Red Dwarf - Season 1

Thursday 9:00 PM on BBC Two Premiered Feb 15, 1988 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Me ²
    Episode 6

    Lister gets more than he bargained for when the disk supposedly containing Kochanski's hologram is actually a copy of Rimmer's. The two Rimmers decide to move in together leaving Lister who is all too happy to be rid of them.

  • Future Echoes
    Episode 2
    Lister and Cat prepare to go into stasis while Red Dwarf goes to light speed until they get back to Earth. Rimmer does not want to be turned off, so he demands to be left on for the journey, even though he will be by himself. Unfortunately they reach light speed 22 hours before they expected and don't get to go into stasis after all.

    While shaving, Lister watches himself accidentally cutting himself in the mirror and Rimmer rushing up behind him, then a few seconds later he does cut himself and yells for Rimmer, but dismisses what he saw in the mirror. Lister goes to the drive room and talks to Rimmer, only Rimmer is enjoying a conversation with an invisible person. Rimmer leaves through one door and immediately returns through another where he has the same conversation with Lister that he had before. Lister tries to tell him about what is happening and Rimmer is convinced when he sees Cat rush past them in the hall but then sees him in the sleeping quarters immediately after. Holly calls them Future Echoes, pieces of the future that they are catching up with as a result of light speed, backed up when Rimmer spots a picture showing Lister holding two babies in his arms.

    Rimmer sees Lister getting killed by an exploding panel in the drive room and doesn't seem to be too concerned about it in front of Lister. Lister goes to face his death, but doesn't get killed. They return to their quarters and see a very old Lister lying in the bunk. The Old Lister tells them that it was Lister's son that Rimmer saw in the drive room and tells Lister to grab his camera and run to the medical bay. Rimmer wonders how Lister fathers two children without a woman on board and Lister responds with "I dunno, but it'll be a lot of fun finding out!"

    The two go to the medical bay and are greeted by Lister, the same age he is now, introducing them to his twin boys, Jim and Bexley......moreless
  • The End
    Episode 1
    Aboard the Jupiter Mining Corporation vessel Red Dwarf, Dave Lister, a lowly 3rd Technician, smuggles aboard a cat and is consequently confined to suspended animation for a severe violation of ship's regulations.
    During his time in stasis his bunkmate Arnold Rimmer, an equally, if not more lowly 2nd Technician, is forced to perform the maintenance duties alone and inefficiently repairs a drive plate, causing it to fail and subjecting the entire crew to deadly radiation that kills them all almost instantly. 3 million years pass until Holly (the ship's computer) decides the radiation levels have lowered sufficiently and releases Lister from stasis and tells him of the accident and also resurrects Rimmer as a hologram to be a companion for Lister. After the initial shock, Lister realizes that he has the run of the ship, allowing him to be, basically, himself: a lazy, easygoing slob without a care in the world. In addition, Rimmer and Lister discover that his cat was pregnant, and had been sealed in the ship's hold during the accident and her descendants have bred there for the last 3 million years and have evolved into a humanoid, only one of whom is still on the ship. When he discovers his new friend, Lister decides to complete his dream of owning a farm on Fiji and orders Holly to set a course for Earth. THE BEGINNING!moreless
  • Waiting For God
    Episode 4
    Holly notices a pod floating in space and Rimmer orders that it be salvaged, convinced that it is an artifact which contains alien life forms, even though Lister immediately realises that it is, in fact, a Red Dwarf Garbage Pod, jettisoned from the waste disposal unit much earlier (The Red is retracing its steps to get back home, you may recall). Meanwhile Lister is researching the Cat's religion and discovers that their species, which evolved from his (female) pet, Frankenstein, have used his (Lister's) image as their God. He follows the Cat deep into the hold of the ship and finds that Cat is not, in fact, alone -- that there is a single remaining Cat Priest who is dying with the belief that he hasn't lived up to the expectations of the almighty Cloister (God aka "Lister"). Lister convinces him that he has lived admirably as a priest so that he can die in peace and Lister comes to the conclusion that having religion is not as good as people believe, since the Cat species all perished trying to honor theirs.moreless
  • Balance of Power
    Episode 3
    Lister takes a break from Rimmer's supremely boring inventory checks and goes for a drink. Sitting in the empty bar, he flashes back to a disco that he attended with his past-time shipmates -- Petersen, Chen and Selby -- and finally senses how alone he is.

    After he wallows in self-pity for being alone in deep space, Lister pleads with Rimmer to allow him to create a hologram of Kristine Kochanski, an attractive crewmate he had flirted with despite her being far above him in the pecking order. When Rimmer invokes his standing as a superior crew member (2nd Technician as opposed to 3rd Technician) and flatly refuses, Lister vows to circumvent him, and threatens to take the exams to become an officer, so that he would then outrank him. Rimmer scoffs at the idea but wakes up in the morning to discover that Lister is off studying for the chef's exam, a fairly trivial officer position, but an officer position nonetheless. Rimmer tries to discourage Lister from taking the exam and even orders him not to, but Lister doesn't give in, saying that the only way he won't take the exam is if Rimmer lets him see Kochanski.

    On the day of the exam, Kochanski walks in and Lister is stunned beyond belief. However, Kochanski tells him that she isn't interested in him and wants a real man. Lister is hurt but is puzzled at her manner. He comments on the night that they slept together, and she replies in disbelief, proving to him that it is actually Rimmer who has simply reorganized his Holoprojection to look like Kochanski. Lister tells Rimmer to go away and he takes the exam.

    Lister comes from the exam room to receive his results and Rimmer asks how he did. Lister's face is expressionless until he leaps in the air and shouts "How'd I do, Mr Lister, Sir!"moreless
  • 3/14/88
    After foolishly visiting the officer's living quarters aboard the ship before the area has been properly decontaminated, Lister wakes up with a case of pneumonia and begins to hallucinate in his sleep.
    This is no ordinary flu, however. Lister's hallucinations manifest as real events when it begins to rain fish in their bunk room, and the Mayor of Warsaw appears and then spontaneously combusts in front of Rimmer. Lister wakes feeling better but he finds that, strangely, two men have appeared on the ship -- one is a living manifestation of his inner Confidence, the other of his abject Paranoia. While Lister's Confidence gives him the strength to face Rimmer to demand Kochanski's hologram disk, he is unaware that Confidence would do anything to be with him, including inducing the destruction of the Medicomp and the murder of Paranoia. Lister belatedly discovers this -- too late to stop Confidence from foolishly trying to convince, by demonstration to Lister, that he (Confidence) can breathe in space, with the end result of Confidence exploding into a billion pieces. Lister retrieves the hologram disk and loads it, but what follows is far worse than being alone in space.moreless