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Red Dwarf USA

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Unknown on BBC Two

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  • This is a sad attempt to take a great British comedy and try to Americanize it. The only reason I give such a high rating is that Robert Llewellyn (Kryton) is in the show.

    This pilot episode starts with a Star Wars like story scrolling up the screen. It continues with the opening from the British Red Dwarf series. How original... NOT!!!

    This is suppose to be a comedy series, but from the start the jokes are dry, maybe because it is British jokes that are Americanized. These are the same jokes that are very funny in the British series. The American actors do not make their characters seem believable. Robert Llewellyn's portrayal of Kryton was excellent and always hilarious, although he did have years of practice to perfect it. The episode ends with the ships' computer (Holly) talking about further adventures of the crew while showing clips from the British series. I am not surprised that this Americanized version was not picked up.

    The second Pilot was as bad as the first. They had a different actor playing the part of Rimmer and a female (Terry Farrel, "Dax" of DS9) playing the part of Cat. These changes did not help sell the series, the second pilot failed.