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Thursday 9:00 PM on BBC Two Premiered Feb 15, 1988 In Season





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  • Pete part one and two is the worst hour of television outside of a Big brother marathon.

    I sit down on the couch to watch Red Dwarf and I am treated to the utter crap that calls itself 'Pete'. You should all know the story line by now, so I will launch straight into why this is the most god-awful hour of television I have seen in a long time.

    1- The time wand. Why was the time wand- an admittedly dangerous piece of technology- given to Lister? Not only was it KRYTEN who understood the technology, but if Lister could understand it, then anyone can. However, series 8 Lister jumps from "how do I do a dot-the-dot?" to "let's programme a virus". A stupid plot device.

    2- Kryten throwing the time wand to Bob made no sense.

    3- Canaries live for nine years?

    4- That's some god-awful special effects for a dinosaur. It has been established that T-Rexes had three fingers, as well.

    5- How can a dinosaur called PETE lay eggs (with no mate?)

    6- The Archie story. This was supposed to be in another story but was transplanted here. It explains why it doesn't actually fit in with the rest of the story. It's good that they didn't go for the alternative ending, where Archie embeds himself in Hollister's rectum. The one they went for was meh anyway.

    7- Wow, dinosaurs reach maturity quickly.

    8- Kochanski seems to be a device used to make bad women jokes. The way the 'period' joke was played out by Llewellyn made an awful joke almost palatable. However she is just a vagina and a pair of breasts on legs to Doug, who gives her little else but to be stared at in the shower and this bad joke. (yeah I know, different episode, but I hate it nonetheless).

    This is a good example of why series 8 is just a shocker. the master tapes should be buried.
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