Red Dwarf

Season 6 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 1993 on BBC Two
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Episode Summary

The gang come across the simulant ship they nearly destroyed in Gunmen of the Apocalypse and decide to board the ship in order to loot it for supplies despite the fact that it's in such bad shape that a loud sneeze would cause it to fall apart. They find a time and matter transporter on board and take it with them. One of the simulants is still alive and attacks them. Rimmer, always the brave, jumps in an escape pod but when it releases the ship begins to fall apart. The rest of the crew use the transporter to get back to Starbug and track the pod which is heading down to a planet. Unfortunately, the pod goes through a worm hole on the way down, causing Rimmer to shift back in time. When he reaches the planet's surface, Rimmer uses technology from the pod to try and create a woman in his image, but no matter how many times he tries all he can do is clone himself. When Starbug reaches the planet, 600 years have passed for Rimmer, and the Rimmer clones have taken over, banishing the original Rimmer to a dungeon. The others are captured and also thrown in the dungeon because they are 'different'. They find the original Rimmer and use the teleporter to escape but end up on Starbug 2 weeks in the future where they learn that something terrible has happened to Lister.....moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Lister again mouths the Cat's lines as he says 'All in all a hundred per cent successful trip' and 'Form an orderly queue behind the gunsight'.

      • When the Rimmer Emperor kisses his concubine, in the far shot he is clearly kissing a woman, not another Rimmer. Response: The idea is that they are female version of Rimmer, with a woman's body and his face.

      • If the Rimmer's were supposed to be cowardly by nature, presumably the gang should've been able to fight them with no trouble at all.

    • QUOTES (21)

      • Kryten: Sirs, I didn't get the opportunity to tell you earlier, but Mr. Rimmer is suffering from a stress-related nervous disorder.
        Lister: Next time I see him, he's gonna be suffering from a fist-related teeth disorder!

      • Simulant: Well, if it isn't my old friends, the human vermin. The scabrous slime. The pus-sucking, puke-laden, walking cesspits of unspeakableness!
        The Cat: She remembers us!

      • Rimmer: Let me get this straight: If we board that ship and get captured, we're finished. But if we board that ship, don't get captured, but the superstructure disintegrates around us, we're finished. However, if we board that ship, don't get captured, and the superstructure doesn't disintegrate around us, but we can't find any fuel, we are in fact finished.
        Lister: That's about the shape of it, yeah.
        Kryten: (To Rimmer) After you with the balls, sir!

      • Kryten: Sir, are you of the school that, when faced with bad news, prefers to hear that news naked and unvarnished, or are you of the ilk that prefers to live in happy and blissful ignorance of the nightmare you're facing?
        Rimmer: Ignorance, every time.

      • Kryten: It's true sir. Rogue simulants always carry large stocks of food supplies in order to prolong the torment of their torture victems. In some cases, they've kept subjects alive for over forty years in a state of perpetual agony.
        Rimmer: If we wanted to live in a state of perpetual agony, we'd let Lister play his guitar.

      • Past Rimmer: Where's the rangy, handsome one?
        Lister: You? You scarpered in that escape pod, ya slimy, triple-faced, back-stabbing Judas.
        Past Rimmer: Aaah, I'm safe then.

      • Cat: There's an old cat saying. If you're gonna eat tuna, expect bones.
        Rimmer: There's an old human saying. If you're gonna talk garbage, expect pain.

      • Lister: Rimmer? It's us.
        'Rimmer' Emperor Dear lord, what created such foulness. Is it the product of a marriage twixt woman and gerbil?

      • Rimmer: This is the personal log of Space Corps hard-light hologram Arnold J. Rimmer. Day 1: After landing, I ventured forth to explore the place I would be calling home for the next two thirds of a millennium. A desert planet, the only life forms the most basic single-celled protozoa, and me.

      • Kryten: One last word sir, remember your condition. Whatever happens, try and avoid stressful situations. Whatever befalls you, try and greet it with a smile on your lips and a song in your heart.

      • Cat: What's this?
        Kryten: Don't you remember sir? This is a week last Thursday. In the panic I must have made a programming error.
        Past Kryten: For goodness sake, Kryten! Don't you know how rude it is to burst in on an earlier version of yourself without warning? You've made our day totally surreal now. I'm very cross!

      • Rimmer: Why didn't you tell us?
        Lister: Didn't wanna cause any panic.
        Rimmer: You didn't want to cause any p.. Hyperventilates, then slowly recovers Let me get this clear in my head. If we meet one of these totally deranged killing machines, we have to engage them in combat silently? What do we do, whisper "charge", tippytoe up to them all screaming "shhh" and chloroform them with Lister's armpits? Priceless.

      • Cat: If one of those suckers bumps into me, he'll be lunching on laser, (Arms bazookoid) Last time we met I was wearing the same outfit, and no-one's gonna survive to tell that story.

      • Kryten: At least let me and Mister Rimmer go in your place. We are after all merely electronic life forms and therefore expendable.
        Rimmer: And what the smeg would you know, bog-bot from hell?

      • Lister: Look, ever since that refrigeration unit packed in we've had to live off a few pathetic handfuls of moss and fungi scraped off passing asteroids. I can't stand it any more.
        Kryten: Well sir, are you really saying you'd rather have a psychopathic mechanical killer rip off your skull and play your frontal nodes like a xylophone than have another bowl of my nourishing space nettle soup?
        Cat: Buddy, I'd hand him the sticks and hold up the sheet music.

      • Cat: Innards and lavender! I think I can carry that off

      • Rimmer: (His escape pod out of control) You've got to find a way of getting me back!
        Kryten: Well we could try to bring you down with a round from the laser cannon, sir.
        Cat: Form an orderly queue behind the gun-sight!

      • Lister: There's got to be a way out. There hasn't been a prison built that could hold Derek Custer.

      • Kryten: Grind those balls sir! Grind them like you've never ground before!

      • Cat: All in all, a hundred percent successful trip.
        Kryten: Sir, we lost Mister Rimmer!
        Cat: All in all, a hundred percent successful trip.

      • Cat: (To the Simulant) There's one thing you should know. Last time we met I was wearing a cute little black number with peach trim and gold spangles, and although it looks like I'm wearing the same outfit today, it is in fact an entirely different cute little black number with completely different gold spangles.
        Kryten: That was an important speech sir, and it needed to be made, but might I suggest that from this moment the rest of the discourse is conducted by those with brains larger than a grape.

    • NOTES (2)

      • In a deleted scene on the season six DVD, we learn a little more about the Rimmer family history. Apparently, all of Arnold's brothers went insane and crashed the craft they were piloting, killing everyone on board!

      • Many people believe that the final scene where the Future Rimmer mentions that something terrible has happened to the Future Lister is a reference to what we discover in "Out Of Time", but there is actually a deleted scene where after the Dwarfers leave the Future Lister returns to the Future Dwarfers, having simply been on the toilet! Hopefully this will be on the Series VI DVD!

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Rimmer: How long's it gonna take me to build a two-storey home with running water and a balcony/sun patio?

        The home Rimmer describes is the same type of house built by the castaways in the novel The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Wyss.