Red Dwarf - Season 4

Thursday 9:00 PM on BBC Two Premiered Feb 15, 1988 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Meltdown
    Episode 6
    Kryten uses a prototype "matter paddle" to teleport the crew to a nearby planet with an S3 (or Earth-like) atmosphere. They discover the planet has been visited by humans years previously, who populated the planet with "wax droids" - animated wax works of famous characters from Earth's history including Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Gandhi, Winnie the Pooh, Mother Teresa and Elvis Presley.moreless
  • White Hole
    Episode 4
    Kryten attempts to use a technique called 'Intelligence Compression' on Holly -- by reducing her life span, he hopes to restore her I.Q. of 6000.
    Unfortunately he botches it and Holly gets an I.Q. of 12000 but winds up with only 3 minutes of life remaining. She powers down the ship to preserve her lifespan and the crew have to fend for themselves without heat or power. On their way back from collecting supplies, Kryten and Rimmer experience a strange time phenomena in the hallway where time slows down in one part and accelerates in another. Kryten believes that there is a White Hole out in space which has the opposite affect of a Black Hole -- it throws time back into the universe. During their conversation they switch places and repeat things they have already said.
    Rimmer consults Holly about the white hole and she suggests firing a rocket into a nearby sun a causing a solar flare to knock a planet into the hole, rather like playing billiards with the planets. Lister scoffs at her coordinates, saying that he can play better pool than Holly. Rimmer argues with Lister and suggests a vote which Lister wins 3 to 1. Lister prepares for his pool shot by getting drunk but concentrates hard enough to play a trick shot, bouncing 3 planets off each other to throw the last one into the hole.
    As the effects of the white hole wear off, and gang begin to vanish from that part of space, Kryten ends it by delivering an extremely good insult to Rimmer.moreless
  • Dimension Jump
    Episode 5
    A young Rimmer is told by his mother that he is in danger of being held back a year in school and it could change his life forever.

    30 years later, Arnold 'Ace' Rimmer, Test Pilot for the Space Corps Special Service, lands his jet safely and greets his friends: Spanners, a Lister who is a Space corps engineer; Padre, a priest who looks like Cat; Bongo, Kryten, but without his mechanoid nature; and Mellie, bearing a striking likeness to Holly.

    Bongo informs Ace of a special space craft that can cross dimensions which Ace immediately volunteers to test fly, even though it means he cannot come back to his own reality.

    Aboard the Red Dwarf Lister, Kryten and Cat try to sneak off to go fishing but accidentally wake up Rimmer and are forced to bring him along. They head off in Starbug where they crash into Ace's spaceship and crash land on the ocean planet. Ace heads down to Starbug and offers his assistance to repair the engine and Rimmer takes an instant dislike to him. Ace and Lister repair the engine and they return to Red Dwarf where Ace again shows off his superiority by operating on Cat's broken leg and then fixing his own broken arm. Rimmer continues to wail on about how much he hates Ace until Ace decides to leave saying that he too cannot stand this other side of himself. He tells Lister of the decision that was made in their childhood and reveals which one of them was left behind in school

    Ace leaves, while Rimmer plays his Hammond Organ Owners Society CD's to the skutters.moreless
  • Justice
    Episode 3
    Lister is in bed with "space mumps" when he hears the news that the gang has brought aboard a cryo-pod from a prison ship which possibly contains a guard named Barbara Bellini.
    Lister inspects the pod and begins the thawing process, which Rimmer objects to, saying that there were two survivors aboard the ship: Ms Bellini and a Simulant prisoner (Simulants are droids who are noted to be murderous and insane). Since it is too late -- they cannot stop the thawing process -- they decide to travel to the prison colony that the ship was heading for.
    They arrive on the space station and walk through a white light which Kryten says is a mind probe to seek out any unpunished criminal activity. Lister gets very edgy and confesses that he had committed some minor crimes as a teenager.
    The justice computer passes his verdict on them: Kryten and Cat get off, Lister does so, but barely. Rimmer, however, is sentenced to 9000 years in prison for the second degree murder of the Red Dwarf's complement of 1167 personnel -- not counting himself or Lister.
    Kryten believes that he can defend Rimmer and reverse the verdict and he fronts up to the justice computer, describing to it all about Rimmer's extreme inadequacy and sheer hopelessness. The computer eventually concedes that Rimmer should not have been held accountable for the deaths and releases him due to incompetence.
    Meanwhile the pod has thawed and the occupant has escaped. It is, of course, the simulant who was inside and he chases them through the colony. Lister finally beats him by using the power of the justice field - whatever crime you commit against someone else, the consequences happen to you. When the simulant fires at Lister, the bullets hit him instead of Lister, when he throws a knife, it comes back and hits him and so forth.
    The gang head back to Red Dwarf with Lister droning on and on about justice and freedom until he falls down a manhole.
    "Thank God for that" remarks Cat.moreless
  • D.N.A.
    Episode 2
    The crew stumble upon a deserted space ship of non-humanoid origin and Rimmer believes it is an alien ship. They go inside and search the ship where Kryten and Rimmer discover the remains of a three-headed creature. They find a wallet on him with human artifacts such as credit cards, license etc., whereupon Kryten suggests that something has changed his physical form.
    Meanwhile, Cat and Lister find a machine with a Star Trek style 'CARRS' computer panel. Cat begins playing with it and accidentally traps Lister in a pink force beam. A deep voice announces that a transmogrification is about to take place. Despite Cat's attempts to get him free, Lister turns into a chicken. Rimmer and Kryten come along and, while Cat is showing what happened to Lister, he traps Kryten in the same beam. He manages to change Lister back to a human, but when he does the same for Kryten, it actually transforms him into a human, rather than just setting him free.
    Back on Red Dwarf, Kryten is delighted with his new-found humanity. However he soon starts to tire of it after talking to his spare heads and realising that he has betrayed his kind, and wants to be changed back. They go back aboard the ship and Holly says she thinks she has the computer all figured out. Rimmer decides it would be best if she tried it on something else first.
    She tries the process on Lister's curry and turns it into a monster by mistake. After being chased all over the ship, Lister decides the only way to defeat it is to turn him into a superhuman. Holly turns him into something like Robocop, but, inadvertently, tiny -- about 1 1/2' tall! Lister eventually defeats the Curry Monster with a can of lager, which, as he knows, is the only thing that can kill a vindaloo.moreless
  • Camille
    Episode 1
    Lister tries in vain to teach Kryten how to lie, insult, cheat and disobey orders. Lister gives up when Rimmer calls Kryten on a trip "moon-hopping". On the trip they receive a distress call and Kryten goes to investigate against Rimmer's orders (The planet is about to explode).
    Kryten rescues a "female" droid called Camille who he falls in love with, even though droids aren't supposed to have feelings like that. Kryten takes Camille back to Starbug, but when Rimmer sees her, she appears to him as a hologram who is quite taken with him. They bring her back to Red Dwarf and Lister sees a human female with lowbrow tastes and manners particularly well suited to him.
    Lister notices how everyone reacts to Camille and she confesses to Lister that she is a Pleasure GELF (Genetically Engineered Life Form) programmed to be everyone's perfect companion. The Cat goes to see how he perceives her, with amusing results. The GELF turns into her true form at Kryten's request which is a huge green gelatinous blob.
    Despite her revolting appearance, Kryten still decides to ask her to dinner, then takes her to a movie (Casablanca). A pod arrives containing Hector (Camille's "Husband") who wants to find a cure for their condition.
    Kryten (to his own disappointment) convinces her to go.moreless