: Look, we could work something out. Some kind of "timeshare" thing.
      Rimmer: What d'you mean? What do you think I am, a holiday villa in the Algarve?

  • Notes

    • The "character" of Mr. Flibble became a firm favorite among fans, to the point where he regulary conducts interviews on the official Red Dwarf website.

    • There were several concepts that were divulged from the script before coming to production stage; most of them revolving around the psi-powers the crew members gain when they are inflicted with the holo virus.

    • The Luck Virus and Sexual Magnetism Virus will return in the first episode of Series 8 "Back in the Red". Apparently it turns out that they will remain aboard Starbug for the next 2-and-a-bit seasons, even though the crew bring them onto Red Dwarf here.

  • Allusions

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