Red Dwarf - Season 5

Thursday 9:00 PM on BBC Two Premiered Feb 15, 1988 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Back To Reality
    Episode 6
    The crew investigate an alien vessel and are exposed to a hallucinogenic substance which induces extreme dispair. They wake up to find that they have been playing a computer game, called "Red Dwarf", and that Lister is actually a rich and successful businessman, Rimmer his ne'er do-well brother, Kryten is a cop, and Cat is actually the most uncool nerd in human history. Lister finds out, to his dismay, that he also is the chief of an organization which institutes mass murders to "purify democracy". Kryten inadvertently kills a cop while trying to protect a girl, they run from it, and are chased by the police. Holly's voice, meanwhile, is heard advising them that they are hallucinating, but they ignore it. Deciding that their lives are wretched and unacceptable, they each decide to commit suicide. Holly, meanwhile, induces Kryten to open a cannister of Lithium Carbonate (a mood stabilizer) thinking it is a fire extinguisher. They come to their senses just in time, and head back for the Red Dwarf.moreless
  • Demons & Angels
    Episode 5
    Lister and Kryten have invented a triplicator: a device which can make three objects from one object -- two are copies. They demonstrate it on the last strawberry in the universe and receive two apparently exact copies. Lister samples one and is astounded by the taste, saying that it is brilliant, so succulent and divine. He tries the other and scrunches his face in disgust as we see that there are maggots crawling around in it.
    Kryten realizes that the triplicator has put all the best qualities in one copy and the worst in the other. Lister attempts to reverse the process but causes an overload and Red Dwarf blows up. After the blast, they realise that they accidentally triplicated Red Dwarf and there are two copies left behind.
    The crew board the "Good" ship to find their counterparts are monks and are all focused on the better side of things: spiritual happiness etc. Kryten finds the half of the triplicator he needs to merge the ships in order to get the original back.
    They board the "Bad" ship and it is horrible, the crew are monsters and have let the ship go into abject decay. The "Good" crew are killed by various things (mostly by their own stupidity when they walk toward someone firing at them) but eventually the original crew locates the other half of the triplicator.
    The "Bad" team captures Lister and implant him with a mind-controlling device and program him to kill the others. Lister tries to kill the rest of the gang but Kryten successfully removes the implant, only to stick it into Cat, who gets revenge on Lister for trying to kill him.
    Kryten throws the implant away and they leave the "Bad" ship and regenerate the original Red Dwarf. Before they return, Lister accidentally sits on the implant but the crew cannot figure out who is controlling him until Cat shoots at a cupboard which emits a faint giggle, as Lister's "Bad" counterpart falls out.
    The Cat then decides to have a little fun with Lister and the implant...moreless
  • Quarantine
    Episode 4
    The crew are on a snowbound planet, when they come across an abandoned research center. Rimmer objects to Kryten being in charge but is ignored by the others and goes off to sulk.
    They send a scouter which reports that there is a scientist named Dr. Lanstrom inside the facility. Unfortunately she is a hologram -- Kryten forces Rimmer to go back to Red Dwarf so that they can rescue her, and invokes another Space Corp Directive against him to force him to comply. Rimmer questions the validity of the Directives that Kryten used so Holly gives Rimmer a hologram-copy of the directives manual, whereupon Rimmer again goes off to sulk.
    Going into the research center, they find the Doctor in stasis only to discover that she has contracted a holovirus that has driven her insane, but has given her extraordinary powers like hex vision and telekinesis. They escape when her life force is drained and she disappears, but the holodisease infects Rimmer.
    When the rest of the crew get back on Red Dwarf, Rimmer forces them to stay in quarantine (to prevent his getting the disease off them) but he is already infected, and so goes insane, locking them in without oxygen. The crew escape thanks to a 'luck' virus which Kryten got from the facility.
    Rimmer chases them down the corridor with his hex vision and, thanks to the luck virus injected into Lister, Kryten manages to turn Rimmer off and restore him to his previous, uninfected and sane (if dull) self.....

    Rimmer wakes up in quarantine, only to discover that the other three have now contracted the virus and gone insane...moreless
  • Terrorform
    Episode 3
    Kryten wakes up on a moon surrounded by the remains of a crashed Starbug. He detaches his hand and tells it to return to Red Dwarf and bring back Lister and Cat. Upon his rescue, Kryten tells them that Rimmer was captured while on a psy-moon (a terraforming moon that reshapes itself to mimic a persons' psyche). The crew search for him. The crew find out that Rimmer is hanging in a dungeon about to be tortured by "The Unspeakable One". The crew find the dungeon and drive back The Unspeakable One, saving Rimmer. They try to escape in Starbug, but the ship gets caught in the swamp and begins to sink. They begin to realize that Rimmer's personality is what has created the circumstances, not The Unspeakable One, and they realize they must make Rimmer feel good about himself to weaken The Unspeakable One's power so they can escape.moreless
  • The Inquisitor
    Episode 2
    The crew are flying along in Starbug when th ship suddenly fails to respond to the controls. Using Lister's body, something announces itself as 'The Inquisitor' and tells them that they will now return to Red Dwarf to face judgement. The Inquisitor as a self-repairing simulant who survived to the end of time, only to find no heaven or afterlife. Building a time machine, it now goes back and forth through time, judging everyone on whether they have lead a worthwhile life, deleting the ones who didn't and replacing them with "the sperm that never got a chance". Aboard Red Dwarf, the inquisition begins. Rimmer and Cat survive the trial because of their shallowness and low standards, but Lister and Kryten both feel they could have made much more of their lives and are removed from history. Just as they are about to be fully erased, another Kryten appears behind The Inquisitor with one of his own time gauntlets and takes him by surprise. Kryten throws them the gauntlet before getting killed by The Inquisitor. When they escape, Rimmer and Cat, due to their "erasure", don't recognise them, and a completely different Lister and Kryten exist. Suddenly The Inquisitor attacks, killing the "new" Lister and Kryten. The rest go to face him and Lister finally destroys The Inquisitor with the old "backfiring time-gauntlet trick" which erases The Inquisitor from history. With The Inquisitor's influence on the time-stream missing, everything returns to normal.moreless
  • Holoship
    Episode 1
    The gang watch a sappy love story aboard Starbug and Rimmer is disgusted at how the hero sacrificed his own happiness for his lover. They come across a computer-generated ship, and Rimmer is captured and taken aboard. The Holoship (named 'The Enlightenment') will not answer Starbug's communication attempts on account of them being notoriously arrogant and self-centered. Meanwhile Rimmer is having quite a good time aboard the Holoship: he can touch, feel and taste. Not only that, but it's a ship regulation to have sexual relations at least twice a day with any other crew member.
    He meets a crew member, Commander Nirvanah Crane who gives him a tour of the ship. Upon having sex with her, He falls in love with her and she, even though they have disposed of the concept of 'love' aboard the ship, feels something for him, also.
    Rimmer decides he wants to stay aboard the ship, but the rules do not allow for any new crewmembers. The only way to get on board is to challenge a randomly-selected crew-member. The crew member turns out to be Nirvanah who lets him win on purpose when he tells her of how he always fails at everything and has never really achieved anything in his life.
    Rimmer leaves Red Dwarf to join the Enlightenment's crew but when he finds out that Nirvanah gave up her place for him, he decides to give it back to her and return to Red Dwarf, thereby doing much as the hero in the movie (much to his own disgust).moreless