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  • Still waiting.....

    Still waiting for the showing in Canada. How come we always get the short end of the stick these days? :(

    Got to watch all the originals. But how about me seeing the newest ones?
  • please hurry up and bring back red dwarf!

    please hurry up and bring back red dwarf!
  • Seasons 11 and 12 are coming!

    Red Dwarf is one of my all-time favorite shows. Dave, Lister, the Cat, Kryton, loved them all. I'm so excited to see it coming back!
  • We just hosed him down and gave him a hat

    Says it all - loved it!
  • Well done DAVE...

    It returns...And it has gone back to the old days....Series X is halfway through and I like it. TBH its like nothing has changed, you would never know there has been such a long gap since the last series. Nothing outstanding so far, just good solid Red Dwarf the way you used to remember it. I cant fault the acting as it has remained a constant throughout the whole 10 series. I am so happy DAVE tv channel has revived this British masterpiece.

    Just need Hollie back, but I am sure they are saving it for another series.....No Doubt DAVE are banking on Blu-Ray Sales so get buying folks and we can secure series XI XII XIII.......
  • Corny, fun, and homegrown. Oh, it's not supposed to be real, in case you haven't figured it out.

    We've been fans from the beginning. We have watched the characters build...and writers fail. If you were fans that lost hope during the last two or three seasons, come back!! Looks like season 10 has returned more to the classic form that made it such a favorite! If you don't like or understand British humor, don't waste your time - or ours (the fans). If you like to laugh and understand fast, quirky humor, Red Dwarf is the ship to board!
  • The last human in the universe and his friends have a hell of a time!

    One of the best Sci Fi comedys on TV. Dave Lister gets put into suspended animation for a while on the mining ship Red Dwarf and wakes up in million years on that ship. Everyoness dead, all thats left is The Kat, a cat thats like a human being, a hologram of Listers dead bunkmate, holy the ships computer. Later on they meet a robot called Kryten and then Listers old girlfriend. It is completly funny and I recommend it to anyone who wants to laugh out loud. They have heaps of fun, meet different aliens and new friends. One of the best shows made...
  • Pete part one and two is the worst hour of television outside of a Big brother marathon.

    I sit down on the couch to watch Red Dwarf and I am treated to the utter crap that calls itself 'Pete'. You should all know the story line by now, so I will launch straight into why this is the most god-awful hour of television I have seen in a long time.

    1- The time wand. Why was the time wand- an admittedly dangerous piece of technology- given to Lister? Not only was it KRYTEN who understood the technology, but if Lister could understand it, then anyone can. However, series 8 Lister jumps from "how do I do a dot-the-dot?" to "let's programme a virus". A stupid plot device.

    2- Kryten throwing the time wand to Bob made no sense.

    3- Canaries live for nine years?

    4- That's some god-awful special effects for a dinosaur. It has been established that T-Rexes had three fingers, as well.

    5- How can a dinosaur called PETE lay eggs (with no mate?)

    6- The Archie story. This was supposed to be in another story but was transplanted here. It explains why it doesn't actually fit in with the rest of the story. It's good that they didn't go for the alternative ending, where Archie embeds himself in Hollister's rectum. The one they went for was meh anyway.

    7- Wow, dinosaurs reach maturity quickly.

    8- Kochanski seems to be a device used to make bad women jokes. The way the 'period' joke was played out by Llewellyn made an awful joke almost palatable. However she is just a vagina and a pair of breasts on legs to Doug, who gives her little else but to be stared at in the shower and this bad joke. (yeah I know, different episode, but I hate it nonetheless).

    This is a good example of why series 8 is just a shocker. the master tapes should be buried.
  • This is a comedy about Dave Lister, the last last man alive, Rimmer, a hologram, Cat, a highly evolved cat, and Kryten, a mechanoid from another ship, and their adventures through space and its oddities.

    This is the greatest comedy show I\'ve seen that is not american. And I\'ve Monty python. The writing, top notch. The plots and episodes, excellent. In fact, there is very little to complain about, except the changes in series 7. I love this show, and I just can\'t say anything more simple. Although I do want to know one thing. Why are the seasons called series? And now, some filler. A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z. That is all, everyone!
  • A great comedy

    Beginning in season 3, however, the show gets a bigger budget, CGI, and the actors even get a couple acting lessons. With the addition of Kryton as a full time cast member, the show really becomes awesome. It's still cheesy and low budget, but at least now they have resources to explore other locations and meet new characters. Think of it something like the classic Doctor Who: a small regular cast, no budget, and very entertaining to a cult audience. This program again shows the wit and talent of the British writers. I love Red Dwarf. The program is witty and funny.
  • Why Red Dwarf is the one of the best shows.

    A science fiction comedy is a genius idea. This is one of the few shows that has been able to throw everything out the window this makes it a lot easier for the comedy bits. The one thing that might bother you is the continuity of the show never truly adds up but trust me, I personally think it just adds a nice element to the show. One of the main ones is having three different actresses playing one person. If you have never sat down and watched this show trust me it is one of the best out there.
  • Once again the whole thing was cleverly done, with great sfx, cool sets and mattes...

    I just loved the first episode. The lack of laughter track was weird at first, however, they still hadn't lost it. The new character just shined & it was good to see the skutter telling Rimmer where to go. It was pretty fun and kicks the **** out of star trek. A major positive of the mini-series was the special effects, explained in great detail in the accompanying Making Of show. Very impressive on a par with some of the best stuff on TV and perhaps film at the moment. So, in short, a great effort, entertaining, well performed by all the boys, looked brilliant and highly promising to what can be achieved with a continuation of the series.
  • When lister is sent into stasis as punishment for bringing a pet on board his ship he awakens 3 milllion years too late to find out that the crew is dead and that his only companions are a neurotic hologram and a highly evolved cat.

    The show first season or two are a little bit slow. They are still funny but the laughs dont come as thick and fast as they do in say season 5. It only really picks up when the robot charecter Kryten is rescue by them from his previous wrecked space ship the nova 5. This quirky charecter is still good enough to be the butt of the shows jokes but still have the answers to get the crew either out or into trouble ( normally the first one ). A really awesome series which is especially down to the charecter of Rimmer the neurotic self absorbed hologram. My favourite charecter out of the lot. Probably just because i am the most like him.
  • A great show, and a favourite British export.

    OK, it's been 20 years since Red Dwarf started and it's had its low points (3/4 of series 7) and its high points (too many to mention) but this remains a great British show, and there aren't so many of them any more. Loved the world over, even if foreign countries get the remastered versions of series 1-3 rather than the old 80s versions in glorious shades of grey.

    The show centres around Dave Lister, the slob to end all slobs and, as it turns out, the whole human race. He lives on board a mining ship and is bossed around by his superior, in length of service at least, Arnold Rimmer who is also his bunkmate. He sneaks a cat on board the ship and is stuck into stasis. While he's frozen Rimmer makes a mistake and releases radiation on the crew, killing everyone except the cat who is sealed in the hold and Lister, who is frozen. Holly, the ship's by now slightly deranged computer, wakes Lister up three million years later when the radiation is at a safe level and his only companions are Holly, a hologram of Rimmer and Cat, who evolved from Lister's original pet.

    Sounds rubbish, doesn't it? But it's not. At times poignant and insightful, it's basically the Odd Couple in space but is still close to people's hearts who love it. To those who don't it's that dumb space comedy.

    But HAA HAA HAA, they're bringing it back!!! Well, for a couple of specials on a British freeview channel anyway. but that's still pretty good for a show that hasn't been seen for 10 years.
  • If you like British humor, or sarcastic wit in general, this is a must see show.

    Red Dwarf first captured me when I was young, watching it on one of the PBS beg-a-thons. It's really a shame but that has pretty much been the only way to see this show in the US unless you buy the DVDs direct on Amazon or something.

    If you're a fan of Monty Python, Mr. Bean, Fawlty Towers, or pretty much any sarcastic British humor, you'll love this show.

    The three main characters are hilareous, especially in the way that they always pick on each other. There is such a great chemistry between them. The jokes flow well, plots are interesting, and the effects are well done. (Though you can see the influence of an increased budget as the show goes on.)

    Watch it. The only downside is that you'll be frustrated there aren't more episodes.

    Show about a mining ship which due to a radiation leak has its whole crew wiped out bar Dave Lister who was in a stasus chamber due to having a cat on board and refusing to give it up and a hologram of Arnold J. Rimmer who died in the blast but as he was the person with whom Lister shard the most words with (most of them telling him to bog off) due to the radiation the cat has also went through a change over the years and now takes on a human like form whos life is dedicated to fashion and sleeping. They embark upon a hilarious journey around the galaxy and meet strange new beings and they come across a new crewmate by the name of Kryten who is a service droid ad is forced to do their cleaning , cooking and anything that may be in any way strenuous , parallell universes , backwards planets , alternitive dimensions to just mention a few and as this is set 3 million years in the future Lister is the last human alive , well in this dimension anyway ha ha. Reason i'm writing a small review about this show is , i'm from the UK and with all the shows that are on my favourites list this is the only show from the UK that makes it the rest are from the U.S which says a lot for TV here. Considering this show began in the late 80's the story the whole thing wrapped up in one big bubble of awesomeness is well worth a watch and i'm still waiting to see if the film is ever brought out or if the project that began nealy 10 years ago is a long forgotten dream.
  • This show has got to be one of the funniest shows of its time, as well as interlectual because most of the stories were based on theories that are possibly correct, e.g. Parallel universes / White holes.

    This show was really funny. Coming up with the line that was in everybodies life at sometime "smeg". It was a popular british TV series which in my opinion ended prematurely. They didn't finish the stories with any clarity of what happened to Lister, Kryten, Cat & Kochanski. We only know Rimmers fate when he was left with Death. There has been talk for many years of a movie to be made by doug naylor and rob grant although they haven't been able to retrieve funding for the film and therefore doesn't look like its going to be happening anytime soon. We can always live in hope that this show one day returns with its star cast so they can be appreciated again as they once where during these 10 years of their life.
  • Tv comedy at it's best

    Where to begin with this show?
    Well Lister a down and out human being one of the dreggs of human society enlists on the mining ship Red Dwarf as a technitian 3rd grade below even the menial task robots called scutters. On planet leave he purchases a pet cat which he calls frankenstien.

    This unfortunately is against space corps rules and forced to either give up the cat for medical research or go into stasis (a form of suspended animation with a field that cant be penetrated by time is placed on the convicted thus freezing them as a non event mass, efectively not existing in th current time stream, originally used in initial forays to find life on other planets are now used as cells) Finding out that the cat won't be glued back together after being cut up Lister opts for the stasis punishment.

    Now in the books he does this because he wants to get back to earth quick and after extensively reading the manuals he finds out that bringing an unquaranteened animal on board will get him this punishment (but dont worry he makes sure the animal has all the innoculations needed).

    Only a few minutes after going into stasis the crew are wiped out when a malfunctioning drive plate releases the equivaent radiation of a nuclear bomb. Holly the ships AI with an IQ of 6000 makes the logical assumption to take the radiation hazard ship out of the solar system as quick as possible and seal all unradiated parts of the ship straight away.

    It takes 3million years for the radiation to die down to safe levels, where upon lister is set free from stasis and holly tells him all the crew are dead and it's 3 million years in the future.
    Not taking this in well Lister goes slightly mad in an attempt to bring him round holly brings Arnold J Rimmer back from the dead as a hologram Lister desipised bunk mate who is finicky, self destructive, and an all time under achiever all this he blames on his parents and brothers.
    A Technitian 1st class and also Listers boss, Holly reassure Lister that Arnold is the bst choice to keep him sane when Lister asks him why Rimmer?

    On a foray round the ship Lister comes into contact with a pointy toothed humanoid. After a bit of food coaxing Holly after doing tests surmises that the creature is felis sapiens derived from listers cat Frankenstien which unbeknown to Litster was pregnant having kittens in the cargo hold and 3million years of evolution has produced him.
    Also effectively the last of his kind the rest of cat kind had a holy war about what the name of their creator was in the end they resolved to fly off in different directions in search of their holy one.
    Leaving only 2 cats behind they produced the current cat, who Lister aptly names Kat.

    They go on some wild adventures through space and time encounter some genetically engineer life forms, diseases, futuristic ships obtain another crew member in the shap of a 4000 series mechnoid named kryten who is a toilet cleaner, Lister attempts to make Kryten more humanoid by breaking his programming and making him lie, cheat and insult.
    This works on occasion but when ever he goes to call Rimmer a smeg head it comes out smeeeeeeeg heeeeeeeeeaaaaad.

    In future episodes Listers love of his life Kristine Kochansky a woman he had a 3 month fling with on red dwarf bore going into stasis, is refound when a demension rift brings 2 realities in which Kochansky takes the fall for listers cat and gets put into stasis herself. the tear is severed leaving Krissy on this side.

    The continuity of this show was ever changing over the course of its run from small things to big things such as lister having a 3 month fling with krissy being one of the big things.
    In retrospect if you like this show and want things cleared up and also a lot of back story to some episodes, i would seriously say read infinity welcomes careful drivers and better than life.
    They felsh out the show and to me atleast improve my viewing pleasure as i can think to myself of all the things that happen off camera.

    I'm saddened that doug naylor cant get the funding to make the film of this if i ever win the lottery i'm sending half my winnings to him. as i'd love to see this series finished off in movie form.
  • "Stuck in deep space? Want to get back to earth? Then join the space core. Minimal qualifications required, and OK pay. You'll be back at earth in no time...assuming nothing goes wrong." I presume they wrote that before they met Rimmer

    Red Dwarf is a science-fiction comedy they said would never work.
    It's hard to pin point the exact reason that so many people find themselves drawn to a show like Red Dwarf. Its central theme is science fiction, notoriously unpopular with mainstream bbc viewers of the time and to some extent many viewers of today. However, the creators (Rob Grant and Doug Naylor) found the perfect medium between a show that spoke to learned people about theoretical science and the nature of mankind in an isolated environment, and a show that was consistantly funny and appealing to anyone and everyone who chose to watch, and at no point gave the impression that they where ever trying to be pretentious or patronising in their work.
    Whether you where familiar with the concepts that outlined any particular show or not, everything that you needed to know was presented in such a way that if you had any questions regarding the science behind the basis of a show, you where never left out of a joke.
    This show is probably not the funniest show ever made, or even the most proffessionaly produced, but when it comes down to it, if you put ten complete strangers in a room and locked them up together for 20 years with nothing but a TV and every DVD ever released, Red Dwarf will probably be watched more than any other show and that's just because of the way it makes you feel...relieved that you are not stuck on that ship, with no idea where you are.
    The uniqueness of this show is that it revolutionised a genre. Where 'the office' introduced and popularised the "mocumentary", Red Dwarf introduced the "Sci-Fi Sit-Com". The primary difference being, popular examples of "mocumentaries" already existed and were successful, and will no doubt continue to be so, where as, the "Sci-Fi Sit-Com" has never sat comfortably with the mainstream or the cult community untill the advent of Red Dwarf. Ever since it first aired, every attempt at this genre has been compared to Red Dwarf, usually to its detriment, except maybe Futurama. Although, Futurama has a very unique approach to its situations and humour making it difficult to directly compare.
    In conclusion, although Red Dwarf may never be the number one comedy, or the number one Sci-Fi, or the number one drama, it will live forever in the hearts of all it has touched as one of their favourite shows, never fading, and never forgotten.
  • A show based 3,000,000 years in the future? How can it not be interesting?!

    This is why I would stay up late on Saturday nights as a kid. My local public televison channel played this show at midnight and it was worth losing sleep. Plus I always had a lot of fun staying up with my older brother who was the one who got me interested in the show. As I got older I began to understand even more of the jokes and loved it even more. I like to credit this show and Monty Python for my current sense of humor. Gotta love British comedy. Best low budget British science fiction series ever! (Had to put the British part in there since I love MST3K as well =P )
  • Duane Dibbley?!

    Red Dwarf is an hilarious comedy, written by the 'gestalt entity' Grant Naylor (aka Rob Grant and Doug Naylor).
    It features four unlikely characters Lister (a male human), Rimmer (a male hologram), the Cat (Felis sapiens, evolved from the ship's cat) and in later series Kryten (a male android).
    They are lost in space three million light-years from Earth, without a woman in sight. The episode 'Kryten' (where the character of the same name is discovered by the crew) initially involved them answering a distress call from a ship with an all female crew. There is a great scene with Lister trying to 'beautify' himself for the ladies, and as Rimmer put it, 'wearing his least smeggiest clothes'.
    For me, the real comedy in this series was based on the frustration of a ship full of men trying to cope without any females. The later series, although funny, lost some of that edge, with the introduction of Kochanski to the crew. Still a great comedy though.
    My favourite episode was 'Back to Reality' with Duane Dibbley (he also appeared in 'Emohawk: Polymorph 2').
    So many funny episodes, this show is not to be missed, especially the series after Kryten joined the crew.
  • Absolutely great and sick sci-fi humor(...or should I say humour?). It is smegging wonderful.

    The series is the best example of cult british comedies in the USA. I have been an avivd Dwarfer since I was a kid and discovered the show by accident while channel surfering.
    if you are a fan of the sureal nature of the "Hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy" or "Doctor Who" you will love this show. It is full of great punchlines and intresting characters. You have the down and out protagonist, Dave Lister whoes follies and good/ bad luck takes the Red Drawf and us on a whacked out ride through space, time and vindaloos. You really have to give this show a chance. It grows on you and infects you mind. and you will be surprised to see many British actors that look very fimilar. Chris Barrie(Rimmer) can be seen in the Lara Croft movies.

    My personal favorite episode: Polymorph. I laughed so hard, I cried. It is the episode that got me hooked.
  • My parents own box sets of this show.

    This show is just great. It is really funny and sometimes my friends refer to it without even knowing that they're doing it. "You're dead Dave" is what I often hear and I've tried to tell them where they got it from, but they don't care. My favorite character is the cat man because he just does it so well. he acts just like a cat if it became human. I did not know that it has aired as recently as 1999, but am sad that there are no more episodes because I always want a good story to go on forever.
  • A sci-fi, futuristic comedy, set 3 million years away from earth and Monty Python's Flying Circus. This show chronicles the tales of Dave Lister, the last human being alive, and his futuristic, sci-fi pals. A highly entertaining show!

    Red Dwarf tackles an interesting concept, where the protagonist is that last human alive. Dave Lister, revived out of suspended animation on the Jupiter Mining Corporation starship Red Dwarf, awakens to find that, although the place is the same, the company is not. Lister is greeted by a hologramatic projection of his deceased roommate, Arnold Rimmer.

    Rimmer, a neurotic mess of a man, was resurrected at the behest of Holly, the ships computer with an IQ of 6,000, as a means to keep Lister sane. In addition to these two electronic incarnates, Lister is surprised to meet an evolved cat, named Cat, who can walk and talk just like a human.

    Each week, the Red Dwarf crew stumbles upon a mystery, anomaly, or unique life form that merrits investigation. As the series progresses, the Dwarfers annex Kryten, a service mechanoid, and holly gets a few sex changes.

    There is one guarantee for watching this show, and that is that you will fall in love with the Red Dwarf crew. Laughs are plenty, and there are wacky adventures galore. This show lacks a true consistency, so don't feel overwhelmed if you don't quite follow at times.

    This show would have been given a score of 10, however I feel there are a few issues that forbid it from ranking any higher with me. Firstly, as mentioned above, this show lacks consistency, in both small details and major plot arcs. If you ever follow Red Dwarf, just ask yourself, "What happened to Dave's kids?"

    A second reason this show does not rank a 10, is because the writing has taken on a whimsical edge for the last season. Other fans may disagree with me here, but I say there was too much going on compared to earlier seasons. Although laughs are always had, the stories were becoming less entertaining.

    In conclusion, if you follow from the beginning, I'm sure you'll enjoy... also it's a British comedy...
  • This is my favourite sitcom of all time! It doesn't get better than this. The last human alive, and he's a curry-eating, socially-inept bum... Class!

    I love Red Dwarf. For me, it has everything... An interesting background story, fantastic, innovative comedy - it's a laugh a minute. Everywhere I go, people that I don't even know quote classic lines from this series. You just can't get away from it. In that respect, only Blackadder comes close (for Brits anway). The sci-fi touch just adds to it, but that is more of a background. The real genius about the comedy is in the relationship between the main characters... This is a classic series that will last a long, long time. Bring on the movie...! Oh yes, smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast. It's better than life.
  • A great show until "milked" Red Dwarf is let down by series 7

    Despite good episodes until now series seven displays weak offerings, especially because the mainstay of the series (the great unsung Chris Barrie) is in only half the episodes. "Tikka To Ride" kicks off the seventh season with a time travel tale that takes the boys back to Dallas in 1963. An American series wouldn't touch the tastelessness of the plot developments with a 10-foot-pole. "Stoke Me A Clipper"is Ace Rimmer's swan song - or is it? - as Chris Barrie takes a temporary (except for flashbacks) leave of absence from the show. The pre-credits sequence highlighting Ace's latest exploit is the best part. "Ouraboros", better known as the logo from "Millennium" (as well as Scully's new tattoo if you've seen "The X-Files" lately), reintroduced Kochanski to the series with a whiny actress replacing C.P. Grogan, as well as attempting to give Lister some more backstory. "Duct Soup," done as a budget-saving episode, is probably the most pointless story ever. But Rimmer is back with a vengeance in "Blue" when Kryten goes to extreme lengths to cure Lister of his "fond" memories of his former crewmate. The musical number at the end (including a chorus of singing Rimmers) is a classic, and the highlight of the season. "Beyond a Joke," co-written by Robert Llewellyn, focuses on a crisis for Kryten when a mad symbiot (Don Henderson, slumming here) attacks the crew. An attempt is made to show just how petty Kryten's jealousy of Kochanski is (attempting to thwart a VR visit to "Jane Austin World") but it's a joke that already had run its course several episodes earlier. Finally, a two-part episode ("Epideme" and "Nanarchy") wrap up the season as Dave contracts a fatal - and intelligent - virus which requires severe measures to cure, and the final solution to the missing Red Dwarf is revealed. Norman Lovett makes a welcome return to our monitors, as does the ship itself along with its trademark horn theme, although not before the Cat makes one final very funny observation about their wayward ship. I won't spoil it here but it's a cute sight gag in a series woefully short of quality visual humor. At least Chris Barrie returns in series eight to up the quality of the show.
  • This show is about a ship named red dwarf with the main characters who are crew members of the Red Dwarf Arnold J Rimmer and a Dave Lister who as been put in a freeze Arnold fails to fix a leak when Dave Wakes up he sees a cat,hologram Rimmer,dead crew.

    This show is among my comedy classics and the humour is so funny and random you die with laughter each character as there own funny lines and are all funny in there own way. For instance a cool dressing human cat, A curry eating slob Lister, A hologram named Rimmer and then later on in the series a robot named Kryten The episode see them searching for a ideal place to live. The outcome always turns wrong and sees them in a wild goose chase and the outcome is always funny. This show I recomend if you like humourous shows.
  • Nice!

    Although Red Dwarf is over 17 years old now, it's only in the last year or so that I've seen it in-depth. At first I was a little cautious as it was described as a "cult" favourite, which I think is a polite way of saying geek/nerd fest. Fortunately my concerns were unfounded, as it is one of the funniest sitcoms I've ever seen.

    The reason for this, in my opinion, is the terrific writing by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor - who also wrote the excellent Spitting Image. Of course, good writing would be useless without good actors delivering the lines, fortunately ever part in Red Dwarf is perfectly cast. Craig Charles (an unknown stand up comic before he was cast) and Chris Barrie (who previously worked with Grant and Naylor on Spitting Image) are both excellent in the lead roles of Dave Lister and Arnold Rimmer respectively. Robert Llwellyn, who plays Kryten, an android, only joined Red Dwarf in season 3, but quickly established himself as a lot of peoples favourite character. My favourite character, however, has to be the Cat, played by Danny John-Jules, mainly for the outlandish outfits he habitually wears.

    Unfortunately the series is no longer on T.V. (in fact they haven't made any new ones since 1998), but you can now buy the series on DVD, and I strongly recommend you do (especially for the fantastic extras that are included).
  • A classic british comedy that never fails to make me laugh!

    This show has been a part of my life since before I can remember. It used to be on the BBC on Sunday nights, we all used to sit around and watch it and I never REALLY found it funny, but my dad did. Considering the show is almost as old as me, its surprising that it has stood the test of time and I still find it funny!

    Speaking of the test of time, this show lasted for over 10 years! That's amazing, not many shows last for 10 years, most of the longest running shows at the moment have only been around for 7 or 8 but this one lasted ELEVEN years!! I'll admit, i havent seen season 8 yet but im just waiting for JB Hi-Fi to get the DVD in and i dont anticipate it being any less funny than the previous 7 seasons.

    The thing i love the most about the show is the fact that it's so original and funny, no matter what I feel like watching, this show's ALWAYS a good choice! There's a storyline that runs through the whole thing but you can watch one or two episodes by themselves as well. If you're reading this review and wondering if you should watch this show, you should stop worrying and buy yourself the DVDs! :-)
  • Want an example of British humour? Go to Red Dwarf, it rocks!

    Who ever was thinking of seeing the American version of Red Dwarf, don’t bother. Kryten was already on the ship in the pilot episode. I was very annoyed by this simple thing because it means if the series had caught fire, we would have missed out on the American version of the classic episode, when the Dwarfers rescued Kryten. I love Red Dwarf it’s simple and funny, I watch the episodes over and over again and although I don’t laugh out loud anymore (because I could probably recite any episode so they don’t surprise me) I still don’t get tired of this show.
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