Red Dwarf - Season 2

Thursday 9:00 PM on BBC Two Premiered Feb 15, 1988 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Parallel Universe
    Episode 6
    Holly claims to have invented a faster than light device called the "Holly Hop Drive" which appears to be nothing more than a red box with a stop and start button on it. The crew try and use it, but it doesn't bring them to Earth, it brings them to a strange parallel universe where women are the dominant sex and each of them has a female analogue. While Rimmer is trying to avoid his opposite's voracious sexual demands, Lister seems to be getting on very well with his. Cat's opposite (unfortunately for him) is a dog, and even Holly has an opposite, Hilly. After partying all night long while Holly and Hilly fix the Hop Drive they wake up to find Lister has accidentally slept with his opposite, who tells him that in their universe, the men give birth to the babies. After returning to their own universe, Lister uses a pregnancy test, and much to Rimmer's delight, they learn that Lister is, in fact, pregnant!moreless
  • Queeg
    Episode 5
    Holly shows the first signs of computer senility and endangers Lister's life, which activates the back up computer. After an exposure to how much more effective the new computer, Queeg, is, the team rally around the new computer Queeg, but soon realise that he is aptly named. Like the original Queeg, he is a maniacal beast who demands order and demands that the ship's regulations be followed to the letter. After forcing Lister and Cat to work for their food and taking control of Rimmer's body for a regimen of exercises, the gang begin to appreciate Holly once more and set about devising a way to rid the ship of Queeg.moreless
  • Stasis Leak
    Episode 4
    While going through Kochanski's personal things, Lister finds a photograph of the two of them getting married, an event which clearly never happened, Lister gets to thinking about how this picture could exist. Recalling something, he reads Rimmer's diary entries and there finds one describing a time when Rimmer thought he saw his own head pop up through the table and say that (the head) came from the future to save his (Rimmer's) life, which Rimmer himself (in the diary entry) took to be a hallucination.
    Following directions in the diary, the gang head down to deck 16 and, there, find an unnoticed stasis leak, which can be used to transport them back to the past, a short while before the crew all died.
    Because they can't bring anybody back to their time, Lister and Rimmer fight over who they should convince to go into the other stasis booth (Lister himself being sent into the other). Lister wants to save Kochanski and Rimmer obviously wants himself.
    While Rimmer goes back to convince himself, Lister and Cat find Kochanski at a hotel, but she is already married. Kochanski invites them in and Lister discovers.....Himself! A future version from 5 years in the future, who has found another way to go back in time.
    After the meeting, they all return to the past-Rimmer and past-Lister's quarters where the past-Rimmer promptly tells them all to go away.moreless
  • 9/20/88
    After partying away to the anniversary of Rimmer's death, Lister and Cat wake up with broken legs, Lister's jigsaw has been completed, four pages have been torn from his diary, the clock is four days ahead and the ship's black box has gone missing. The crew, determined to put the pieces together to find out what happened, go after the black box and discover it in a shallow grave with a gravestone that reads 'To the memory, of the memory of Lisa Yates'. Lister comments that he once dated a girl named Lisa Yates. They view the black box recording and watch as Lister, after hearing Rimmer cry and wail because he has never been loved, pities Rimmer's plight and implants a memory of his own into Rimmer's memory -- the eight months that he dated Lisa Yates. Rimmer wakes with this new memory and believes it to be his. He ponders why he and Lisa broke up, prompting Lister to realize that he was foolish to ever let her go. Rimmer finds out that Lister also dated Lisa and the quandary created forces Lister to tell Rimmer what he did. Rimmer asks that the last four days be erased from everyone's memory and that they bury the black box so none of them will know his . Lister and Cat receive the broken legs when they drop the headstone on themselves. When they get back to the ship, Lister tears the pages from his diary and puts the last piece of the jigsaw into place, closing the cycle of events.moreless
  • Better Than Life
    Episode 2
    A mail pod arrives at the Red Dwarf and Rimmer receives the belated news that his father has passed away. Despite the fact that Rimmer hated his father, he is nonetheless completely devastated.
    To alleviate his depression regarding the news (not to mention the fact that he has a $8,500 tax bill), the crew try a distraction in the form of a new Virtual Reality game where all the players' desires and fantasies can come true, but even in a perfect place, Rimmer's mind has its own way of stabbing him in the back.moreless
  • Kryten
    Episode 1
    The second season begins with the gang coming across a crashed space shuttle where the service mechanoid, Kryten, is still attending to the officers, even though they have long since passed away. The crew takes Kryten back aboard Red Dwarf where Rimmer puts him to work cleaning, cooking, ironing etc. Lister tries to convince him that he doesn't have to do any of his service duties anymore and can do his own thing. He fails until, while Kryten is painting a portrait of Rimmer, his rebellious side opens up, and he paints Rimmer sitting on the toilet, and then insulting him before jumping on a space bike wearing a leather jacket, a-la Marlon Brando in The Wild Onemoreless